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Masks for wrinkles around the eyes

As they say, the eyes are a mirror of the soul, which is one of the reasons why women around the world are very careful about this facial zone. The skin around them is quite delicate and sensitive, prone to dryness, which leads to premature wrinkle formation. In addition, active facial expressions contribute to this, because during squinting or smiling, the muscles in this area are actively involved. Moreover, many face this problem due to age-related changes, which becomes a catalyst, if not the main cause of wrinkles.


With age, women develop wrinkles around the eyes. It is worth turning to the topic of traditional medicine and see what home recipes for caring for this area will help minimize wrinkles, make them invisible, and also prevent the appearance of new ones.

Today, with the development of medicine and cosmetic products, it is still difficult to carefully monitor the skin around the eyes, so traditional recipes are still very popular. However, you cannot look for a solution to the problem without understanding its causes and specifics.

For the area around the eyes, an important role is played by a biological change in the body that is directly related to aging. Covers become less elastic due to a gradual decrease in the amount of collagen, which determines elasticity. To restore it, it is necessary to use tightening and anti-aging agents.

A separate point is worth mentioning the problems associated with the emergence of "crow's feet." Mimic wrinkles can appear even at a fairly young age - after 30. Among the reasons for their appearance are called stretching the skin in appropriate places because of the expressiveness of facial expressions, which on the face reflects all emotions, but this is no reason to stop laughing, smiling and showing other feelings. Through the use of various means to remove facial wrinkles, you can significantly smooth out areas around the eyes.

There are various products that help get rid of deep folds, because they negatively affect the appearance. The absence of problems around the eyes is the main indicator of the health and beauty of a woman. These criteria are reflected directly and around the eye contour.

For the skin of the eyelids, there are a number of drugs and folk recipes that are used to maintain the elastic state of this area and get rid of bags. These methods are perfect for edema. Such unpleasant symptoms indicate the accumulation of interstitial fluid in the specified area, which is a consequence of age-related changes, hormonal changes and general overwork of the body. This does not look the most aesthetic way, therefore it is not surprising that women in every possible way seek to get rid of them.


Some people naively believe that facial skin care begins only with the appearance of the first bells, barely noticeable wrinkles, which occurs already in adulthood. However, this position is fundamentally wrong. The following should be considered:

  • Girls after 30 years should begin to closely monitor the condition of their skin and make both cosmetic and folk face masks. They will slow down the aging process and stimulate the body to produce new cells. Properly selected product will refresh your eyes. For this purpose, nourishing masks are excellent, which will also come in handy when taking care of the skin at the age of 35.
  • After reaching 40, you need to do nutrition and rejuvenation of problem areas of the faceusing tightening masks containing collagen, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, various oils, glycerin. They will give the skin a healthy and well-groomed appearance.
  • After 45 years, wrinkles become deeper and more noticeable, as a result of which they attract more attention, therefore, the fight against them should go into the active phase. Use creams and products that have a complex effect on this area of ​​the face: reduce swelling, relieve redness and resist the appearance of bags under the eyes. This will help solve not just one side of the problem, but a whole range.
  • It is necessary to add lifting masks to these procedures after 50-55 years, because from this moment the contour of the eyes should be not only moisturized, but also toned. In achieving the desired effect, a key role is played by the observance of certain rules for the use of cosmetics and facial care, which will be described below.
  • 60 years is the next date when measures to take care of your face should be strengthened, After all, the epidermis has already lost its elasticity, has become thinner and wrinkled. From this time on, the approach becomes comprehensive and regular (this is the most important thing).

Most often, women of different ages turn to cosmetic products, but folk remedies, of which there are a large number, will have an additional effect.

How to make at home?

Various broths, gels and creams, which are quite easy to cook at home, have gained great popularity among the people.


If you are going to fight the appearance of new wrinkles, it is worth pulling up and smoothing out existing ones. First you need to prepare an infusion of herbs, which will directly include parsley. One tablespoon of greens should pour a third or half a glass of boiling water.

The next step will be to infuse the broth for fifteen minutes (you must first tightly close the container with a lid). Rub the potatoes on a fine grater and add to the mass one tablespoon of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of the prepared liquid. Next, take the cheesecloth and spread a thinly even layer on it in advance of the pulp. Put the fabric on your eyes, holding the mask for up to twenty minutes.

The key point is the fact that the contents cannot be washed off. It is simply cleaned with a cotton pad, because the useful elements that make up the gel can easily be washed off with water, and then the whole procedure will lose its meaning. It is best to do this mask before going to bed, overnight allowing nutrients to soak into the skin.

Anti-aging ointment from starch with the Botox effect is able, with regular use, not only to tighten the skin, but also significantly reduce the number of wrinkles by smoothing them. To achieve this result correctly, follow these tips:

  1. Boil water. While this process is going on, take a tablespoon of starch and pour it into 100 ml of cool water. Stir.
  2. Pour the resulting liquid into 50 ml of boiling water. This mixture must be boiled until it thickens, but do not bring it to a boil. As soon as the consistency becomes denser, set the container aside, allowing the starch to cool. After that, add one spoonful of high fat sour cream to it.
  3. Make carrot juice preferably freshly squeezed, because it has a wide range of nutrients.
  4. Add the juice to the mixture of starch and sour cream, which already managed to insist.
  5. After mixing the resulting product, distribute it evenly on the skin around the eyes and hold until the mask dries. Now you can apply a second coat, waiting again when it dries.
  6. Taking off the mask After half an hour, smear your face with a nourishing cream.

This recipe is applied every day (for two weeks), after which the skin should "rest" for a week.

One of the most noteworthy recipes is the use of aloe to moisten the area around the eyes. It is known for its effective nutrition of the skin, which helps to eliminate dryness in this area.

To achieve this result, regularly apply aloe juice to problem areas before going to bed. From a fresh leaf of the plant, it is necessary to squeeze out a number of drops, which will subsequently be applied around the eyes.

If there is no way to find a real plant, then there is a way out. You just need to buy the juice of this plant or an ointment (can be sold as a gel) at the pharmacy, which contains up to 98% aloe oil. It must be used in the same way as in the above case with juice from leaves: lubricate problem areas before bedtime.

The next remedy that actively fights wrinkles around the eyes is a mask with honey. This method simply needs to be used to eliminate dryness, especially since the ingredients for the recipe are found in the kitchen of absolutely every housewife.

You should take 1 tablespoon of honey, wheat flour, one beaten egg white and mix. If honey is thick, then it must be melted in advance. If there is no flour at home, oatmeal will come to replace it. After mixing, apply the resulting consistency to the area suffering from wrinkles. The time for using the gel is before it dries, which corresponds to about fifteen minutes. Then you need to wash. If oatmeal was used in the composition, then the mask should last longer - about forty minutes.

Another simple and productive tool is a mask of potatoes, which is rubbed on a fine grater, followed by the addition of milk or cream. Porridge is spread on problem areas and lasts about fifteen minutes.

Cosmetic applications can easily be found in fruits, for example, by making masks from mangoes or bananas. Making the nutritious mass from the latter, mash the fruit to the pulp, take it in the amount of two tablespoons, add the same amount of pre-melted butter, mix everything. Warm the resulting mixture with your fingertips and apply under and around the eyes. After half an hour, rinse with warm water.

The same procedure can be done with mango, which will provide deep hydration and intensively nourishes the skin with useful components.

Oriental beauties at one time unexpectedly discovered the benefit of using spices against the appearance of "crow's feet". The first place in terms of effectiveness belongs to turmeric, which contains elements that prevent the occurrence of redness, irritation. It promotes rapid cell regeneration. Here is the prescription:

  1. Take two teaspoons of turmeric and three tablespoons of pineapple juice.
  2. Mixing ingredients to a dense consistency, let the mixture brew, meanwhile cleanse the skin of the face.
  3. Apply mask on problem areas and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

The procedure is performed within a week, three or four times, at personal discretion. With the correct use of this spice in combination with other elements (for example, with olive oil), effects in the form of a restored area of ​​the skin will be noticeable.

The same effect can be achieved using a gelatin product, however, this recipe has its own specifics, without understanding which, you can cause irreparable harm to the skin, greatly stretching it. To avoid this, carefully read the instructions and carefully follow them:

  1. Scrab your face first. This will noticeably cleanse the pores, remove excess particles of the skin, exfoliating them. You can use a ready-made scrub, but you can make it at home (using oatmeal).
  2. Take a handful of chopped or whole oatmeal, dilute with warm water, mix thoroughly in a thick slurry. Take soft flakes gradually and gently massage your face with them. After only a couple of seconds, the flakes will become soapy and begin to cleanse the skin.
  3. Next, go to the preparation of the mask. Pour one tablespoon of gelatin into a bowl. Add warmed fat milk to it and remove the container for a while, due to which the gelatin swells.
  4. Waiting for this put in a mixture of vitamins A and E, mix everything thoroughly.
  5. Apply the finished mask to the area near the eye contour with a dense layer, you can even several. Also cover the upper and lower eyelids, this will have a rejuvenating effect and relieve swelling.
  6. When the ointment hardens, you will need to remove it, but you can’t do this by pulling the film off your face, otherwise it will lead to stretching of the dermis, which directly contradicts the goals of the procedure. Instead, you need to resort to the help of cotton pads soaked in milk. Putting these discs on your eyes and waiting for the mixture to dry, you need to gently rinse it off with milk and remove any remaining mass.
  7. After that, use eye cream.

This method should not be carried away, because it is very active on the skin. A similar effect on the "crow's feet" and a means of glycerin, which is a safe and affordable product to combat imperfections. Its main advantage is the absence of contraindications and harmful consequences. It is suitable for almost all types of skin, which, under the action of glycerin, becomes softer and firmer. Consider how to make a mask:

  • To start you do not need to shake the bottle very much in order to prepare it for subsequent actions.
  • Use Vitamins A or E as Additional Components, which can be squeezed directly into the bottle with the drug, but still it is better to mix it in a ceramic bowl, which will avoid undesirable reactions of the ingredients. This is especially true for those who will add other elements to the composition - they can oxidize when used improperly, so the best option would be to refuse to mix substances in metal dishes.
  • We will make a reservation right away that it is preferable to dilute glycerin with the actions of folk remedies: herbs, oils, even decoctions. This will reduce the intensity of the substance, this is emphasized, since the liquid has a powerful biological effect. Moreover, experts do not recommend applying it to the face with your fingertips due to the active reaction of the substance.
  • Going to apply glycerin funds to extremely sensitive areas around the eyes, it is necessary to test the composition in other areas.

Tip: you don’t need to warm up the mask with your fingers, and you need to apply it with a thin (almost weightless) layer, without driving the product into the epidermis. It is only necessary to smear the problem area - and remove it after fifteen minutes.

  • As in the case of gelatin, you can not tear off the film coating. You need to take a wet towel and use it to wipe the healing mass from the face. After such a cosmetic session, in no case should you immediately wash yourself with special gels and lubricate your face with creams, as this only contributes to irritation of the dermis and the appearance of redness on it.
  • This method can be used only a couple of times a week for a month, the rest of the time you need to give the skin a “respite”. If you carefully follow the recommendations and the rational use of the product, the skin loses its predisposition to wrinkles and premature aging.

See even more masks for the skin around the eyes in the next video.


Generally speaking, the reviews are good - both about folk recipes and about branded products. Among the first, masks made of glycerin are considered effective, since the girls noticed positive changes in the shortest possible time, which was pleasantly surprised. Nevertheless, women achieved the best results by resorting to two approaches at once - supplementing cosmetics with products made at home.

Properly selected funds for the care of problem areas will be faithful helpers in the fight against wrinkles.If you use different folk methods every day, a positive result will be noticeable, and the tightened corners of the eyes without wrinkles will please a woman of any age.

Watch the video: in 5 Days Remove Under Eye Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags with Potato Eye Mask (January 2020).


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