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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tom Ford Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most important places in every girl’s makeup bag. Expressive and beautifully made-up lips always look very attractive. Of course, luxury brand products are much better than the mass market for many reasons. When the famous actor Tom Ford started to design clothes, few believed in his success, but after a few years, Tom Ford fashion house began to occupy a leading position among luxury labels.

The success of the clothing line inspired the designer to create a perfume and cosmetic line, which also gained success and took the brand to a new level. Tom Ford lipsticks have become the dream and reality of many women, which is not at all surprising, because they combine all the best.


The main hallmark of lipstick labels, as well as all cosmetics in general, is the packaging design. Black bottles with a gold edging will decorate any lady's dressing table. Cosmetics already look very representative and expensive, which immediately shows the high status of the hostess. Such a lipstick will not be ashamed to get anywhere.

The products have a pleasant creamy consistency, are very easy and even to apply and give the lips an attractive appearance. All colors have a rich and deep hue, which is not found in every company. Lipsticks are incredibly persistent and after application last for several hours, which is their big plus.

In addition, they do not dry lips at all, but rather contribute to their slight hydration.

Tom Ford is a high-quality product that is good not only externally but also internally.


In addition to the basic ingredients needed to create and shape lipstick, Tom Ford products have additional components that make the composition special. Among the components you can find palm oil, chamomile extract, as well as soybean seeds. All these ingredients provide hydration to the lips, due to which you will not feel tightness, stickiness, as well as discomfort during a conversation or eating, as is the case with some other brands.

Shelf life

As a rule, all lipsticks, regardless of belonging to a particular segment, whether luxury or mass market, have a standard shelf life. Sealed, they can stand for about three years. But it is worth opening the product, and it can serve you exactly one year.


Tom Ford produces several types of lipsticks and lip glosses. Of course, the main and very first are glossy products, which were always in fashion and did not lose demand, even when matte became trendy. These products are the hallmark of the Fashion House, or rather, their shades, which will be discussed below. Of course, following other brands, Tom Ford followed a massive fashion for matte lipsticks, so he included them in every line of his products. Matte products are very popular and sell out very quickly.

In some lines of the brand there are also metallic colors, which also gained success and began to be in high demand.

Brand lines

Cosmetic label Tom Ford has several lines of lipsticks. The most popular are "Lips & Boys", "Private blend lip color" and "Lip contour duos". Each of these series has its own characteristics and a unique color palette that is not found in other brands.

"Lips & boys" - This is a series that includes fifty beautiful glossy shades, ten matte, ten shiny or, as they are also called, shimmer and five metal. Despite the fact that this line is dedicated to the male gender, this does not mean at all that it is intended for young people. Thus, the designer and founder of the company Tom Ford decided to perpetuate in his products the names of those men who took an active part in his life and left their mark in the heart of the actor. There are shades such as "Lip color Eric", "Dominic", "Anderson", "Tomas" and many others. All these people, according to Ford, played a big role in his fate, everyone invested something of their own.

"Private blend lip color" was developed in collaboration with Estée Lauder. Twelve trendy and most necessary shades are presented in the collection from here to brown. It is worth noting that the bottles of this line differ in color from all others. Instead of glossy black, brilliant white is used here. Shade "Pussycat" is one of the most popular.

"Lip contour duos" is one of the brand’s new fondant lines and offers eight highly pigmented products to its customers. They are a double-sided make-up item. Opening the cap on one side, you can see a thin pencil for a clearer outline of the contour, on the other hand - a bottle of lipstick similar in color to a pencil. With these two items you can achieve perfect lip makeup.


Tom Ford has a very wide color palette, including all kinds of shades of beige, brown, pink, purple, red and many other trend colors. Lipsticks are very popular among beauty bloggers who put swatches on their accounts.

Tom Ford is very original in naming every color. In the palette you can find such unusual tones as "True Coral", "Casablanca", "Casino", "First Time", "Pink Dusk" and many others. But the most original by name is, of course, the Lips & boys line, in which, as noted above, each shade is given the name of one of the young people who played a role in the actor’s life.

Choose a shade based on your external data. For example, girls with blond hair are advised to acquire more nude and pink tones, while fatal brunettes or brown-haired women are preferable to buy darker ones. In any case, it all depends on your personal preferences.


Praise for Tom Ford lipsticks can be found on almost every beauty blogger. Girls are delighted with the rich color scheme of delirium, the quality of products and their appearance. The durability of the products, their original design, nice texture and uniformity of application are noted as great advantages of all products from Tom.

What shade of Tom Ford lipstick is right for you? In the video you will find the answer.

Watch the video: TOM FORD LIPSTICK REVIEW - Are They Worth The Hype?! JamiePaigeBeauty (January 2020).


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