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Lipstick Сomplimenti

Since ancient times, the fairer sex have tried to emphasize the beauty and sexuality of their lips with the help of various cosmetic colors. For example, they were greased with henna, sheep’s fat, almond oil or red clay mixed with olive oil. In general, they looked for as many ways as possible to stand out from the crowd.

Today, emphasizing the elegance of your lips is much easier, because there are a huge number of cosmetic brands around the world. So the Belarusian company Relouis satisfies the desires of thousands of customers with its unique products. Lipstick Complimenti competes with cosmetic product sales leaders.

How to make your image brighter?

If you turn your attention to fashionable cosmetic trends, you can see that matte lipsticks are gaining more and more popularity. This applies to "True Matte Complimenti"from Relouis.


Advantages of products that this Belarusian company has over other brands:

  • Creates a dense matte finish.
  • In order to overlap the natural color of the lips and get a rich color, just one layer is enough.
  • A bright palette helps to stand out from the crowd at any time of the year.
  • All products are persistent and keep color all day, not be afraid of kisses and light snacks.
  • Colorful lipstick does not tighten the skin and does not dry out the lips much. It is comfortable to feel throughout the day.
  • A harmonious selection of shades allows you to create the trendy ombre effect. Even a girl who cannot boast of great success in creating beautiful makeup will be able to achieve smooth transitions from color to color.
  • True Matte Complimenti cosmetics are easy to remove without much effort.
  • Low price and high quality (goods are available from 150 rubles).

Actual color solutions

The True Matte Complimenti collection consists of nine bright, juicy shades that are likely to be replenished over time. Of course, for some girls the lack of everyday, calm colors will be a reason for thinking about buying goods, but for others this line is a great way to refresh your image and make it stylish, unusual and unique. All shades presented in the True Matte collection from the Belarusian brand:

  • Traditional red, which in clear light goes a little coral. It can be combined with evening dresses or suits.
  • Rich peach color with soft orange notes.
  • Juicy berry color. In combination with different make-up and outfit it looks like beetroot or wine.
  • Eggplant. A deep, luxurious tone that will win the heart of any lady.
  • Another red one, differs from the first version with a slipping raspberry tint, and also looks darker on the lips.
  • Coral is a great option for the summer. It has a texture that is slightly different from others. To achieve a dense coating, this matte lipstick is applied in two layers.
  • Warm peach tone with a pink tint.
  • Cooler pink color.
  • Muffled, as if slightly dusty pink.

The manufacturers of Relouis products, first of all, try to build on the desires and needs of their potential customers. Therefore, the entire color palette is selected carefully and reverently. The color scheme presented in the collection is universal and can be combined with any bright image.

New colors in the collection.

As previously said, the True Matte line combined only bright colors, and there were no muffled options for the everyday look. Therefore, recently the collection has replenished with six new "Nude"shades. Liquid lipstick"Nude Matte Complimenti"from Relouis has the following tones:

  • №10: one of the coldest shades. Has purple notes in certain lighting conditions.
  • №11: similar in color to the 14th hue, only a little lighter.
  • №12: hot pink tone.
  • №13: warm pink nude. Despite the fact that the package looks darker, it takes on a lighter shape on the lips.
  • №14: shade with notes of brown color. It should be noted that the proportion of pink or brown on the lips depends on the native pigment. On the lips of different girls it looks different
  • №15: raspberry pink hue. It looks noble, not vulgar.

Usage Tips

  • So that the skin is not dry and does not crack, some time before applying a matte liquid lipstick, a moisturizing balm should be applied to the lips.
  • Do not forget about the pencil, which will create a perfect contour for your lips.
  • Like all persistent products, Complimenti lipstick is easily removed with two-phase makeup remover fluids. You can also use any micellar water, but the moistened sponge must be held for several seconds on the lips.
  • If you want to get the look of a real matte shade, apply a corrector in the form of a foundation on the lips. This will help them look better and fresher.
  • Do not rub your lips against each other. Shiny products act differently than a creamy lipstick with a matte effect. Use a synthetic brush to apply the product. Make sure that you paint over all millimeters - this is the only way to get the perfect effect.
  • If you want to achieve impeccability and want your lips to look clear, then try to wipe off any excess around the edges. You can use the corrector that was previously used as a base, cotton swab or brush.

These life hacks not only help with the so-called aesthetic side, but also improve the health of the skin of the lips, they do not dry out and look beautiful.


On the expanses of the global Internet, you can find many women's feedback on the collections of Belarusian cosmetic products. Basically, all the reviews are positive and kind, if there is criticism, then it is constructive. There are several characteristic features:

  • convenient packaging and applicator;
  • gorgeous shades;
  • nice smell;
  • color fastness;
  • affordable price. Having spent only one thousand rubles, you can buy 3 or even 4 lipsticks;
  • the product dries quickly;
  • does not dry lips, like products of other brands;
  • Chameleon color - changes under different lighting conditions;
  • absolutely matte finish;
  • Don't slip on your lips.

The predominance of positive reviews suggests that the Belarusian company Relouis deservedly has the status of a leading brand in the mass market in the world of women's cosmetics. Fans of this company do not even have a bit of doubt about the quality of genuine products.

Thus, we can safely assume that the True Matte and Nude collections deserve due attention from the precars floor. The presented assortment has a price that is several times different from the prices of MAC or NYX products. This does not mean that the product is a dummy, on the contrary, the quality is up to standard. Therefore, if you want to refresh and brighten your look without spending a lot of money, choose Relouis Complimenti lipstick.

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