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Lint-free wipes for manicure

If you decide to make a manicure yourself at home, you will certainly need some additional tools - a set for manicure, varnish coatings for nails and many other materials. But I would like to highlight separately such a convenient and irreplaceable thing as lint-free manicure wipes, which appeared on the nail service market not so long ago, but have already managed to gain great popularity among girls.

Scope of application

Lint-free napkins - An indispensable assistant in performing manicure. The first thing they are used for is the removal of old nail polish. Napkins do much better than regular cotton pads. After applying the latter, small fibers often remain on the nails, and then they greatly interfere with the application of a new coating.

This material can be used for the following purposes:

  • When removing the old coat of nails - varnish or gel polish.
  • Before applying the base coat of nail polish it is necessary to remove the oily sheen, for these purposes it is also very convenient to use lint-free napkins.
  • Another important purpose - with a napkin, you can remove the sticky layer from the surface of the gel polish.
  • Using these napkins, it is convenient to treat manicure tools with an antiseptic.

Application features

Lint-free wipes are very convenient to use. Most often they are sold in packages and in different quantities, on which the cost of production depends.

Externally, such napkins are small square pieces of elastic material. Initially, these napkins were invented specifically for performing gel-varnish coating of nails, as the masters were very disturbed by small, invisible fibers that remained after using cotton pads. It was possible to detect them only after applying the base on the nails. Because of this, everything had to be redone, since the lint left under the gel polish and top coating ensures that the manicure begins to crack in a few days after application. Lint-free napkins completely exclude the possibility of such troubles with manicure. Using lint-free napkins is very simple, their use is no different from cotton pads. During operation, they can be moistened with various necessary fluids. Such napkins are definitely needed when doing manicure at home. You will certainly appreciate the convenience of their use.

Main advantages

The most important advantages of lint-free napkins are the following:

  • Perfect moisture absorption.
  • They pass water well.
  • Napkins are made from completely safe and non-toxic materials.
  • On sale there is a fairly large assortment of napkins - of various shapes, sizes and densities, so you can choose for yourself exactly the kind that will be most convenient for you to use.
  • Napkins are completely hypoallergenic, so they do not cause any irritation or other negative reactions.
  • Using these napkins, you can make a manicure much faster and easier.
  • The napkin material will not delaminate, which means that there will be no fiber particles on the nails.
  • This consumable does not end very long, one large package is enough for a sufficiently long time.


Of course, not everyone has the opportunity or desire to purchase this tool, so there are several alternatives that can replace lint-free wipes. One of the replacement options may be coarse calico and chintz materials, which are sold in rolls. It should be noted that even one meter of fabric will provide consumables for manicure for a long time. Another original idea is to use dried wet wipes. Many girls claim that in their structure, dried wet products are very similar to lint-free.

However, these options have a number of disadvantages. A section of tissue may begin to bloom, and the threads falling out of it will become an even bigger problem than the villi of cotton pads. And in the case of using wet products, it is important to choose the right manufacturer from the very beginning, since each one produces slightly different composition and structure options. The properties of the materials are also different. Therefore, it is still recommended to use a professional high-quality and convenient tool in manicure. The price for it is low, and there are enough lint-free napkins for a long time.

If you decide to buy lint-free products for the first time, you should contact nail stores for their purchase so that you can immediately evaluate their quality, density and other properties. Then you can quickly choose the right option for yourself. And in the future it will be possible to make purchases via the Internet, however, at the same time choosing only trusted stores. Experienced manicurists use only this tool in their work, which they purchase in large quantities. This is not surprising, because napkins are consumed quickly enough - if the salon is meant. However, this tool is simply indispensable for nail service professionals.

What lint-free napkins for manicure are considered the best, see the next video.

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