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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Blush Nyx

Blush - one of the most effective ways to change the relief of the face. Blush Nyx will give your face a natural glow, help highlight cheekbones, give your face a light satin glow or a strict matte finish.


These products are uniquely value for money. NYX cosmetics also boasts a wide variety of products for every taste. At the buyer's choice, cosmetics of various structures and actions are provided.


Each girl can choose an option that seems to her more convenient to use. NYX provides:

  • compact;
  • cream;
  • palette blush.

Compact blush - represented by the brand in small, black packaging. They have a dry structure. Depending on the shade, they give a matte or satin finish. There is a shimmer in some shades.

Cream blush have a creamy structure, can be applied with a finger, sponge or brush. Carefully blend the product. This tool does not tolerate dry structures, and therefore it does not fit well in the presence of powder.

Palette blush - NYX presents many blush pallets. Each palette is rich in rich shades from the brightest to muted and everyday. The main advantage of pallets can be considered just a large number of shades. NYX palettes are available in different colors, can be used to give a natural blush, and for sculpting the face.

Blush sculptor today are one of the most sought after cosmetics. In the assortment of the NYX brand you can find cream pallets, contouring sticks, dry pallets. Also, some shades of blush are actively used for sculpting.


  • "Powder blush“- the most famous NYX brand series, a real celebrity among blush due to its“ Taupe ”shade. The packaging is small, simple, closed with a transparent, plastic lid. The main advantage of the packaging is its compactness. With all its wonderful properties, the product does not take up much space. the surface of the product is a voluminous, geometric pattern of nine pyramids.The texture allows you to create a silky finish, but the blush is dense, resistant. Do not crumble, do not dust, the consumption is economical. Suitable even for the most inexperienced girls in makeup. rschit with such wonderful features very difficult.
  • "High definition blush“The packaging design is very similar to the aforementioned“ Powder Blush Taupe. ”The transparent lid is convenient, there is no need to open the box to clarify the color of the product. The packaging has one small and cute detail - a latch in the form of a bow. The texture of the product is soft, does not dust, perfectly holds all day. Do not roll up in lumps, do not lie spots.
  • "Baked blush"- depending on the shade, the baked blush from NYX can play the role of blush, bronzer and even highlighter. Packaging repeats the chip of all brand products - a transparent lid helps to clearly see the shade of the product. You can also see the bow latch again. The texture is dry, dense, do not crumble , the product is economical.All shades - with a light shimmer, but on the face give a matte finish.
  • "Nyx Rouge Cream Blush"- cream blush appears again in a package with a transparent lid. The structure is creamy, the product is a bit greasy to the touch, but does not make the skin greasy, gives a matte finish. Some shades give a moist effect. It best fits without powder.
  • "Ombre blush"- one of the latest brand new products. It appears in an unusual, closed package, there is a mirror. Two perfectly selected shades create the effect of ombre - a natural transition. In total, eight shades of ombre are presented so far.
  • "Mosaic powder blush"- the product packaging is standard, with a transparent lid. Blush mosaics include several shades. Shades can be used individually or mixed together. Some shades of the series are perfect as a highlighter.


Blush Nyx presented in a large color palette. Shade "Taupe" - the most famous shade of the entire brand, great for sculpting. Some lovers of Taupe use the product as shadows.

Among the light, neutral shades can be noted "Angel", "Peach", "Natural". Shades that give the face a natural glow - "Flamingo", "Rose Garden", "Red", "Pinky". To the sculptors, in addition to the legendary "Taupe", you can add "Cocoa", "Pecan", "Bordeaux".

You can also note the ombre blush in the shade of "Mauve Me". The hue is cold-plum, without a shimmer, with a light satin glow.

Baked blush in the “Chiffon” shade is very popular due to its versatility. Used as blush, highlighter and bronzer. The darkest shade among baked blush.

How to choose?

The main criterion for choosing a product is certainly skin color. The lighter the skin, the lighter and more neutral the shades should be. Even when choosing a bronzer, it is worth giving preference to cold colors without any redhead. On the contrary, light blush will not suit girls with dark skin. Light flicker is best done with a highlighter.

How to distinguish the original?

It's no secret that fakes on the most popular brands are much cheaper than the original. Nyx is no exception. However, the main thing to remember is that using fake cosmetics increases the risk of skin diseases, inflammations and allergic reactions. In order to avoid meeting with a fake, you need to follow the following simple rules:

  • Low price is not a sign of quality. Fake items are usually cheaper.
  • Buying goods is better in large, trusted stores.
  • Old, long-discontinued products should also raise suspicion.

How to apply?

If you want to emphasize the cheekbones, you must apply the product with light strokes under or along the cheekbone. However, you must select the correct color. With the correct application of the wrong color, the makeup will look very bad.


NYX cosmetics collects only the most positive reviews around the world. The main advantages of the brand are constantly appearing new products, low prices, a wide variety of palettes and products. Blush brand NYX take pride of place in the makeup bag of almost every girl.

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