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Basic rules and recommendations for caring for the shower

Many buyers are increasingly using showers to equip a bathroom. To ensure that the product always remains clean and does not lose its original appearance, it is worthwhile to regularly clean the product. Maintenance of the structure is not very easy, so you should familiarize yourself with the nuances of cleaning the shower cabin.

Types of pollution

Showers become soiled very quickly if you do not take regular steps to clean them. There are several basic reasons that affect the formation of plaque on the surface of the structure:

  • hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, soap);
  • sebum;
  • untreated water, including various impurities.

Various types of contamination can form on the walls or the shower tray - mold, rust, soap stains, greasy stains, salt deposits, fungus and others. When choosing a method of cleaning the cabin, it is worth considering what pollution is recent or old.

To eliminate the pollution of the shower cabin, it is worth considering the recommendations of specialists:

  • To clean fresh contaminants, the cleaning agent must be washed off immediately after application to the surface.
  • Deep contaminants must be handled more thoroughly, so the cleaning agent must be left for about 15 minutes after treatment of the cab. Some manufacturers of cleaning products indicate in the instructions how long it takes to remove the contamination. After this, the product must be thoroughly washed off.
  • If even very strong cleaning agents did not help remove dirt from the surface of the shower, then you should try to remove stains with a special solution. To make it per liter of water, you need 100 ml of lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Perfectly eliminate stains from acrylic or metal surfaces will allow the use of toothpaste. The product must be applied to the pollution with a thin layer and left for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water.
  • After using the cabin, it is necessary to wipe its surface dry, especially this rule applies to glass. The water contains chlorine and calcium, which, settling on the surface, interfere with its shine. If you do not pay attention to this, then over time the precipitation will turn into hard to remove spots.
  • If the shower cabin is not used, then its doors should be open. This will prevent excessive moisture, which causes mold.
  • In order not to damage the cabin while cleaning it with a special tool, you should carefully study the instructions for plumbing and detergent. For example, some substances cope well with stains on glass or plastic, but they are strictly forbidden to be used to clean the chrome coating on metal surfaces. Silver polish is ideal for cleaning chromed parts, as it not only adds gloss to the surface, but also provides reliable protection against various contaminants.
  • Before using the shower for the first time, you need to apply a special product with water-repellent properties to its surface. This will simplify future cleaning of the product after use.
  • Often booth users are faced with a blockage. This problem is due to the fact that dirt and debris, falling into the drain, form a kind of lump that impedes the passage of water. Eliminate this problem will help plunger, plumbing cable or special means of household chemicals.

Used tools

To clean shower cabins, you can not purchase expensive products, because you can use those that are always at hand. To choose the right composition for cleaning the cabin, you must first familiarize yourself with the effects of these funds. This will protect the surface of the sanitary equipment from any kind of damage.

You can use natural products to clean the booth. To clean the impurities, toothpaste, citric acid, vinegar, soda, peroxide or Coca-Cola will help.

Lemon acid

This agent may be presented in the form of a powder or solution. The choice depends on the surface of the cab. To clean the ceramics, it is worth using powder. It must be applied to a damp sponge and rub the contaminated area. After using acid, rinse the surface with water.

For acrylic cabin, the use of powder is strictly prohibitedas it may damage the surface, leaving scratches. It is better to prepare a special solution, which will require only a few bags of citric acid per liter of water. It should be applied to a sponge and cleaned the cab surface. After 20 minutes, the product can be washed off with water.


Very often, a calcareous deposit forms on the walls of the cabin. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of chemicals to eliminate it, but this problem will help eliminate table vinegar, which is in almost every home.

To quickly wash the shower with vinegar, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • Make a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • It must be applied to the surface of the cab with a sponge or spray, and then left for 10 minutes for a better effect.
  • Next, the cabin needs to be rinsed with water and wiped dry.

This solution does not affect the brightness and color of the coating, so it can be safely used for regular washing of a sanitary product.

How to wash?

To eliminate all kinds of pollution on the surface of the shower cabin at home, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of specialists and perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Cleaning a plumbing product can begin with doors and walls. They can be made of glass or plastic. The latter option requires more frequent cleaning, as the plastic walls and doors quickly become coated and become dark.
  • If the cabin in the bathroom is located near the wall, then you need to proceed to cleaning the ceramic tiles. Ceramics are durable, so it can be cleaned with a variety of alkalis and abrasives.
  • After that, you can proceed to washing the metal parts (shower, taps). It is necessary to be very careful with these elements, as they may lose their luster when in contact with strong products.
  • At the very end of washing the cab, you can proceed to cleaning the pan. When choosing cleaning products, it is necessary to start from what material it is made of. Attention must be paid to the joints, since it is where mold usually forms.

To wash the surface of the shower cabin, you can use various products presented in stores, or use proven folk methods. When choosing a tool for cleaning contaminants on the surface of a sanitary product, you must consider what you will deal with.


An excellent solution in the fight against limescale is the use of a steam generator. It allows not only to get rid of various contaminants, but also carries out surface disinfection. But this method is not suitable for a plastic surface, since this material deteriorates when exposed to hot steam.

Soap plaque

The most common contamination of the surface of a shower stall is soapy water stains. To wash the booth, follow the instructions below:

  • Regular cleaning. In order to prevent large contaminants, it is necessary to wash the cab after each use. You can get rid of soap deposits by using a conventional dishwashing detergent. It is better to use hot water to rinse the walls and tray of the product. The cabin should always be dry, so after cleaning it must be wiped dry.
  • Scheduled cleaning. Twice a month you should clean the shower cabinet using special tools, the choice of which should be carried out depending on the material of the product. The product must be applied evenly over the entire inner surface of the cab with a sponge. After 15 minutes, it should be washed off with hot or warm water, then repeat the procedure, but only using cold water, and also wipe dry.


Mold is very dangerous for health, therefore, at its first manifestations, one should immediately proceed to active actions to eliminate it.

Key secrets to quickly and easily eliminate mold:

  • If you use store-based products, you should only buy fungicides. They have a strong effect, so before using them, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions.
  • The popular method to eliminate mold manifestations is to use a special solution consisting of ammonia and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1. It should be applied to contaminated places with a brush. Rinse off the cleanser with a soda solution. To prepare it, one tablespoon of water will require one teaspoon of soda.

We clean the glass doors

Most hydroboxes are presented with glass walls, which with frequent contact with water lose their original appearance. Glass models can be safely washed using special tools to remove dirt from mirrors or glass. They need to be sprayed on the surface of the product, wiped with a sponge and wiped dry. To clean the glass cabin, you can use a special scraper. It has a dense elastic band on one side and a sponge on the other.

Excellent for cleaning glass suitable homemade solution. In a glass of water, 5 drops of ammonia should be diluted. This tool is perfect for eliminating soap stains. Some housewives still add 100 ml of glycerin, which helps protect the surface of the cabin from moisture.


The tray is always cleaned at the end of washing the entire shower cubicle. To choose the right cleaning agent, it is necessary to build on what material the pallet is made of:

  • Acrylic. Do not use abrasive particles to clean the acrylic tray, as they may scratch a smooth coating. A great solution is to use a toothpaste with a whitening effect. It must be applied to the spots and left for 15 minutes. After the paste must be removed with a soft sponge. A great alternative is citric acid or juice. This tool should be applied to dirty areas for about half an hour.
  • Fake diamond. Such a pallet requires regular cleaning, because over time it becomes dark and loses its original brightness. To clean the artificial stone tray, you can use the toilet cleaner. It must be applied to the surface and after 30 minutes, clean the spots with a brush, and then thoroughly rinse the pallet.
  • Enamel. It is strictly forbidden to use hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, formaldehyde and alkali to wash the enameled tray. You can prepare a mushy solution of soda, citric acid and water. It must be applied to the spots and rinse with water after half an hour.
  • Tile. Various cleaning fluids and powders are suitable for such a surface. The tile pallet can be perfectly cleaned by the folk method. To create a product you will need a bottle of ammonia, 50 ml of vinegar, juice from one lemon and one and a half liters of water. It must be applied to the tiled surface and rubbed a little with a brush.


Many showers are complemented by built-in mirrors that require proper care to maintain cleanliness and a beautiful appearance. To eliminate stains on the mirror, you can use several methods:

  • Lemon juice should be applied to the surface of the mirror, left for 10 minutes and thoroughly wiped the surface with a soft cloth.
  • You can mix water and ammonia in equal proportions. This tool is ideal for polishing mirrors. Crumpled newspapers can be used to rub the surface and remove stains.
  • Alcohol-containing products help cope with black pollution. You can create a solution of water and vodka in a ratio of 10: 1. You need to moisten a cloth with this tool and wipe the mirror. A crumpled newspaper will help eliminate stains.


When cleaning the shower cabin, due attention should be paid to the care of plumbing. Chrome steel parts need to be cleaned carefully to avoid scratching. remember, that painted aluminum must not be cleaned with aggressive agents, as this may result in abrasion of the paint.

The faucet, shower head and taps are usually made of chrome steel. It is worth using special tools designed for them. Metal parts should always be wiped dry after each use of the shower cubicle.

If the faucet is covered with a large layer of salt coating that does not even open, then you should take a rag, soaking it in vinegar, and completely wrap the faucet, covering it with cling film to prevent the vinegar from evaporating. The crane must be left for three hours, and then clean it from a soft coating. Vinegar can also be used to remove water stone from nickel and chrome parts, rubber gaskets, hoses, drains and taps.

If the shower head is clogged, then this may be due to the formation of limescale. CilitBang is a good choice.,. You can use heated vinegar. The solution should be applied to the spray gun and after 20 minutes just rinse with water. After you need to unscrew the watering can and clean all the holes using a toothpick or needle for sewing.


In order for the shower cabin to always be clean and last for many years, it is necessary to adhere to several simple recommendations of specialists.

For washing plastic showerheads, acrylic cleaners are ideal. To wash the glass doors and walls of the product, you can purchase a window cleaner. It must be applied to the surface of the cab, and then rinse with water after 15 minutes. This procedure will prevent the formation of soap deposits.

Experts do not recommend using powder products to clean the shower stall.as they may damage the surface of the product. In order to prevent the formation of pollution, you can use a brush, scraper. Scrapers called rails help to eliminate plaque from the surface of the shower cabin. They fit snugly and are soft. Cabin cleaning should be done every time after taking a shower.

If you need to eliminate pollution, then you can use folk remedies. The best choice is a solution that consists of water, citric acid and soda. It should be poured into a spray bottle, and then sprayed onto the walls of the booth. To prepare a cleaning solution for 200 ml of warm water, you will need 20 grams of citric acid and 20 grams of soda. The product is applied for only 10 minutes, after which it must be thoroughly washed off the walls with water. It will give shine to a shower cabin.

In specialized stores you can buy ready-made products for shower care. They allow you to eliminate soap deposits, get rid of lime pollution.

If the shower cabin has an acrylic coating, then it is necessary to use only products designed specifically for cleaning acrylic bathtubs. Other cleaning agents may damage the acrylic coating.

It is very difficult to get rid of mold, therefore it is better to engage in prevention and not bring it to its formation. The cabin requires regular ventilation, the sealant must be regularly treated with special sprays. If mold still appeared, then it is better to replace the old sealant with a new one.

It is better to abandon the use of chemical solvents, as they can spoil the coating of the shower. They negatively affect the condition of acrylic pallets and plastic walls.

Cabin doors should always be kept ajar. This will allow moisture to evaporate faster and will be an excellent prevention of mold. In the fight against rust, vinegar helps. It is better to use a spray bottle for its use. After spraying, rinse it off with water after half an hour.

After cleaning, the cab must be wiped dry. This will completely eliminate water droplets that contain chlorine and calcium, because it is these impurities that form the limescale after drying.

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