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Exfoliating socks for pedicure

It seems that there are no people left who have not heard of exfoliating socks for pedicures. A few minutes - and feet in perfect condition. It is worth understanding what their secret is.


Socks for pedicure - the salvation of any fashionista, and just a person who takes care of himself. The result will surprise many, since even professional craftsmen do not work as efficiently.

These products cope with the following problems:

  • peeling of the skin of the feet;
  • corns and corns;
  • yellow skin of the feet;
  • painful cracks in the heels.

It is traditionally believed that they were invented in Korea and China, which does not prevent other manufacturers from using this technology.

See the following video for the use of exfoliating socks.

The main distinguishing feature of such socks is the gradual (within 2-3 weeks) convergence of the skin from the feet. Not everyone has such patience, but it will be rewarded. The use itself will not cause much trouble, at the same time, the result is cumulative.

This product is not suitable for all cases. In the presence of wounds, burns on the feet, use is prohibited. Before sunbathing, wait a few days. The skin on the feet is too tender, a burn is possible.


Socks themselves are two plastic or silicone containers, which are worn on the feet. All models have tightening fasteners for convenience.

Socks contain a special gel-like liquid that acts on the skin. Its composition is of interest to many, since the chemical component of the product usually excites women.


The liquid composition inside the containers can be in a simple form. Often inside you can find cotton linings soaked in liquid. This helps to better distribute the composition over the legs.

The composition of silicone socks is different, but most often it includes:

  • Various acidic components. This is the basis of skin exposure. Acid can be citric, lactic. Used and vinegar.
  • Quite often, alcohol is included.
  • Manufacturers do not forget to take care of the skin, so they include various oils in the composition. Oils can be different: lavender, avocado, pharmacy plants.
  • All kinds of extracts: buckwheat, sage, fruit and so on.
  • Flavors for a pleasant use.

The composition may vary - from the most natural to the chemical.

How do they act?

The very principle of operation is based on the chemical action of all components. It makes the rough skin just go. With this method, there are no injuries (unlike mechanical stress in the cabin). It also eliminates the spread of various infections. The stratum corneum of the skin simply leaves, leaving a new pink dermis.

There are a large number of manufacturers and models of these socks. Each woman will be able to choose for herself just such an option that will be ideal.

Browse Popular Models

So, we can distinguish several of the most popular models. All of them have won the trust of consumers.

Faberlic Express Pedicure Socks

Manufacturer - Russia. The composition includes shea butter, rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid. These are the main active ingredients. They have a pleasant smell of roses.

One package contains 1 pair of socks with a comfortable clasp. Inside, a cotton cloth soaked in creamy liquid. It should be noted that this product provides a caring effect, similar to a mask.

The skin on the feet is moisturized, cracks are tightened, the composition deeply nourishes the cuticle on the toes, but there is no bright exfoliating effect.

SoSu Pedicure Socks

Manufacturer - Japan. The aromas can be different: rose, milk, mint. The composition is quite saturated: hyaluronic acid, rape, castor oil, ceramides, sage, soap dish, ivy, soy, burdock. The composition is intriguing. The manufacturer declares the possibility of using the product in the presence of deep cracks, fungi. The package contains 2 pairs of socks, which is quite economical. They contain active fluid.

3-5 days after use, exfoliation begins. The moisturizing effect is immediately noticeable.

Peeling socks "Avec Moi"

Manufacturer - Korea. There is a pleasant aroma.

The composition contains the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid - hydration and elasticity;
  • apple extract - rejuvenation;
  • grapefruit extract - recovery;
  • coconut extract - softening;
  • mint is a healing action.

The manufacturer claims the main difference - thanks to the fruit components, the cracks heal and nourish the skin. The effect is noticeable on the fifth day. In the box - a pair of socks with a clasp.

Skinlite Socks

Manufacturer - Korea. The composition includes extracts of flowers and lemon, papaya oil, alcohol, malic acid. With their help, you can easily get skin elasticity. The work of sweat glands is regulated. The package contains one pair of socks with liquid. There is a smell of alcohol, which is designed to disinfect the surface. Typically, the cleansing process takes 2 weeks.

SPA Socks Fix Price

The most budgetary representative. Manufacturer - China.

It is fingerless socks with a gel lining inside. They are convenient to move around the house.

Attention is drawn to the fact that they themselves do not work. They can be used as an addition to creams and masks to create a greenhouse effect. There is no exfoliating effect.

Scholl Socks

Manufacturer - UK. As in all "colleagues", this product contains acids and oils:

  • lactic acid - peeling;
  • shea butter, ginger and ginseng extract - relaxation and hydration;
  • Vitamin B5 - for deep hydration.

The package contains one pair of socks. The action begins on day 5-7. Differs in the content of vitamins. It can be used for all skin types.

Socks "Magic Foot Peeling"

Manufacturer - Korea. It has a good composition: lactic, salicylic, glycolic, hyaluronic acid, collagen, argan oil.

The manufacturer promises deep peeling and hydration. In the package - a pair of socks containing an active gel. Complete cleansing is expected in 14 days.

Futto Socks

Manufacturer - Japan. They have a rather sharp aroma that can scare away. The composition is fairly predictable: lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, collagen and fruit extracts.

In the package - a pair of socks with stickers for fixing. Provide results within 3-4 days.

Avon Pedicure Socks

This tool has a caring effect on the skin of the legs. It is a cotton socks without any linings inside. Use with masks or oily cream provides a soft effect, no more. There is no exfoliating effect.

SilkyFoot Socks

Manufacturer - China. Possess the smell of lemon. In the box is a pair of socks with liquid. The composition does not have many components, which is rather unusual: water, glycerin, lactic acid, glycolic acid, castor oil, alcohol, salicylic acid, vitamin E, lemon oil. Such a tool can be attributed to natural.

Which are better?

Choosing the best tool is quite difficult, since everyone gives a similar effect.

If we talk about moisturizing care without exfoliating keratinized skin, Faberlic express pedicure socks are leading. Pleasant aroma, ease of use and long hydration are undoubted advantages. The product really takes care of the softness of the skin for a long time.

If the choice is between means for removing the coarsened part of the skin, then it is worth stopping at Korean and Japanese manufacturers. Initially, socks for a pedicure were invented there, so the product is constantly being improved. Chinese manufacturers often fake products. By purchasing socks of this production, you can not worry about the effect, since it will certainly come.

How to do it yourself?

Many are concerned about the issue of the independent manufacture of such products. It should be noted right away that this is not recommended, since you can easily make a mistake with the number of components. Then it can threaten a skin burn. If the decision about homemade socks for a pedicure is accurate, a possible burn does not scare, that is, a safe option.

So, the boldest will require:

  • formic alcohol 1.4%;
  • cotton socks;
  • Woolen socks
  • plastic bags;
  • fat cream;
  • a basin with warm water (so that the feet are completely covered with liquid).

Formic alcohol is a medicine. It is a solution of formic acid. In pharmacies, it is sold in a 50 ml glass tube. It is released without a doctor’s prescription.

Formic acid in such a tool is 1.4%. It has bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a fairly safe drug that is used in medicine for neuralgia, joint pain, arthralgia and acne treatment.

Caution: not applied to damaged skin, may cause an allergic reaction.

Stages of the procedure:

  • Ant alcohol (1 can) is poured into the basin.
  • To protect against burns, a greasy cream is applied to the feet.
  • Cotton socks are worn on the legs.
  • Feet should be put in a basin, a little trample. It is required to achieve absorption of the composition in socks.
  • Cellophane bags are put on the legs.
  • Woolen socks are put on top to create a greenhouse effect.
  • You should wait 3-4 hours. You can do your own thing.
  • After waiting, everything is removed. Feet should be washed and a greasy cream applied again.

The procedure is completed, now you need to wait up to 7 days. During this time, coarsened skin should get off its feet. The procedure is relatively safe, but it should be carried out with caution - depending on the characteristics of the body.

Instructions for use: how to use?

You will not spend a lot of time and effort on home pedicure. Anyone can cope with it, and the result will remain for a long time.

How to use socks depends on the manufacturer. Carefully read the instructions on the package.

Usually there are several stages:

  • Open package.
  • Cut off the top of the socks.
  • To put on socks and fix them on a leg.
  • Wait a while.
  • Take off your socks and wash your feet with water.

How much to keep?

The exposure time should be indicated on the package. It usually ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the concentration of acids in the composition of the product. A slight chill may be felt during use. This should not be scared, as the substances in the liquid act.

The full cleansing procedure does not take more than 2 weeks. It is allowed to help with steaming foot baths. However, it is not recommended to use a pumice stone.

Manufacturers often recommend trying the composition on a small area of ​​the skin to avoid allergic reactions.

During pregnancy

This type of pedicure does not need to be used if there are deep and severe injuries. With caution, you need to treat such funds and pregnant, lactating women. Manufacturers indicate that the effects of substances on this user group have not been studied. This means that in the event of a negative impact, the responsibility lies entirely with the user. Some manufacturers talk about the possibility of using the drug during pregnancy, but it's still not worth the risk.

Comparison before and after

A comparative analysis before and after will help many to establish themselves in the choice of a specific means for pedicure.

At first, the feet have common problems: dryness, deep cracks, peeling, corns and corns. There is a yellowish skin tone (on the most used parts of the foot when walking).

As practice shows, the appearance is transformed: the skin turns pink, cracks disappear, peeling is not observed, there is no cuticle on the toes. With tactile contact, the skin is soft and supple.


The most convincing when choosing a tool is the reviews on it. There are a lot of socks for pedicure, but SoSu products are the most popular. Size 35-41.

Based on user reviews, we can conclude about the advantages of the product:

  • Size really suits many.
  • In the package 2 pairs for an adequate price.
  • Nice smell.
  • Very effective, the skin comes off pretty quickly.
  • Cope even with deep cracks.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Gives hydration and firmness.

Of the minuses, only an allergic reaction was detected in a small number of users. The product copes with the task. The opinion of doctors is always authoritative. In this case, doctors do not sound the alarm, which means that there is no ban. In all cases, there are contraindications, so you should focus on the instructions.

Pedicure socks are in many ways a salvation, as they save time and money. In the modern world this is very important. Try at least once in your life is, then - decide individually.

Watch the video: What You Should Know About Trendy Dead Skin Foot Masks (January 2020).


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