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Rotary brush hair dryers

Hair dryers, available today for sale, can be of various types. High popularity today is gaining and rotary brush hair dryers.


Many people mistakenly believe that a hair dryer is another novelty from manufacturers. In fact, such a device for drying and styling hair has been around for quite some time. He began to gain his popularity only recently.

In appearance, this device is a brush-brush and a straight tube handle. Such a handle is very similar to the handle of a regular hair dryer, only it is located horizontally and not vertically. The button responsible for rotating the brushing itself is located on the same handle.

In short, a hair dryer with a rotating comb is nothing more than a tube, on the surface of which are quite soft and flexible teeth, like a massage brush or ordinary brushing. Hot or cold air, which dries the curls, enters through special openings between the bristles or directly through them.

Using just such a hair dryer with a rotating brush, you can not only quickly dry your hair, but also cope with tasks such as:

  • creation of additional volume both in the basal zone, and along the entire length;
  • straightening strands;
  • creating curls.

That is, the use of just such a device for drying and styling curls allows you to forget about the existence of curlers, hair straighteners, curling irons and ploes. It is also important that to achieve all these goals, using only this device can be done in much less time than using other devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about the indisputable advantages of hair brushes with rotating brushing, then they include saving time for styling, the ability to create a variety of hairstyles using one device, ease of use and quite affordable cost.

But like any other device, this also has its drawbacks. The main one is a high level of noise during operation, as well as significant weight.

The fact is that the hair dryers of this group always weigh more than the classic models, and this must be taken into account when buying. As a rule, the more powerful the device, the more it weighs.


The spinning brush hair dryers sold today are divided into two large groups:

  • With an electric power wire. Such units can only work when connected directly to the mains. The advantages of such devices are their rather high power, unlimited operating time. In addition, many models have a rotating wire, which allows you to not experience any inconvenience when using it. The only downside is that the hair dryer cannot be used when there is a power outage.
  • Hair dryers without wires. Such devices are quite compact, they work on battery power, the wire does not limit the space for using a hairdryer. The downside of such devices is the need for regular recharging, as well as the rather tangible weight of the device. But it can be used everywhere, and not only where there are electrical outlets.

In addition, hair dryers with a rotating brush are also divided into two more varieties, depending on their configuration:

  • Simple appliances are characterized by the absence of additional nozzles and brushes in the kit. Such a hair dryer is usually sold with a standard rotating brush of medium diameter, which is tightly attached to the handle. This hair dryer is ideal for a short haircut, which does not need to be regularly curled or straightened.
  • Advanced hair dryers. Such models are additionally equipped with interchangeable brushes of various diameters, combs, and sometimes special curlers. Such sets will be a real find for owners of haircuts for medium and especially for long curls. With their help, you can create a wide variety of styling daily.

Do not forget that this type of hairdryer also has one more division, depending on how the brushing rotates itself. On sale today there are models with auto-rotation of brushing, and there are models in which this function can be activated by pressing and holding a special button on the handle. Choosing a model with automatic rotation is for those who regularly curl curls or straighten them. For people who prefer to simply dry their curls and comb their hair at the same time, hair dryers are suitable where you can activate the brush rotation button yourself.

The range of models of such devices from various manufacturers is quite wide today. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the main criteria for his choice immediately before you go to the store.

How to choose?

Each hair dryer that is sold today and has rotating brushing differs from other models not only in its appearance, but also in technical characteristics. They should be considered first of all when choosing a device:

  • Work power. Many girls believe that the higher this figure, the faster you can make styling. This opinion is partially true, but it does not take into account the length and density of the strands. If you use too powerful a device for drying and styling short hair, the hair will dry much faster than a hairstyle will be created. Therefore, it is better to choose the power in accordance with the length and density of the strands. For short and medium hair, you must choose a device with a power of 400 to 1000 watts, while long curls are best suited for a hair dryer with a power of 1000 watts or more.
  • Availability of speeds, their number. This is a pretty important parameter. Preference should be given to those devices that have at least 2, and preferably 3 speeds. This will allow you to choose the optimal mode for drying curls of various thicknesses and various conditions.
  • Ability to adjust air temperature. It is advisable to purchase those hair brushes with a rotating brush that have such a function and there are at least two heating modes to choose from.
  • Wired or Wireless Model. Here you need to make a choice based on the rhythm of life and the intended places for using the hairdryer. If the device will be operated only at home, then preference should be given to classic devices with a wire. For lovers of travel, a wireless hairdryer brush is best.
  • Additional features. Often in their role is ionization, the function of cold blowing, or even steam generation. A hair dryer with spinning brushing and ionizing effect on the hair is useful to everyone, without exception. The possibility of cold blowing allows you to fix the created styling for a long time. If we talk about steam generation, then this function can be useful to fans of curls, since with its help curls can be made much more expressive in a shorter period of time. Therefore, to purchase a device with additional features should be based on the further purpose of its use.
  • Equipment. The larger it is, the higher the cost of the device will be. In its quality, the manufacturer can offer removable rotating brashings of various diameters, curlers, extra brushes, a variety of hubs and diffusers. The choice of a device with the necessary equipment will again depend on what kind of styling will be done using such a hairdryer with a rotating brush.

Now that we’ve figured out the main criteria for choosing a future acquisition, it's time to talk about the most popular models of such a device.


In order not to get lost in the abundance of hair dryer models with rotating brushing, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the mini-rating the best models from leading manufacturers:

  • Braun "Satin Hair" 5 AS530 MN - This is a unique hair dryer with a power of 1000 watts, related to professional appliances. It is equipped with three operating modes, and six nozzles are immediately presented as an optional equipment. Using a mode with low rotation and a suitable nozzle, you can create both small curls and voluminous curls, and when using a round nozzle of large diameter, an exquisite volume of curls is provided.
  • BaByliss AS550E - This is a real styler with a large complete set. The device has a power of 800 watts, auto-rotation of brushing is carried out in different directions. There is a function of cold blowing, and the brushes themselves very carefully come into contact with the hair due to the natural origin of boar bristles and additional ceramic spraying. In the kit there are two brushing nozzles of various diameters. It has two modes of operation, and also has an ionizing effect on the strands.
  • Philips hp8664 has a power of 1000 W, is equipped with an additional brush nozzle of a smaller diameter, brushing rotates only in one direction. Nozzles are ceramic coated and made of natural bristles. When using such a device with an ionization function, an additional micromassage of the scalp occurs, which favorably affects the condition of the hair and its growth.
  • BaByliss 2736 E - This is another hair dryer from a global brand. This model is already equipped with four removable nozzles of various diameters, has high power. As with the previous two models, the brashings have ceramic spraying and natural origin. The result is a stylish, beautiful, ergonomic and multi-functional hair dryer with a rotating brush. It has only one operating mode.
  • Rowenta CF9320 - It is compact and at the same time quite functional unit. It is equipped with two interchangeable brushes of various diameters, the power of which is 800 W, as well as a pair of intensity modes. Perfect for creating volumetric styling, and for curls of various diameters. Three spinning nozzles and two different ionization effects allow you to create an unlimited number of hair styling of various thicknesses and lengths.
  • Philips HP8665 It has a power of 100 W, it is equipped with three speeds of operation and heating temperature, it has not only the ionization function, but also ceramic spraying, and the bristles are completely natural. There is also an additional thermal protection function, and storage caps are attached to the brushes. Brashing itself can rotate in two directions. There is a small eyelet for storage on the wall.
  • Bosch PHA5363 differs in low power and compact sizes, is ideal for owners of short haircuts, as well as those who appreciate the simplicity and speed of execution in styling. It has two operating speeds and three options for heating the air flow. It has no additional nozzles, and a standard rotating brush can rotate in only one direction. Simple and budget model.
  • Panasonic EH-KA81 - This is the most complete model of a hair dryer with rotating brushing. It has a fairly high power, includes 8 different nozzles that allow you to create a wide variety of hairstyles on strands of any length. Three speed modes and three possibilities for changing the air temperature make the device easy to use. A special storage bag is also included.
  • Valera "Turbo Style" 1000 Tourmaline has two additional nozzles, one of which is a brush of small diameter, the second is a hub. High power, minimalistic and stylish design, ease of use, the presence of two speeds and the function of cold blowing - all this is a hairdryer.
  • Vitek VT - 2509 1200 W high power hair dryer with ceramic coating on four additional nozzles. It can work in three modes, it is equipped with the ability to supply a cold stream of air mass, ideal for both long and medium hair.

Among such a fairly wide assortment, each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose for herself the most optimal version of such a unit.

How to use?

When a hair dryer with rotating brushing is purchased, you need to familiarize yourself with how to use it correctly to create the necessary styling. Actions during operation may differ from each other depending on what kind of installation should be the result.


After washing your hair, you need to slightly dry the curls with a towel, apply a heat-protective agent to them and comb them with an ordinary comb. Further, the hair is divided into strands depending on the diameter of the hair dryer brush (the larger it is, the wider the strands should be). Now the strand needs to be raised and lowered on a rotating brush in the immediate vicinity of the roots. As soon as they dry, the brush with light and slightly pulling movements goes down and evenly dries the entire length. This procedure must be repeated with all hair.

If it is necessary to create a volume not only at the roots, but also along the entire length, then the drying time of the main length of the curls must be slightly additionally wind the hair onto the brush. This should be done carefully so that the hairs do not get tangled.

Making curls

If the hair is naturally wavy, it is better to additionally use a diffuser and dry the locks as well as when giving them volume.

If curls need to be created on straight hair, then a narrow strand of hair is carefully wound on the brush, then the device is turned on and wait a few seconds, after which they gently unwind the curl without turning off the hair dryer.

In addition, you can use the nozzle-hub, which will allow you to strengthen the basal volume of curls and make them more expressive.


This procedure is the easiest to complete. All that is needed is to divide the clean and slightly dried hair into strands. Then each strand, starting from the back of the head, must be slowly pulled out with a hair dryer with a rotating brush. Usually 2-3 times of use over the entire length of the brushing is enough to achieve perfect smoothness. This procedure must be repeated on the whole head.

As you can see, in principle, using a hair dryer with a rotating brush is nothing complicated.

The main thing is to adapt to the use of various modes of operation of the device, as well as to choose the most convenient temperature option at which it is most convenient to simultaneously dry the strands and stack them.

Stylist Tips

Many eminent stylists, not only domestic but also foreign, have been actively and for quite some time using such hairdryer models in their work. Therefore, using such a device without leaving your apartment will be useful to get acquainted with their professional recommendations.

If you are acquiring such a unit with a rotating brushing brush for the first time, you should not buy the most expensive model with a diverse number of components. First you need to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of its operation and performance. Therefore, for beginners, simple models with two modes of operation and one or two replaceable brushes are best suited.

Before purchasing, it is imperative to verify the integrity of the device, as well as get acquainted with the reviews of the real owners of the selected model of hair dryer. This will help to make a really right choice.

During drying and styling curls should choose the correct mode. The thicker and longer the strands, the stronger the power must be activated, and vice versa.

Try to purchase products in which brashing is made of natural bristles, and also which have an ionization function. Such a device will not only treat curls as carefully as possible, but also help protect them from harmful effects, and also improve their appearance and general condition.

If the model has such a nozzle as a concentrator, then it must be used primarily in the root area, and then curls themselves should be wound. So the volume will be stronger and will last much longer.

No need to strive to warm the curls for too long to fix the styling, on the contrary, it can seriously damage them. It is best to use additional fixing means or fix the installation with cold blowing.

Short hair is best dried using a hair dryer with rotating brushing of a small diameter, while twisting the strands best in different directions. So the maximum volume will be achieved, and the styling itself will look stylish, but natural.

Compliance with these simple but important tips from hairdressers will help not only to keep curls in perfect condition, but also to create a variety of hairstyles.


Owners of such hair dryers with a rotating brushing brush leave positive reviews about them. Buyers note the complete safety of this device for curls, ease of use and affordable cost as the main advantages. Some girls say that the styling time is significantly reduced, and this is without harm to the hair.

They respond positively not only about the device itself, but also about its functions and configuration. For many, the positive thing is the presence of ionization, which favorably affects the strands, many like the nozzles included in the kit. Indeed, it is such a rich set of equipment that helps to change your appearance easily and simply.

Professional hairdressers also respond positively to this device. They note that their work with its appearance has been greatly simplified. The device itself is simple and easy to use, completely safe. The presence of a variety of nozzles and accessories allows you to change hairstyles easily and quickly, using only such a hair dryer. The main thing, according to professionals, is to choose high-quality devices, for example, those that our top rating talks about.

In the next video, you will learn all about everyday styling with a hairdryer.

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