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Vacuum cleaner for manicure

Professional beauty salons that perform nail care procedures cannot do without such a necessary thing as a vacuum cleaner for manicure. Many women purchase it for use at home.

What is it for?

Polishing and polishing the nails on the arms and legs is complete without the formation of dust - the remnants of horn tissue, dried manicure varnishes and paints. The latter contain many harmful chemicals - solvents, pigments, carcinogens. Small particles, twisted in the air, enter the lungs, which can cause allergies, asthma, tracheitis and other respiratory diseases.

They negatively affect the skin, eyes, lead to headaches. Therefore, it is so important to clean the workplace from dust after each procedure.

In addition, the workplace itself in the nail salon should look perfectly clean and tidy. If the respiratory tract can be protected from harmful dust with a gauze bandage on the face, then only a manicure vacuum cleaner will cope with the remaining problems. Such devices facilitate the work of the master and give the nail salon greater representativeness.

Principle of operation

Regardless of the type of manicure vacuum cleaner, they all work due to an electric motor that rotates the blades at a high speed of 2500-3000 rpm, so that the air together with the dust present in it is drawn into the hood and enters the bag in the form of a bag. It is necessary to clean it from time to time, but there are also disposable plastic containers that, after filling, are simply thrown out and replaced with new ones.

The principle of operation is not much different from a conventional household vacuum cleaner, but there are certain differences. The device for a nail salon should be compact, not heavy. If it is built-in, then the dimensions should allow it to be placed on the table. The mass of these units usually does not exceed 2 kg, the noise level is not more than 48 dB, the engine power is 20-30 watts. With such characteristics, it will not interfere with either the client or the nail master, economically consumes electricity and is easily transported if the model is not built-in. Such devices are powered from a 220 V household network.


There are several types of manicure vacuum cleaners, all of them have their own characteristics and advantages.

Hoods are the most popular model of such vacuum cleaners. It has a plastic case with a powerful fan, the speed of rotation of the blades can reach 3000 rpm. High-quality models are made almost silent, the noise level in them does not exceed 62 dB, which ensures a comfortable environment in the nail salon. Dust enters the removable bag dust collector, after use it is easily removed from the exhaust pipe and replaced with a new one.

There are 2 options for such hoods: built-in or portable. The first type is tightly mounted in a manicure table, the front panel of the blade and fan are located horizontally or at a slight angle. During the procedure, hands should be held directly above the hood, for safety, the fan is closed by a protective grill. The advantages of the built-in hood models are its high power, the absence of excessive vibration, and the convenience of working on a rigidly fixed device. The disadvantages are the inability to move the device to another place and the need for mounting on a table, cutting holes in the countertop.

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Portable hoods are a small panel with a vertically located fan that connects to the network through a conventional power cord. The advantages of this type over the built-in devices is that they can be moved to any place, the main thing is that there should be a socket in the vicinity. The case is made of plastic, the fan is covered with a metal protective grill, and the weight usually does not exceed 1.5 kg.

A separate option is a floor extractor for manicure, which has great power and is able to cope with any amount of dust in a short time. The massive case with an electric motor, fan and dust collector is installed on the floor, and an exhaust hose goes from it to the workplace. Despite the greatest cleaning efficiency, the floor hood consumes increased power and takes up a lot of space in the cabin.

There are very convenient desktop models of vacuum cleaners for manicure in a cylindrical body. They have 5 holes at the top for each finger. After processing the nails, the brush is placed on such a vacuum cleaner, each finger takes its place. So you can comfortably hold your hand on a stand for a long time. The appearance of such devices is very elegant and original.

What to look for when choosing?

Before buying a manicure vacuum cleaner, you need to take into account criteria such as engine power and speed, noise level during operation, weight and dimensions. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of a protective grill, it should prevent the tightening of small objects and protect your fingers during the procedure. The power of the device must be such that it is able to draw in the air-dust flow at a distance of 15-20 cm. A good vacuum cleaner can save the room not only from harmful microparticles, but also from the sharp smells of varnishes and solvents.

Built-in models should be chosen only if the final interior of the room is thought out and no redevelopment is expected. In this case, you must ensure that there is a power outlet near the device.

For convenience and mobility, it is best to choose a portable hood model with a plastic case. It is easily placed on any horizontal surface, takes up little space, does not require installation. The most successful solution will be models with an inclined palm rest, they will allow the client not to feel discomfort during a long manicure.

Depending on the load of the device, it is worth choosing the right amount of the dust bag, determining how often you will have to change the filters and plastic bags for dust. For large salons with a constant influx of visitors, it is worthwhile to purchase a powerful floor unit, and for a home a portable hood in a plastic case with small dimensions.

The time of continuous operation also plays an important role, many such devices have limitations on this value. Some devices have additional useful features: a timer, automatic start, or bright backlight. For a prestigious beauty salon, such bonuses will be important. It is also worth paying attention to the length of the power cord, it should reach the nearest outlet.

In addition to the technical characteristics of extracts for manicure, an important aspect is the manufacturer. It is necessary to choose trusted companies that have reliably established themselves in the market of cosmetic products. Some brands should be considered in more detail.

Popular models

Manufacturer Max Since 2011, it has been supplying the market with manicure products and tools that are of high quality and popular among women. Manicure hoods "Max storm", "Max ultimate"are presented in several varieties, for all vacuum cleaners a warranty of 18 months is given.

The hood extractor "Max Storm" has a stylish white body with a palm rest. In the kit there are replaceable 3D-bags for collecting dust, they are multilayer, that is, they provide maximum insulation and do not tear. The device is portable and easy to install on any horizontal surface. The front part with a ventilation grill and a palm rest are located at a slight angle, this model is called an hourglass.

Product Specifications:

  • engine power - 32 W;
  • noise level at work - 40 dB;
  • blade rotation speed - 3100 rpm;
  • productivity - 164 cube m / hour;
  • dimensions - 280x350x155 mm;
  • the mass of the device is 964 g.

With such revolutions and power, the “Max Storm” range hood copes well with any amount of dust, works so silently that it allows you to talk without raising your voice.

Besides this item, Max company presents built-in hoods for manicure salons "Max Storm" and "Max Ultimate", portable hood "Max ultimate 2" and a powerful device specifically for pedicures with a footrest.

Powerful handheld vacuum cleanerEmil x2"with a 60 W engine will ensure air purity at any intensity of procedures both in the cabin and at home. They have an hourglass shape similar to the" Max Storm "hood and excellent technical characteristics. At a fan speed of 3100 rpm this device has a capacity of 400 cubic meters per hour, the level of noise emitted during operation is 62 dB.

The case consists of glossy ABS plastic of white color, nice looking and to the touch. Keeping your hands on the stand for a long time will be very comfortable. To protect your fingers and prevent small objects from getting into the fan blades, a chrome grille is located on the front panel. Dust is collected in two-layer white bags. The device turns on with the push-button switch located on the 220 V power cord.

Russian manufacturer "Ultratech"It is highly rated on the market for manicure and pedicure products. It presents nice-looking multi-colored models of manicure vacuum cleaners with a plastic case. Models"Ultratech SD-117"with a power of 24 W provide a reliable dust extraction with almost silent operation. The dimensions of the device are 265x315x130 mm, weight - 1.95 kg. A six-month warranty is given on goods.

Portable vacuum cleaners "Ultratech" are made of colored plastic, which is protected from the action of solvents and other aggressive substances used in manicure. Available in red, yellow, purple, beige, black and white. The fan is closed with a chrome grille, the device is turned on using the button on the front panel, the standard cord is 220 V.

Range hood "Air magic"from ECO is a powerful appliance with an outdoor layout. It is suitable for large salons where regular intensive ventilation is required. In addition to dust, it eliminates the sharp unpleasant odors of chemical solvents. In addition to the massive floor-standing casing of white color, the device is equipped with an exhaust plastic hose-pipe, the end of which is located above the workstation.

The dimensions of the hood are 700x350x350 mm, weight 18 kg, so in advance you need to choose the place of its installation. Noise level is relatively low for such power - only 40 dB. The device allows you to effectively clean the air in the room by 80-90%. The kit includes special dual cleaning filters that are easy to replace.

How to do it yourself?

Making a manicure / pedicure exhaust device yourself is quite simple. Its main part is an electric motor with a power of 30-60 W with blades found in many devices. It can be an ordinary kitchen or desktop fan, a computer cooler. The main thing is to choose a suitable power supply with the appropriate voltage for such an aggregate. The fan for the kitchen hood, sold in construction stores, already has a power supply with a transformer, for operation it only needs to be connected to a household network.

If the manicure hood is made from a computer cooler, then you should choose a suitable unit for it, their standard voltages are 5 and 12 V, observing the polarity.

After selecting the main working part, it is necessary to consider reliable air intake and dust extraction. For a portable vacuum cleaner, you can use plastic, wood or other material that is easy to process, the main thing is to cut a hole for the fan housing and securely fasten it. A soft, easily processed material is also needed in order to secure the protective grill on the front panel of the hood.

A flexible plastic hose is put on the back of the fan, you need to choose a suitable one in diameter. It is displayed in the dust bag from any improvised materials.

If you decide to make your own stationary stationary manicure vacuum cleaner, then for the hood you can use flexible corrugated acrylic or plastic hoses, which are easy to find on sale.

A convenient solution would be to bring such a hose directly to the street or into the ventilation shaft. This eliminates the need to constantly change dust collectors.


Many women who regularly perform manicure and pedicure procedures speak about the benefits of these simple devices. They really provide cleanliness and comfort, relieve headaches from various pungent chemicals. It is equally important to take care of your health, which is more important than the beauty of nails. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner for manicure, along with varnishes, paints and tool kits should be present in every beauty salon.

The most popular and convenient are lightweight portable hoods made of plastic with a weight of not more than 1.2 kg. They are appreciated for their quiet operation and the ability to install in any convenient place where there is enough light. Manufacturers prefer efficient, reliable Max Storm and Ultratech vacuum cleaners.

In the video below - a demonstration of the vacuum cleaner for manicure Max Ultimate.


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