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ArtDeco Lipstick

Lipstick is a cosmetic product that will never go out of fashion, on the contrary, it is improved and released every year. She helps all women to look confident and luxurious. In this article, we offer a small overview of lipsticks from the famous German brand ArtDeco.

Features and Benefits

The ArtDeco brand appeared in 1985. Since then, to this day it has been considered a worthy manufacturer among the world leaders in the beauty industry. From year to year, the collection of decorative cosmetics of the brand is improving and expanding, new products, shades and textures are added.

The brand is one of the hundred largest cosmetic companies around the world and is very popular in many countries. It is chosen by professional makeup artists, models and just girls who want to create the perfect make-up right at home.

We can say that ArtDeco products provide excellent quality at reasonable prices. All products are developed and manufactured under serious control, meeting all international requirements and quality criteria. All products from ArtDeco are safe to use and hypoallergenic.


The composition of lipsticks from the brand is enriched with vitamin E, which helps retain moisture in the skin. Also in lip products you will find panthenol, special pigments and polymers that make shades more vibrant and radiant.

Matte lipsticks are enriched with healthy almond oil. Some options include shea butter, which will help smooth and protect the skin of the lips. As a part of means there are no parabens, mineral oils, silicone and perfumed fragrances.

Shelf life

Lipstick is a universal tool, but in order for it to fulfill its functions with a bang, you need to store it correctly and not use it after the expiration date.

Most often, before opening the package, the product is designed for 3-4 x annual storage. After the autopsy, there is a so-called countdown and you have about a year to make yourself beautiful every day. After this time, lipstick simply loses its useful properties and using an expired product, you simply run the risk of allergies or other negative and unpleasant consequences.

Be careful when buying and always pay attention to the date of manufacture.


The world of decorative cosmetics ArtDeco will delight you with a wide variety of lip products, including the following lipstick options:

  • Matte;
  • With metallic effects;
  • Lipstick pencils in the form of powder;
  • With ombre effect;
  • With shine;
  • Moisturizing
  • Persistent with saturated colors
  • With protection with SPF;
  • With the effect of wet lips;
  • With minerals;
  • Cushion lipstick.

Lipstick is not only a necessary part of makeup, but also an elegant accessory that will delight and transform you at the right time.

Professionals from the brand recommend pre-applying the base on the lips from ArtDeco, which will improve the application of the primary color and make it more even and saturated.

Brand lines

Lipsticks from the line "Perfect Color" are moisturizers for a rich and lasting shade. They have the perfect consistency for even coverage on the lips. Very persistent, but do not dry out the delicate skin of the lips. Available in a special metal housing, which is why they are reliably protected from external influences. Recommended for purchase to all who prefer a persistent make - up.

Matt Lip Powder Suitable for all lovers of matte shades. It is a loose powder cushion lipstick. This tool does not dry your lips due to its creamy and lightweight texture.

Lipstick "High Performance" attracts, first of all, with its exquisite design. It has a delicate and silk texture with a natural sheen. The composition is enriched with a special active complex for lip skin care.

Lipstick "Color shine"with a special gel texture will help create a color accent on the lips. In addition, deeply moisturize and nourish them with vitamins. After use, you will get smooth and well-groomed lips with a shade of the desired intensity.

Line "Lip Passion" offers lipsticks with the most delicate texture melting on the lips. The composition is enriched with special pigments that allow you to get the perfect color and radiant coating.

Also, do not forget to look at the liquid matte sweets from the brand from the line. "Metallic Mat Lip Color", which have a luxurious metallic effect. Do not dry lips and are very easy to apply.

The brand’s assortment also has an amazing moisturizing lipstick with minerals and hyaluronic acid in the composition of the line "Pure Moisture ". This tool will help to find a smooth and moisturized skin of the lips with a rich shade. It has a protective UV filter. Perfectly selected composition will help protect the skin of the lips from premature aging and the negative effects of the environment.


A huge palette of shades will help to make a choice even to the most finicky ladies at any age. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the desired color, it is best to pay attention to swatch in advance.

The line of lipsticks "Matt Lip Powder" offers 6 bright colors for any occasion.

Be sure to pay attention to the following numbers of shades of the line "Perfect Color": 110 "Coral Reef", 84 "Precious Pink" and 07 "Red Carpet".

An excellent purchase with universal shades can be the “Most Wanted” palette, in which you will find 6 amazing shades of creamy lipstick for all occasions.

How to choose your own shade

When choosing the right shade, it is best to be guided by what you need lipstick for. More precisely, for what case. For daily makeup, matte or shiny shades of nude and beige, as well as muted pinks, can be great options. If you are very impudent nature, then boldly buy red, scarlet and burgundy. The same applies to holiday options, in which everything depends on the image and the desired makeup.

This video will help you find your shade of ArtDeco lipstick.

For young girls there are lots of tender pinkish options for every taste. Metallic fudges, as well as lipsticks and pencils with the effect of wet lips, which are also presented in unusual shades, can be interesting options.


On average, brand lipsticks cost from 500 to 1000 rubles and are sold in many cosmetic stores in our country. It is better to give preference to trusted retail outlets with a license that have the right to distribute this brand. The same goes for online stores. ArtDeco lipsticks cannot cost 100 or 200 rubles. Most likely, this is a cheap fake, which is unlikely to leave a good impression, so be careful and do not purchase low-quality and dubious products.

How to apply

To make the coating perfect, it is better to use the base "Lip Base ArtDeco", which will help prepare the sponge for applying the main color. For even distribution, draw a contour with a lip liner selected to match your lipstick.

Most of the shades can be applied in one layer, but if you want a more intense color, you should apply a few more layers.

To create an ombre sponge, use several colors of powder lipstick. First apply a dark shade, and then lighter in the middle of the lips, blend, creating a smooth transition.


Lip products from the brand receive very good reviews from women of all ages. Due to the adequate price, lipsticks of excellent quality are acquired even by young ladies.

Women now and then give rave reviews, saying that brand lipsticks are really a godsend. They perfectly moisturize, nourish, give the lips a juicy and desirable shade. Ladies also praise the excellent composition, in which there is nothing superfluous, but at the same time there are natural ingredients. Matte options delight with a huge variety and texture, but most importantly, they do not overdry sensitive skin of the lips.

Among the huge number of pluses, women mention a plentiful amount of a variety of shades, which can not but rejoice. In addition, the assortment has such unusual products as Cushon lipsticks that many women have become very fond of, because with them you can bring to life the most unusual make-ups. Powder fudge cannot but become a must-have thing in a cosmetic bag.

Many women and fashion industry experts recommend using a German brand to purchase. Then the decision is yours: be inspired by ArtDeco products or choose something else.

Watch the video: Perfect Color lipstick. Artdeco (January 2020).


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