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Rules of etiquette for men: good manners and a culture of communication

The image of a well-educated young man consists not only of the ability to behave well in relation to a woman. Opening a door in front of a lady, letting it in front of you or helping to carry a heavy bag is good, but the rules of etiquette for men do not end there. Polite speech, a culture of behavior, a well-chosen suit and much more are also an integral part.

Fundamental etiquette for men

In old films about the privileged part of society, we can often see how, when a lady enters a room, the male half of the room immediately rises from their seats. And only after the girl is comfortable somewhere, the rules of conduct for gentlemen allow them to return to their places.

Today, this situation is extremely rare, although this is one of the fundamental features of an intelligent man.

There are 14 basic rules of conduct for men in relation to women, that every self-respecting modern young man should know:

  • On the street, a young man must accompany the lady, walking on her left side. On the right side, only the military have the right to go, in order to salute if necessary.
  • If a girl stumbled or slipped, a man must certainly hold her by the elbow. Although in real circumstances the choice is up to the lady.
  • Good manners do not allow smoking with a lady, only after her consent.
  • A real man always lets a lady forward, having previously opened the door for her.
  • When ascending or descending stairs, a young man must support his companion if necessary, for this he is a few steps away from her.
  • At the entrance to the elevator, the man should be the first to enter it, and at the exit - let the girl pass first.
  • The first person to get out of the car is a young man who, bypassing the car, opens the door on the passenger side, giving the lady a hand. If a man is a driver of transport, then he is obliged to open the front passenger door and help the lady sit down. In case the gentleman is also a passenger, he needs to sit in the back seat with his companion. It should be remembered that at the same time, a girl first gets into the car, and then a man stands next to her.
  • Entering the room, the man helps the lady to take off her coat, and coming out of it, should help him put it on.
  • In the modern world, a young man is not supposed to find a seat for himself if a woman is standing.
  • According to etiquette, a young man needs to come to a meeting earlier than a lady so as not to put her in an uncomfortable situation when she is late. In emergency cases, you should inform the girl about this and apologize to her.
  • Each woman is obliged to help a man carry large bags or any voluminous objects. These do not include a woman’s handbag, as well as small fur coats and mantles, apart from the case if the lady is not able to carry her things herself because of her health.
  • The main mistake of a young man when communicating with someone is crossing his arms, as well as sorting out something in his hands. This is considered a sign of disrespect to the opponent.
  • When going to a restaurant, the cavalier comes in first so that the head waiter makes the right conclusions about who invited whom and who will pay the bill. With a large number of people, the first to enter is the one who will pay and is the initiator of the invitation. In the case of a couple meeting with a doorman, a girl comes into the restaurant first. Following this, the man must find an unoccupied place.
  • Being in the company, a young man with a girl is forbidden to speak on frank topics, it is better to choose light, unobtrusive subjects for discussion.

Appearance according to etiquette

The main thing in the wardrobe of a modern intelligent man is not a strict suit and tie, but the overall picture. In other words, harmony. Do not overdo it with accessories. Everything should be in moderation. A tie or bow tie should match the overall color scheme. You need to choose a shirt lighter than a suit or give preference to a universal white color. Cufflinks or tie clip should not become a bright accent.

Those who want to emphasize their status or material wealth by supplementing the image with massive accessories and jewelry can achieve the opposite result.

The standards of etiquette for men in modern society tell us to coordinate your outfit with the outfit of a lady whom he intends to accompany to any cultural event.

As for men's hairstyles, masked bald patches look awkward. It is not recommended to paint over gray hair. When attending public events, men should shave smoothly. Only a small mustache and beard are acceptable.

The appearance of shoes is also one of the most important in the image of a gentleman. Shoes or boots must be kept in proper condition. Shoes made of varnish should be worn only when necessary. For business meetings and dates, suede or leather shoes matching the color of the suit will be a suitable option.

It should be remembered that a properly selected clothing style is 50% of the successful completion of the meeting, regardless of its type.

Business etiquette

Having a little understanding of the wardrobe, you should go to the standards of conduct in the business sphere. Another important factor when communicating with a business partner is not only the appearance, but even the smell. Preference should be given to perfumes not with a pungent smell, but softer and lighter, closer to natural.

But, first of all, business etiquette is how you behave during negotiations and meetings. For example, at the entrance to the elevator people are skipped for the position above. The same goes for greetings. Subordinates, according to business ethics, should greet leaders first.

A person working in the field of business should get business cards, as this is much more convenient than spending time every time looking for a piece of paper for writing contact details. The design of a business card should be simple, without unnecessary details, only brief information about the owner (company name, position, full name, phone number).

You should learn to prepare for the meeting in advance: it’s better to make a list of necessary questions the day before. This will help to significantly reduce the time of the meeting, which will show your business competence.

In a business conversation, it is important to capture all the details of a conversation with a business partner. Some non-verbal means of communication will help to find an interlocutor, such as a handshake, a nod of the head, and so on.

Standards of conduct at the table

It happens that at an event at a table on the right side an unfamiliar girl can sit. The rules of conduct in this case prescribe the care of the lady, make sure that her glass and plate are not empty, regardless of the level of acquaintance. It is necessary to help move the chair back if the girl wants to leave the table and do the same when she returns.

It’s ugly to interrupt a girl in a conversation, you should keep up the conversation in every way. Etiquette does not welcome increased gestures, as well as crossing arms on the chest or folding them in pockets. In no case should you poke your fingers at people and laugh out loud at someone or discuss. Subject to the above rules of conduct, any man will be able to win over the right people and easily win the heart of the lady he liked.

It must be remembered that an intelligent person will be able to achieve much more in the modern world than someone to whom these rules are alien.

See more about etiquette for men in the next video.


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