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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Cardigan with a hood

A full-length knitted wool jacket with buttons was invented by Lord Cardigan in order to insulate the military uniform in frost during the Battle of Balaclava in 1854. This detail of the toilet was noticed by the mods of that time and firmly established itself in the wardrobe of the English aristocracy.

Model Features

A cardigan is a long knitted sweater without a collar on a fastener in front, often has two pockets located symmetrically on both sides at the level of the hips. Modern cardigans have acquired such a practical and stylish detail as a hood. Besides the fact that the hood has a decorative function, it is very convenient in cool weather for those who do not like to wear hats.

Interesting Facts

The cardigan, created at the end of the 19th century, gradually went out of use, popularity on it revived only in the 60s of the XX century thanks to the photo shoot of the famous film star Marilyn Monroe, where she posed in a cardigan on her naked body. The next advent of the woolen jacket happened already in the 90's x years. This time, Kurt Cobain revived the fashion for cardigans, stretched coats of knitting became an integral element of the grunge style precisely thanks to him.

Cardigan-mantle with a hood

An extraordinary image can be made with a cardigan-mantle. This stylish item is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd. A distinctive feature is the wide open mantle floors and a voluminous hood. In winter models, wide floors without a fastener are complemented by internal ones with a zipper and a high collar.

What and when to wear

Cardigans are worn in both cold and warm. For the off-season, an ideal option is a large-knit jacket with buttons. This conservative-looking model can be worn with tight tights and a tight-fitting dress or with a turtleneck and jeans, both options look stylish and comfortable.

On a summer evening, you can put on your shoulders a thin lightweight knitted cardigan without a fastener; in winter, cardigan lovers can purchase a mantle with a cashmere hood.

Beautiful images

Smart casual

An interesting image, the occurrence of which we owe to English intellectuals, forced to wrap themselves in warm sweaters in poorly heated libraries and reading rooms. To create an ensemble in this style, you should wear a shirt, trousers and loafers under a cardigan, to complete the picture, complement this bow with round glasses with transparent lenses.


A thin steel-colored cardigan with voluminous pockets complete with jeans and a shirt is well suited for everyday life. Such an ensemble looks relaxed and suitable for both work and leisure.


A long knitted cardigan with fur trim around the edge of the hood will make you look like a diva of the 30s. For an outfit that is full of character and elegance, pair with leather leggings.


Add a dark gray knit cardigan with bat sleeves and black trousers and a t-shirt. Arrange bright accents with shoes and accessories, this will give the necessary zest to the image.

When moving, the cardigan floors flutter like wings, giving the gait a flying lightness and grace.


The ornament on thick knitted knitwear evokes associations with the Norwegian fjords. I would like to wear such a cardigan with warm fur boots and jeans. The image goes homely warm and sincere.

The Norwegian-style cardigan looks warm and soulful at home.


With the help of a delicate cardigan of white or cream colors, you can create an airy image in a romantic style.

The set, designed entirely in bright colors, is the best suited for young girls.

Cardigan is an element of the basic women's wardrobe, it is one of those rare things that goes to women of any age and complexion, the main thing is to choose the one that suits your style and lifestyle.

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