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Sephora Foundation

Clean, without flaws and any visual defects, beautiful and well-groomed skin - evidence of excellent health. However, the result of frequent stresses, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and the influence of not ideal environmental conditions often manifest on the face with unpleasant manifestations in the form of rash, irritation, redness. You can mask dark circles under the eyes and other unpleasant moments with the help of basic cosmetics - the foundation of makeup, the quality of which depends on the overall impression of the make-up.

Sephora foundation is included in the list of the best remedies, thanks to which the delicate skin of the face gets a beautiful, natural color, visually loses all possible flaws.

About Brand

The famous French company Sephora was born in 1998. Since then, the brand has conquered the world market of care and decorative cosmetics, becoming one of the most recognizable and bought in many countries of the USA and Europe. The word "Sephora" can often be heard from the lips of the most famous beauty bloggers, makeup artists and ordinary people, fans of makeup and various procedures that allow you to find beauty and attractiveness.

Sephora tonal products are a wide range of decorative products in a variety of colors and shades.

The brand’s technologists follow all the trends in the field of makeup, and regularly delight their customers with “delicious” new products. Also, the brand is distinguished by the variety of textures of its products - liquid and dry, cream and gel, even mousse and soufflé - all this is at the disposal of Sephora. With such a variety of the most extraordinary makeup ideas can be implemented.

Features and Benefits

Sephora foundation is so light that its presence on the skin is almost not felt. It does not clog pores and does not provoke acne and acne, protects the dermis from ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes it, hides small blemishes of the relief, for example, post-acne, small pockmarks, vascular network, dark circles under the eyes and even freckles, visually smoothes shallow wrinkles. Matting foundation becomes the second skin, it prevents the appearance of an unnatural oily sheen, and also provides a silky texture of the skin for the whole day.

In addition, Sephora's decorative product protects the skin from contamination.

How to use?

So that the foundation does not lie on the skin with a thick layer, as they say, does not create a "plaster effect", dexterity is necessary. Thanks to practice, you can look fresh and beautiful every day, spending a minimum of time creating a make-up. The application of foundation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Skin preparation. Any tonal substance should be applied only to cleansed skin. Preparation can be done with tonic, after which you need to moisten the dermis with cream. Dry skin can be nourished in addition to hydrating components with cosmetics. Apply a tone only after completely absorbing the basic care.
  2. The right lighting. Ideally, it is best to apply makeup in natural light. Thus, you can see even the most unremarkable flaws and successfully eliminate them. Moreover, being under bright lighting, it is possible to evaluate the feasibility of using correctors.
  3. Application The cream lays down better when it is warm, so to warm it up and become softer, you first need to apply it on the back of the palm. After that, the substance can be typed on a makeup tool previously moistened with water. Then the cream is spotted on the surface of the dermis and distributed over the face with light movements from the center to the far corners.
  4. Shading. This is the final step in applying the foundation. To make-up does not seem like a mask, the boundaries of the overlay tinted composition should not be noticeable. For these purposes, the hairline growth line and the transition zone to the ears should be shaded. This is done with the fingertips or a special brush.

How to choose?

To make the tonal product perfect, and there are quite a lot of them in the arsenal of Sephora, it is very important to consider certain factors: the shade of the product, it should be as suitable as possible to the color type of the skin of its owner, the caring characteristics of the substance, as well as the practicality of its packaging.

Oily skin prone to shine is best masked with Sephora matte concealer. It will give the dermis an even tone and natural velvety.

Owners of dry skin should get a foundation that contains nutritious components that provide moisturizing for a long time. This cream is suitable for normal skin. But the problematic needs special care, the basis for it should be light, almost weightless, ideally mask obvious flaws, while not provoking the emergence of new ones. In the composition of such funds is usually present zinc (drying element).


Statistics show that sales of tonal products brand Sephora are quite high. Hundreds of thousands of fans of make-up have already managed to appreciate the quality of this tool. Especially flattering reviews can be seen on the 10 o'clock foundation. The young ladies say that this foundation really hides minor skin problems, refreshes and evens out its tone, improves complexion, gives the dermis a matte finish. It lasts a long time, does not roll at the end of the day and does not flow, which is extremely important if the skin is prone to producing excessive fat, makes the pores invisible and provides a natural effect.

The texture of Sephora foundation creams is dense. The customers are pleased with the volume and price, which, with the quality of the product, is significantly lower than other similar products of famous brands.

The pump dispenser in some product models works without hesitation and gives as much product as needed. It is easily distributed on the skin, masking redness and other imperfections. Lying naturally does not create a mask effect on the face.

In general, the girls are pleased with the work of the tonal resources of the Sephora brand and, with a clear conscience, recommend them.

More on Sephora foundation in the next video.

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