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Foundation Mary Kay

Every girl wants to always look beautiful and attractive everywhere. In creating a charming look, makeup plays an important role. And in order for it to be impeccable, it is necessary to use only proven and high-quality decorative tools. It will hide the imperfections and also give a flawless and even complexion to the skin of the face Mary kay.

About Brand

The well-known company Mary Kay has been operating since 1963. The brand appeared in America and was named after its founder. It is rumored that Mary Kay Ash received her recipes from her own grandmother. True or not, one only has to guess. However, the cosmetics of this company, as the results show, are very effective, and its use gives joy to girls and brings positive results.

During the first 6 years, the development of this label went at a very slow pace. The staff of the company initially consisted of only nine consultants, the son of Mary and the creator of the brand. And in the assortment portfolio of the company there were only 9 types of products.

Only in 1971, the brand entered the international arena and began to compete with other well-known world brands that produce cosmetics. The first country that this American company conquered was Australia. And in 1993, Mary Kay decides to conquer Russian women. It was then that the first branch of the company was opened in the Russian Federation.

So, today the range of products offered has increased significantly - in total Mary Kay produces more than two hundred types of decorative cosmetics and skin care products.


Mary Kay adheres to its principles, among which deserve special respect the refusal to test their products on animals. In addition, the company is a member of the Animal Welfare Association - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The company also actively develops its charitable activities, providing financial support to Dermatological Funds.

All products are tested using scientific research. No product will go off the production line if its safety and quality are not clinically proven. In the manufacture of foundation creams, innovative technologies and methods are used, approved by the best dermatologists and cosmetology theorists from around the world.

Mary Kay foundation is a high-quality moisturizer designed to eliminate noticeable skin imperfections. The special formula of this product will even out the tone of the face in an instant. The tool does not clog pores, so there is no reason to worry about the formation of comedones and acne. Due to the airy texture, the cream lays evenly, does not flow and is not lubricated even several hours after application.


The foundation of this manufacturer has an effect on the skin of the face in several directions:

  1. Protecting the skin from the negative effects of sunlight;
  2. Skin protection from low or too high air temperatures;
  3. Moisturizing;
  4. Nutrition;
  5. Gives the skin a healthy, natural color;
  6. Hides flaws.


The range of tonal resources of the company can be divided into several types:

  1. Foundation for makeup Mary Kay. Evens out the tone, and the SPF 15 UV filter protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Foundation for dry skin Timewise. It struggles with peeling.
  3. Foundation for oily skin Timewise Matte. Eliminates oily sheen, mattifies the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands.
  4. Foundation cream powder.
  5. CC cream.

Of particular note is the last on this list, but not the last in its quality and effect, namely CC-cream Mary Kay. The functionality of this product is very multifaceted. Firstly, this is a great foundation for makeup. Unlike conventional tonal products, it is not necessary to apply a primer under it, which sometimes must be used before applying the foundation.

The primer itself hides imperfections after acne, small wrinkles and other noticeable defects on the face. Thus, so that the foundation does not harm, it lasts longer on the face and lies more evenly, sometimes girls resort to this tool. In the case of CC-cream, this is absolutely optional: it contains caring components, perfectly adapts to any type and color of skin. Perfect as an alternative to day care cosmetics.

Secondly, the formula SPF 15 will protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors. The lightweight texture is easy to apply and holds throughout the day.


Mary Kay produces camouflage in two basic colors: ivory and beige. They, in turn, are divided into 5 shades from the lightest to the darkest. You need to choose depending on your own skin color. The hue should not differ from your natural tone.

How to apply?

Everyone knows that modern masking agents not only hide the imperfections of the skin on the face, some also provide care for it. Mary Kay concealer is just such a product. In hot weather, it protects from sun exposure and high temperature, mattifies and gets rid of oily sheen. In winter, it protects the skin from cold and dryness.

But in order for the cream to be able to show itself “in full glory”, it is necessary to apply it correctly. So, there are several important rules that should be followed when using Mary Kay cream:

  1. The first rule is purification. Before starting any makeup, you need to wash your face thoroughly.
  2. The second rule is the selection of the right remedy. When choosing a foundation, you should proceed from the type of your own skin and what you want to achieve from the use of a concealer. The foundation for Mary Kay makeup is suitable for dry skin, and Mary Kay "Timewise Matte" is the right choice for owners of oily or problem skin.
  3. The third rule is the use of corrector. Dark circles and overt inflammations are difficult to hide with a foundation alone. Therefore, use an additional corrector from the same line of Mary Kay.


In general, girls respond positively to the products of this brand. According to them, the foundation for oily skin perfectly hides the gloss and controls the release of fat in the T-zone.

Mary Kay "Timewise" hides wrinkles. And some even noted that the cream helps them fight acne.

As for the CC-means of this label, the girls were pleased with its feature to adapt to the type of skin. Some even use it as a substitute for a day care cream. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Learn more about Mary Kay’s Timewise tonal foundation in the video below.

Watch the video: Mary Kay Timewise 3D Matte Foundation Review and Demo (January 2020).


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