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Lip Gloss

Unfortunately, not all girls naturally have puffy and juicy lips, but not all women decide on plastic surgeries or the use of “beauty injections”. There is no need for this when recently harmless lip glosses have become so popular. Let the effect and short-term, but safe. You will learn about the most popular brands that produce such funds, about the secrets of makeup artists.

How do they work?

Lip glosses most often act instantly, while you should not experience any discomfort. In the composition of such shines there are special components that stimulate natural blood circulation.

They also contain reflective particles or oils that visually increase the volume of the lips.

The presence of collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid It is a big plus, because such ingredients not only fill and smooth the surface of the lips, make it more elastic, but also moisturize remarkably.

Product Overview

To date, finding the right tool for increasing the volume of the lips is not difficult. Such funds are produced by a variety of brands and brands. Next, you can consider the most popular products that girls purchase most often:

  • Shine Dior "Addict Lip Maximizer". This tool is not a cheap pleasure, but the quality, of course, will meet all your expectations. Such a tool acts immediately after you apply it. It is enriched with active collagen, so that the volume is visible and palpable from the first seconds. The composition contains not only collagen, but also fillers based on hyaluronic acid. They not only smooth and smooth lips, but also moisturize them deeply.
  • The French brand YSL offers an excellent tool for increasing the volume of lips - "Vernis a Levres Plump Up". The composition of the product is enriched with useful hyaluronic acid, due to which the push-up for the lips becomes a reality. This gloss with a glossy finish is very durable, it will delight you with the desired effect up to six hours.
  • Lip gloss from a professional brand Smashbox will give lips not only volume, but also a gentle natural shade. The product contains useful vitamins, oils and goji berry extract - to protect the lips from external influences and for long-term hydration.
  • Shine from MAC - "Plushglass". It has a translucent mother-of-pearl consistency and in just one application makes the lips juicy and voluminous.
  • Gloss with volume effect from the Finnish brand Lumene - "Wild Rose". He will not only give an amazing volume, but also take care of the condition of the lips throughout the day. In the assortment you will find cream shades for the most juicy and seductive lips.
  • Instant shine with express volume can be found at Oriflame. This brand offers excellent products from Sweden at very attractive prices. Shines from this brand stimulate natural microcirculation and fill the lips with moisture for maximum results. Glitters are available in two natural shades: pink and natural. The manufacturer promises that the claimed effect of the volume will last up to three hours, while you will experience only comfortable sensations from applying this product.
  • An excellent option for the acquisition may be a cream shine from a popular brand Maybelline - "Color Sensational Gloss". It gives the lips a slight flicker and 3D volume. The composition is enriched with honey nectar - for additional care for the lips, their nutrition and hydration.
  • At Clarins you can also find shine balm to give lips a delightful volume. This product has a melting texture and a very pleasant aroma.
  • No less interesting option for volume can be found the Italian brand Pupa Milano. "Miss Pupa Gloss" It is an excellent tool for instant radiance and lip volume. This product has the lightest gel-like texture, which is absolutely not felt on the lips. After applying such cosmetics, you will not feel any stickiness - thanks to a perfectly balanced composition.
  • It is worth paying attention to the brilliance of brands Collistar - "Plumping Gloss" and Artdeco - "Hydra Lip Booster". They will not only give the lips the necessary volume, even them out and make them more attractive, but also deeply moisturize.

How to use?

Glosses for an additional volume of lips are very often used as independent means. Transparent coating and glossy lips look very attractive and natural. A very unusual solution may be to use a flickering highlighter, and after that - shine for the volume. So you get an incredible volume and radiance, a unique shade.

Glitters generally offer a short-term magnification effect.

This does not apply to absolutely all the shine, most often such features - only in luxury options that are aimed at a long-term effect. They contain collagen and hyaluronic acid. Do not apply volume gloss to irritated or chapped lips. In this case, it is better to use a balm. To extend it, you must use the tool daily.

You can see how to apply lip gloss in the next video.

Makeup Tips

Of course, not a single shine will completely change your lips, but he will be able to give them a slight swelling effect without difficulty. In addition, if you choose high-quality products from trusted brands, then get care, positive impact on the condition and health of the lips. Almost every brand specializing in the production of decorative cosmetics offers lip glosses.

This is not to say that the more expensive the better. Unfortunately, “your own” remedy can be selected only by trial, and sometimes by mistake.

After all, for some, the remedy may be the best, but for someone it will not work at all. Before making a purchase, always use testers, putting the product on your hand. So you can understand whether it will be very sticky or not. You also check whether the shade is suitable or not. Means for lip augmentation are very different - cream, peach, pink and others.


Most women of all ages are always delighted with such funds, and for ladies with thin lips this is a real find. Many women have expressed a lot of positive reviews about gloss for volume from Dior, MAC and Smashbox. First of all, it is noted that these funds have an excellent composition. They not only provide volume, but also give a gentle shade, smell pleasantly. Women also recommend that you do not purchase very cheap lip options, as they dry them very much and even cause a burning sensation.

Many use transparent glitters for volume as stand-alone means for a natural make-up.

Others apply them over lipstick, but it is noted that the volume in such cases is not so noticeable. About different brilliance, you can read a variety of opinions. Someone speaks about a particular tool very well, while someone puts him a deuce. There is no one universal remedy, therefore, it turns out, alas, not the first time to find something “your own”. And still try not to save on shine. It is recommended to select options with vitamins, oils and natural extracts in the composition.

You can watch about lip gloss gloss in the next video.

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