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How to glue rhinestones on gel polish

Not everything that glitters is gold and precious stones. Small faceted glasses called rhinestones also perfectly shimmer, sparkle and dance with the glare of light.

In the second half of the 18th century, a French jeweler named George Frederic Strass came up with the idea of ​​a metal coating for the bottom of a transparent crystal, which shone from the substrate outward through the stone. Thus, the very rhinestones that we know today were created. In the future, Daniel Swarovski was able to imitate the creation of rhinestones on the verge of precious stones, and therefore their popularity has grown incredibly.

Today, rhinestones are relatively inexpensive and are made of glass, acrylic paste or quartz. They are used to decorate a variety of objects - from a wedding tiara to female nails.

Application Features

Nail art, as a new type of manicure is called using gel polish or shellac, allows you to create real pictures on your nails. Often, inlaid with rhinestones is used as a spectacular accent.

To create such a decoration, you need to prepare everything you need in advance:

  1. A bath with warm water for washing hands;
  2. Moisturizing cream;
  3. Ultraviolet (UV) lamp;
  4. Primer
  5. Gel Polish acting as a base;
  6. Color gel polish for nails;
  7. Top, or fixer;
  8. 1 orangewood pen (orange stick);
  9. Swarovski rhinestones (1.8 mm are ideal for nails);
  10. Thin and medium brushes;
  11. Medical alcohol;
  12. Clean, dry towel.
  • Rhinestones need to be fixed only on treated nails, or immediately before application, fingers should be lowered for 10 minutes in a bath with soapy water to remove all kinds of dirt. Then a primer is applied to the nail plates.
  • You need to apply the foundation, starting with the thumb, this should be done as carefully as possible, without affecting the cuticle and the skin around the nail. After application, the finger is placed under the UV lamp for 2 minutes for fixing. Each finger is also processed.
  • Second phase - This is a color gel coating that takes place in 2 layers, each after application must be dried under the lamp. In the case when, in addition to the rhinestone, the composition must also contain a painting, it should be applied on the second layer.
  • Top, or fixer for gel polish, is applied to all nails on which it is not planned to apply rhinestones, after which the nails are dried under a lamp. On that nail, which is decorated with pebbles, a top is also applied, in which rhinestones will be glued. Pebbles are taken either with an orange stick (a thin stick made from the wood of an orange tree with antiseptic properties), or with a toothpick.

It is necessary to gently touch the pointed end of the stick to the top of the rhinestoneto pick up the crystal, and then place it in the selected position. In order for rhinestones to remain on the nails for a long time, they must be fixed in the top, or, as they say, "drown" in it.

Do not apply top on top of rhinestones, as they will lose their luster because of this. Rhinestones need to be dried for 2 minutes, then over the entire free space of the nail you need to repeat the application of the top, especially carefully avoiding all the pebbles. To do this, use the thinnest brush. Be sure to dry in a lamp.

As a final touch, it is necessary to remove the remaining sticky layer from the varnish, for this a cotton swab moistened with alcohol is used.

Design ideas

The crystals reflect light and add shine and volume to any manicure. There are variations of the location of the strass on the nails, which have already become a classic of nail art:

  1. "Shirt"represents 3 separate pebbles located in the length in the middle of the nail plate;
  2. "French"- a strip of 5 crystals on the outer edge of the nail;
  3. "Double jacket"represents 2 strips of pebbles on the outer edge;
  4. "Pyramid"is a pyramid of 5 stones at the base of the nail;
  5. "Geometry"represents an arbitrary intersection of two lines lined with rhinestones;
  6. "Wave"- this is an imitation of the wave pattern along the middle vertical of the nail;
  7. "Luxury"call the full laying of pebbles on the surface of the nail.

However, with the use of rhinestones, it is possible to make not only such compositions that have become familiar Each manicure artist is an artist and is able to both repeat interesting design options and create his own. The main thing to remember is that the nails at the ends are still flexible, and therefore it is advisable to fix large stones closer to the base.

Before you even decide to apply a crystal pattern, you need to decide whether you want to get rounded or square nails, or maybe a sharp conical shape "stylet" or "butterfly". Then you need to determine the texture of the surface, because it can be either glossy or matte, especially popular this season.

Many of the nail design options that exist today offer to sculpt crystals both in plain colors and on nail plates painted with thin patterns.

In addition to rhinestones, small beads can be applied to the nail, this option is also called "caviar manicure" or design with broths. With the help of beads, hearts, bows or initials, which are emphasized by one or two shining crystals, can be laid out on the nails. But in this case, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of shades of rhinestones, beads and varnish in order to maintain harmony and not create too vulgar patterns.

Rhinestones on nails made from Swarovski crystals are very popular. Beautiful shine in various colors that comes from the refraction of light in natural products Swarovski, is a great decoration for nails.

Rhinestones on the same finger on both hands are a restrained, but very effective detail that enriches the entire manicure. Often, rhinestones on all nail plates seem overkill, but on one nail they will look very impressive.

In addition, beautiful nails with crystals mean a not too large set of jewelry on the fingers, maximum is one or two thin rings. The compliance of manicure with the style of clothes is also important, because such a decoration as nail design lasts about 2 weeks, so it’s worthwhile to imagine in advance how harmoniously it fits into an everyday wardrobe.

It is not recommended to attach rhinestones to the manicure on the legs, as they will fall off very quickly.

New Season

№ 1

This luxurious manicure in taupe has been in the top of popularity for the past two seasons.. Somewhat reminiscent of India and its magnificent beauties. Rhinestones enrich the picture, their appearance echoes the double ring on the chain. It should be noted that this type of ring is also an absolute hit of recent times.

№ 2

These nails remind of the Snow Queen. Long, narrow, decorated with neutral shades of pink, which are always popular, with a lot of rhinestones - they are a real decoration.

№ 3

A manicure with a frosted surface appeared relatively recently. In this case, a very beautiful dark green shade called royal is used. Burgundy or lilac frosted nails also look great.

№ 4

A beautiful combination of dark blue and beige varnish with rhinestones in tone softens the deliberate extravagance of the blue shiny varnish and creates a memorable combination. This design is possible on any length and shape of the nails.

№ 5

The combination of matt varnish, glitter, rhinestone and metallic lacquer looks relevant and catchy. This option is suitable for girls who believe that covering all nails in a metallic color is too much, therefore they serve this color on one or two nails of both hands, adding sparkle and crystals. This will be enough to get a radiant manicure that will not go unnoticed at a nightclub or at a friendly party.

№ 6

Deep ink blue color, moderate length nails - this is an excellent choice. White nail polish has been added to serve as a backdrop and tint the charm of velvet dark blue crystals.

№ 7

Not every nail shape will fit all ladies. The exception is, perhaps, an almond-shaped manicure with a cut edge, which visually narrows and lengthens the nail. Rhinestones in this case are golden, like beads that complement the pattern, and separately coated nails with glitter.

№ 8

Nail art with false roses on a matte surface can be called the trend of this season. In this unique composition, roses give softness, zircon - luxury, and the white detail on the index finger refreshes autumn colors.

№ 9

A rich and luxurious composition consisting of a combination of pastel shades made using the technique "ombre"and rhinestone in gold. Design subtly reminds one of magnificent fairy tales"Thousands and One Nights". Suitable for an oriental-style wedding ceremony.

№ 10

French manicure is always in trend. Each lady has the right to decide for herself whether it will be a simple discreet manicure or whether it is worth giving it a little richer, decorating with painting and shining crystals. In the latter case, it turns out a great option for evening nail art, which will look appropriate with everyday clothes.

Tips for manicure at home

You can make a manicure at home by following the simple and affordable tips outlined below. If you wish and diligence, you can achieve good results, as well as save money and time, avoiding visiting salons.

  1. First of all, you need to remove the old nail polish (if any): for this you need to soak your nails in a vessel with warm water for a couple of minutes. This will soften the cuticle. Remove regular nail polish with nail polish remover.
  2. The next step is to move the cuticle. To do this, apply lotion or cuticle oil at the base of the nail to soften it. Then the cuticle is gently pushed back with an orange stick having antibacterial properties. Do not cut the cuticle, as it protects the nails from infection.
  3. Then you should polish your nails, and, if necessary, give them the desired shape. It is advisable to avoid reciprocating movements, as this weakens the nail plate and leads to its delamination.
  4. The edges of the nail can be made square, round or conical, or you can choose a combination of a square top and oval edges. Round-shaped nails, reflecting the cuticle shape and slightly extended beyond the edges of the fingers, will look stylish and discreet.

Staining usually begins with the thumb.

  • Apply the base coat of varnish, starting from the cuticle and bringing the movement of the brush in one move to the end of the nail. In three passes, the varnish should cover the entire nail. Then, for at least 2 minutes, the finger must be placed in a UV lamp so that the composition is completely dry.
  • Before applying color gel polish, you need to mix it right in the bottle. You should not shake the bottle with the varnish, as this will create bubbles and the varnish will not be smooth when applied. It will be correct to take the bubble between the palms and quickly turn it back and forth, then the pigment will be distributed perfectly evenly.
  • When applying two layers of colored varnish, the nail is also covered in three sets, then in both cases, drying follows under the lamp. Those nails on which it is not planned to decorate with rhinestones are covered with a top (top layer) and dried. The top layer protects the manicure and color from chips, it makes sense to refresh every 2 to 3 days, so that the nails look shiny and fresh for as long as possible.

Also, the top serves to attach crystals of rhinestones with its help: they need to be carefully picked up with the thin end of an orange stick and glued, laying out on a nail plate covered with a top. Attaching heavy rhinestones in accordance with the picture is quite difficult for beginners, so it is better to perform a test manicure using small crystals. Dipping a stick in water and dabbing excess moisture on a cotton ball or cotton pad will help rhinestones stick to the instrument more easily.

Ate in the process of applying varnish, it gets on the skin, you can remove it with an orange stickby no means placing such smudges for drying under the lamp.

When applying manicure to yourself, it’s worth starting with the dominant hand (for the left-hander it is the left hand), since it will be easier to subsequently process the nails on the second hand.

Why don't hold on

It becomes embarrassing when, in an attempt to give a hand, beautiful nails lose their rhinestones. Thus, the length of time that the rhinestones are held on the nails is of particular importance.

Each manicurist has his own tricks and subtleties, which show a class of mastery, which can only be acquired by experience.

Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant emotions in connection with rhinestones that have crumbled from the nails, it is worthwhile to know in advance the reputation of the specialist whom it was decided to contact. The best thing is, of course, to take advantage of the recommendation of good friends in this case.

In many cases, when clients complain of quickly crumbling rhinestones, either not very resistant glue is used (in the case when the master uses glue for fixing), or the master simply misses one of the important technological points.

There can be many such shortcomings, starting from the lack of a sufficient amount of top on the nail plate, when pebbles begin to be laid on it, and ending with insufficiently careful top processing of the edges of each crystal, which is a very painstaking procedure.

In any case, it is worth while performing such a complex manicure in the salon to ask about the terms for which the master can give a guarantee. In the absence of such, it is worth looking for another salon, and in the case when the crystals showered during the warranty period, you can contact the master for correction.

Glitter correction for overgrown nails

A well-made nail art using rhinestones can last quite a long time, sometimes up to a month. Naturally, during this time, the nails continue to grow, so the unpainted area appears on the cuticle, spoiling the aesthetic impression.

There are several ways to get rid of such a nuisance:

  1. Use resistant varnish, eg,"Phenom "from brand Jessicaused without drying in a UV lamp in order to paint over a free area of ​​the nail at home;
  2. Apply a version of a manicure called "moonlight": draw a semicircle in the shape of a lunar disk on an overgrown nail as accurately as possible, this coating looks stylish, moreover, the “lunar manicure” is in the top of the last season;
  3. Make a manicure correction, in which a semicircle of glitter and metallic lacquer is formed on the overgrown section;
  4. An interesting way out is gluing the overgrown part of the nail with small rhinestones or beads - broths., at the same time, the manicure becomes visually better, and there is not even a hint of the correction of the overgrown area.

Master classes

The theory of installing a rhinestone on a nail plate is simple enough to put it into practice, many masters give detailed instructions where they explain step by step what the sequence of actions is.

Workshop on creating a moon manicure with rhinestones

Necessary components:

  1. Base gel polish "Frenchi";
  2. Red gel polish "Jerden Gel Finish";
  3. Quick-drying top "LCF";
  4. Acrylic paint in white tone;
  5. Glass rhinestones;
  6. Brush for painting;
  7. Dots
  • First of all, a transparent gel base is applied to the nails, which is dried under a UV lamp. The next stage is the application of red varnish in 2 layers, this occurs with the constant drying of each of the layers. The border of the lunar part of the manicure is selected either by stencil for a jacket, or arbitrarily, to your taste. A thin brush is drawn and the depth of the moon looms as carefully as possible.
  • Then you can start decorating. The fingernail on the ring finger should be decorated with painted white roses. On the remaining nails, small dots are applied with the same white paint using dots. After that, the top is applied to the surface of the nail plates and they are dried in a lamp.

The exception is those nails on which it is planned to attach crystals.

The top is not dried on them until pebbles are installed and pressed into it. They will look great in the center of each rose, on the middle nail they will successfully draw the border of the lunar manicure. Too many crystals can overload the design, so you need to plant them selectively.

Master class on creating a manicure using gel - varnish Masura "Precious stones" and rhinestones.

Necessary components:

  1. Primer
  2. Base colorless gel varnish Masura;
  3. Black Masura gel polish shade 290-19;
  4. Masura Lilac Gel Polish 295-08;
  5. Magnet for manicure;
  6. Rhinestones of three sizes;
  7. Top
  8. Thin brush.
  • In the beginning, it is necessary to degrease the nail plate, then apply a base on it, not forgetting to "seal" the edges. Then the nails are sent to a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Then, a black shade from the "Masura Gemstones"and also dried for 2 minutes.
  • As a second coat, a Masura lilac gel polish is applied on three fingers. 295-08, the second layer of black varnish is applied to the remaining ones. Do not forget to "seal" the edges of the nail plate. Then drying takes place in the UV lamp.

To get the effect of precious stones, purple varnish is applied with quick movements across the nail plate, working on one side and then the other.

  • Now it's time to use the magnet. It is brought first in the direction of the growth of the nail, and then across it. Thus, the effect of radiance in the center of the nail is obtained. After that, the nails should also be dried for 2 minutes. The next step is to top and dry, after which it is time to decorate the manicure with rhinestones. In order to reliably stick crystals, a strip of top is applied, on which the rhinestone is fixed, after which the manicure is dried in a lamp.
  • At the final stage, with a thin brush, all rhinestones are circled around the edges with a thin brush, preferably twice, with the last application in the composition, you can put smaller pastes. At the end of laying, they are also bypassed with a top and dried in a UV lamp.

In the next video, you will learn how to attach rhinestones to gel polish so that they stay on throughout the sock.

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