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Thermos Cover Options

A thermos flask cover can become a decorative accessory, and a well-insulated one can also become a temperature protector. You can create such a coating yourself from improvised means or buy in a store. Both methods have their pros and cons, which are discussed in detail in our article.

How to do it yourself?

Doing it yourself is always a pleasure. It is especially good when the resulting craft does not just decorate the shelf with souvenirs, but is used and is the right thing. The following methods allow you to create a case for storing a thermos with your own hands from improvised means.

From threads

An easy way to create a thermos bag is to use yarn. It is enough to purchase a thread of your choice, while choosing thickened options (to protect the thermos from external damage). It is necessary to start from the bottom of the cover, locking the desired number of air loops into the ring, and then knit 13-17 columns with a crochet on the ring. Further, the difficulties end, and you can quickly twist the walls of the cover without difficulty.

The top of the cover can be designed as you like - add pens or a button with which you can close the thermos.

When choosing this method of manufacturing a pouch, it is important to remember the size of the thermally insulating dishes for which the accessory is intended. Otherwise, the thermos may either not fit into the case, or hang in it. The result should be a one-piece knitted pouch.


Of course, there is no need to buy new jeans for making a cover. The options that have served for a while and simply gather dust on a shelf are perfect. With their help, you can get an original and convenient accessory for a thermos.

What is useful:

  • scissors - for cutting the salp, cutting strips;
  • iron - to smooth the fabric so that it is in good condition before work;
  • adhesive fabric:
  • fabric glue - to connect the surface of the thermos with a cloth.

There are an unlimited number of options (just like with yarn). For example, you can cut many jeans strips and weave them together.

In addition, you can pick up jeans whose salps are similar in diameter to a thermos. Cutting off one such salp of the required length, you can figure out how to design the bottom and top of the thermal cover.

From a scarf

A scarf can become an original and practical cover. Due to its properties of storing heat, such an accessory will not only be a decorative addition, but also in a practical way to keep the desired temperature of the drink longer. It will take a scarf and durable threads, as well as any decorative trifle: if desired, it will be possible to decorate the finished cover with different buttons and stripes, but this is not necessary. The walls of the stitched scarf should also be insulated with batting or any other material that additionally saves heat.

The bottom of a thermobag can be made of unnecessary things, for example: cut a circle from an old bag or find a durable fabric. It is advisable to lay solid insulating material on it: the same batting will do.

Interesting shopping options

Not always there are ideas, time and the desire to make a case with your own hands. The result may not like or not fit, and the time spent can not be returned. For this reason, you can choose a case made at the factory. Such accessories have increased protection against falls and a warmed structure, which does not allow the thermos to cool for several hours longer.

Often, the manufacturer of thermoses supplies along with his goods a case with the company logo. Such accessories most often do not have the properties of thermal insulation, but can serve as protection against damage and breakage of the thermos.

To use an official cover or not - each user decides for himself.

  • Green military thermal case with an additional pocket, it certainly will not be suitable for a girl or an office worker, because with all his appearance he shows a commitment to hunting, fishing and hiking. An additional pocket favorably distinguishes this option from others, but it is also a minus: if you put something heavy in it, the thermos itself will certainly fall and will not keep balance. This accessory can be called a pouch, which is what it is: the accessory can be attached to special places near the backpack.
  • Multi-colored, bright, with cartoon characters. Perfect for small children's thermoses (up to 1 liter). The top of the cover is open and does not completely cover the thermos, but this is not a problem, because the material used perfectly maintains the temperature of the liquid inside. Light green, blue, black, gray, red, yellow - the colors are available at the choice of the user.
  • Thermos bags are the best solution for women. Of course, such an accessory does not have thermal insulation properties and does not increase the heat retention period. However, the declared days will be quite enough for the girl to comfortably drink hot tea on a walk. Such a cover will save the hostess from the inconvenient wearing of a thermos by the handles.

On how to make a thermo-cover for a thermos with your own hands, see further.

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