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Cardigans 2019

What is a cardigan?

Cardigan - knitted sweater with a deep neckline, without a collar - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of every stylish girl. Its simple cut, unusual, versatile design and comfortable style will not pass by any fashionista. The difference between a cardigan and a regular sweater is an unusual cut and length from the middle of the thigh. Pleasant features of this wardrobe detail are the varieties of its models.

Cardigan models.

Without buttons

The "without buttons" model is the most popular among fashionistas. At the heart of such a cardigan is any fabric and cut based on such figures as a circle or square. This model is often called "near the classics." A “without buttons” cardigan can be worn by both slim and full girls, and you can emphasize the waist with any belt worn over a cardigan. A cardigan with missing buttons is a shapeless warm cape with a sleeve, which, if desired, can hide the problem area of ​​the waist. The length of such a model may be different, but, however, it is worth noting that girls of short stature should not wear a long cardigan, but owners of long legs are advised to pay attention to elongated and unusual models of cardigans.

With buttons

The opposite view is a button-down cardigan. This is the closest model to the "classic" type of cardigan. She is more suitable for slender girls, because emphasizes all desired bends and adds volume where needed.

This is the most familiar cardigan model; it does not require extra decoration in the form of jewelry. This cardigan can be worn with trousers, skinny jeans, a pencil skirt and a sun skirt.

In the style of boho

The Boho style is an embodiment of comfort and freedom of movement. That is why girls choose a cardigan in the style of "boho" more often. The “flying” fabric and soft cut of such a cardigan will add tenderness and charm to any fashionista, regardless of age and physique. You can wear a boho cardigan with both classic (pencil skirt, trousers, blouse) and everyday items (jeans, floor skirt, light tank).

Summer boho cardigan looks the most profitable: flowing and lightweight fabric will allow you to wear it both for an evening date, and on the beach. You can combine "boho" with intricate hats, heavy over the knee boots and even with a classic suit. In general, a boho-style fantasy flight is welcome.


No less popular is the oversize style, which appeared relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of many girls. A cardigan in this style must necessarily be two or three sizes larger, otherwise it can not be called "oversize."

Most often, such cardigans are distinguished by long below the knee and freedom of cut. You can also choose a simple, stretched model or a model with large loops. They are often complemented with large scarves, which can be beautifully wrapped around the neck. Oversized cardigans with skinny jeans, short tops, and light summer dresses look great.

Caution is advised to treat girls with large breasts and an “inverted triangle” figure with this cardigan model. And girls with ideal parameters, on the contrary, should linger on their “oversize”.

With braids

Another well-known, but not the last, model is a “braid” cardigan (or, as it is called on the Internet, “Lalo”). This model creates a simultaneous feeling of softness and massiveness, as it is most often made of wool. Beautiful "braids" on the cardigan will add to the image of romance and charm, and bright, boring colors will emphasize the playful mood and positive mood. Wearing a Lalo cardigan is worth with a flowing spring dress and boats or massive boots and ripped jeans. And the most interesting thing is that you can connect such a model yourself: on the Internet there are many schemes and videos on how to do this.

Asymmetric models

For the evening out, only asymmetric models are suitable, but you also need to be careful with them.

Do not mix them with clothing that has print, and unnecessarily pile up jewelry. Remember: excess taste kills the taste! Asymmetric lines are most often located at the bottom level, as well as in the area of ​​placement of zippers and buttons. It should be understood that even an ordinary thing is easy to convert into a stylish one - you just need to fasten the button at a new level (higher or lower), and a light asymmetric outfit is ready that can drive crazy not only the gentleman, but also envious girlfriends.


In the “bat” model, which is absolutely unrestricted in movement, any girl will be able to feel comfortable and cozy. “Bat” disguises many imperfections of the figure, unlike other models. This model looks very profitable with dresses and shirts of a man's cut. But one does not need to think that this will make the image coarse, simple. Dress the ballet shoes of delicate color, add a small pendant to the neck - and the outfit for a date, a party, a walk around the city is ready.

Transforming cardigans

The “transformer” model is perhaps the most convenient of all cardigan models. It can be worn as a jacket, poncho, vest, a kind of dress. Also, the "transformer" can be used as a scarf or hood, this helps to protect from the weather.

It should be noted that the "transformer" cardigan is quite complementary: with its help you can slightly increase the chest or hide unwanted sides, emphasize the waist. This type of cardigan is suitable for both young and mature, and elderly fashionistas.

Which cardigan is considered classic?

Despite the variety of models, many girls prefer a classic cardigan. It is a blouse made of the finest knitwear with buttons and a V-neck. Often, classic cardigans are made of beige, black, gray wool. This makes it possible to combine a cardigan with any outfit, since it is these colors that perfectly blend with absolutely every style and color. Undoubtedly, all this makes the classic cardigan the basis of the wardrobe of any person. In addition, it will look advantageous both in an everyday look and in a classic / festive.

Popular colors

If we talk about the color of a cardigan, then it can be any. However, do not abuse the brightness in the spring and summer of 2016. On the catwalks, such colors as acid, pink, and lime have diminished. Therefore, at the moment, bed shades of colors such as green, blue, blue, yellow, red and burgundy. As for the autumn-winter period, it is worth paying attention to natural colors: burgundy, swamp, eggplant, lily color. We should not forget about the classics: a black, gray or white cardigan can become an indispensable detail of your image.

Two-color and three-color models and print models

It is also worth noting two-three-color cardigans and print models. In spring and summer, they will complement the image of both a young girl and a mature woman. Stripes, circles, squares, silhouettes of animals and cartoon characters - all these prints can and should be combined in your images.

Fashion trends

2016 fashion trends are knitted cardigans. Each fashionista can knit such a cardigan herself. Most often they are knitted on the floor to provide themselves with protection from the weather and cold. But even such seemingly massive models of cardigans can be ideally combined with an evening dress or casual sneakers.

The stylists also took care of the new, spring season and created an incredible, cozy collection of knitted cardigans, with and without buttons, with and without a belt, regular knitting and with patterns. They can be worn for any occasion, and they will not only not restrict movement, but will also become an additional reason to draw attention to you.

Short, knitted or knitted cardigans Can be worn with a classic cut dress and high heel shoes. Do not forget to emphasize the waist with a small strap. It looks elegant and relaxed.

Medium Cardigans should be worn with high over the knee boots or boots, with or without heels - you decide. A classic blouse-body and ripped jeans will fit perfectly in such an image. And, of course, the sun goggles - they will give the image of pathos and uniqueness.

Long cardigans worn with either very short or very long clothes. It is important that the colors of the elements of your image have a clear contrast. For example, if the cardigan is black or gray, you should wear a white or cream dress under it, and vice versa. You can wear a loose shirt of any color to a black long cardigan, since black fits perfectly with any palette. Shoes in combination with a long cardigan can be different: with a heel or flat sole - an individual choice.

In conclusion, I would like to say that both light knitted and massive knitted cardigan will become an elegant, delicate, daring and comfortable completion of your favorite image. But it is worth remembering that in no case should you cover the dress with a cardigan, since it is only a detail of the image, a small touch, and not the basis of the total look.

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