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How to wash rust from different surfaces?

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of hygiene; it is also pleasing to the eye, but it must be maintained constantly. A huge part of the stains are easily removed. At the same time, there is a group of spots, the appearance of which promises huge problems and costs of time and effort. One of these types of stains is rust.

General rules

Rust comes from the interaction of oxygen with a raw metal. Also, it often appears in places with high humidity or in the interaction of metal with water. Often the surface of the metal is coated with various compositions, so that there is protection from external influences, but if rust does appear, there are several ways to remove it.

There are a few rules and tips, Compliance with which will help you remove rust stains from various surfaces at home:

  • Removing rust from any surface is associated with the use of acids. Therefore, you always need to have rubber gloves and wear them when working with chemistry;
  • Remove children and pets from the room during cleaning. After work, ventilate the room;
  • Be sure to wash other contaminants from the surface before removing rust;
  • Before cleaning rust, rinse this area with water and wipe dry.

Means and materials

There is a huge amount of rust remover, so for each surface you can choose the right one. Often they use different chemistry for the appearance of the necessary reactions, but the use of chemistry implies the presence of knowledge and skills in this area, so this option can be called effective, but not the easiest. Simple options include those that involve the use of improvised tools:

  • Natural tomato sauce. It should be applied to the affected surface, then the rust is easily removed with a brush;
  • Baking soda. You need to make a thick solution of soda. The item is placed in it for a while, then cleaned with water. For the desired effect, it is necessary to repeat several times;
  • Coca-Cola or other carbonated drinks. The choice in favor of Coca-Cola is made because it contains phosphoric acid, which fights corrosion;
  • Rust converter. It is not a popular option due to the fact that it only stops corrosion, but does not fight it, therefore it is more often used for prophylaxis or for treating a new surface.

A large number of different tools that wash and remove rust, allow you to fight it very successfully.

Surface features

Although there are universal methods for removing rust, they are completely unsuitable for some surfaces. Therefore, it is better to understand how to clean which surfaces.

How to clean the tiles?

Often the reason for the appearance of traces of rust on the sanitary ware and on the tile is not the surface itself, but the appearance of rust on the internal metal parts. By replacing such parts, you can stop the spread of rust. There are several ways to deal with traces of rust on the tile:

  • Ammonia and oxalic acid. Leave the surface for one hour under the influence of acid. Then treat with a liquid sponge. Then, to achieve cleanliness, wash with plenty of running water;
  • Hydrochloric acid. Be careful when working with it. It is necessary to apply a little acid to the surface and then rinse with plenty of water;
  • Vinegar. Put it on a sponge. Put the sponge on the surface for an hour. Then wipe with the same sponge and remove corrosion. By the same principle, instead of vinegar, you can work with kerosene.

How to remove rusty stains from plastic?

When removing rust from a plastic or acrylic surface, you need to know one simple way. Salt should be poured into place with signs of corrosion. Then you need to take a lemon and make a fresh cut, and wipe the place with this cut, rubbing the salt with lemon. After waiting, you do not need to, you can immediately remove the remaining salt and lemon juice and pulp. Repeat the procedure if the effect is not pleased.

In the fight against slight corrosion on the door of the refrigerator or on the ceiling panel helps medical alcohol. It is necessary to soak a cotton wool in alcohol and treat the surface. Whiteness also helps, but it should only be used for thick plastic.

How to wipe the fabric?

It is extremely difficult to remove rust stains from clothing or fabric, because it eats into fibers:

  • You can use lemon juice. A slice of lemon is wrapped in gauze and ironed;
  • A light shirt can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide;
  • You can also mix two glasses of water, a tablespoon of oxalic and acetic acids. The solution is heated to 90 degrees, and the fabric is lowered into it, after it is washed with water and soda;
  • You can make a solution of tartaric acid powder and salt with the addition of water. This solution is applied to the stain and left in the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the stain is removed, and then the clothes are washed in the usual way;
  • White clothing can be stained with hydrochloric acid. The fabric is dipped in a 25 percent acid solution;
  • Colored tissue can be cleaned using chalk pulp and glycerol. This composition is applied and left for a day. After the thing is erased.

Metal cleaning

The raw metal tends to oxidize when exposed to external factors such as humidity or oxygen. It is best to remove corrosion spots until they are small and have grown over all surfaces:

  • At the beginning of the process, it is necessary to take sandpaper or a brush with metal bristles. Many are often limited to this, but it is wrong. It is necessary not only to remove rust, but also to get rid of its future appearance.
  • For prevention and anti-corrosion, an “anti rust converter” can be used. Before its application, those layers of corrosion that are easily amenable to deformation are removed. Then the surface is degreased, for example, with gasoline, and only then is this agent applied. When working with such products, you must observe the rules of your own safety, and if it comes into contact with skin or eyes, rinse with running warm water.
  • There is also an option to remove rust with a specific composition. To prepare it, you need 1/4 liter of water, 50 g of sodium hydroxide, 50 g of formalin and 50 g of ammonium. The resulting solution is added to a liter of water. Fat-free parts must be lowered into this solution. To completely remove rust, leave the parts in solution for 30 minutes. Then you need to wash everything with hot water and wipe dry.
  • A cast iron cauldron or sink is best cleaned with fish oil. It is applied in a thick layer and left for an hour. After it is removed with water. Also, grease leaves a protective film that prevents the development of corrosion.
  • Pipes or the car body can be treated with kerosene or turpentine. Bolts and nuts on a car that have rusted can be abundantly poured with anti-rust and left for a day, then blown with a stream of air.
  • It is also possible to clean an object such as an old coin from rust. It is enough to put it for a day in undiluted vinegar. You can also use ammonia or lemon juice. The latter is especially good for cleaning silver from corrosion.

After you get rid of rust, it is necessary to prevent corrosion - cover the material with special tools and solutions. The surface can also be primed, painted or varnished.

The following video tested simple and inexpensive rust removal methods.

Watch the video: We Found Best Way To Remove Rust! (January 2020).


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