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Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Every modern woman strives to look stylish and attractive.. Properly selected wardrobe, accessories and jewelry - all this is important for creating a holistic image. However, do not forget about makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure. A business meeting, a party, a celebration, a date, a picnic trip, an evening with your family - you always need to look feminine and beautiful. After all, it is a woman who personifies the beautiful half of humanity.

Well-groomed hands attract attention. Manicure is no longer a tribute to fashion, as it was many years ago, but a mandatory hygienic procedure. Someone prefers beauty salons, and someone does a manicure on their own. Today, in stores with a large selection of cosmetics, a rich assortment of hand care products is presented. One of the most popular and in demand among contemporaries is considered the goods of the American brand Sally Hansen.

Brand history

Back in 1958, a cosmetic product with an interesting name was created and patented "Hard as Nails". The literal translation from English "as hard as a nail" contained the whole essence of this product. The manufacturer focused on the production of preparations for strengthening nails. The tool was so liked by the young ladies of that time that in the future the drug was launched into serial production. Between themselves, the fair sex nicknamed this miraculous drug "Clinic for nails in one bottle."

The founder of the brand was a chemist named Hansen. Being a sensitive and attentive husband, he decided to make a gift to his wife and developed a special formula for the manufacture of cosmetic and care products for nails and hands.

Today, the Sally Hansen brand is represented in many countries.. There are about 40 official representations around the world. Hand cosmetics are in high consumer demand among women of different age groups.

Product Highlights

Feature of medical, care and cosmetic preparations Sally hansen in their special composition. Each drug is rich in vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the proper and comfortable care of the skin of the hands and nails. Despite the wide assortment of various drugs of other brands, the company's products Sally hansen I found my admirers. For a very reasonable price, customers are offered products of excellent quality.

A full range of care and strengthening nails, as well as a rich palette of colors of varnishes found a response in the hearts of millions of the fair sex.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is unlikely that there are cosmetics in the world that would have extremely positive feedback. The products of the American brand were no exception, it also has some negative moments, according to customers.

So, the disadvantages of Sally Hansen's nail polishes are:

  1. Overpriced pricing. On average, one bottle of nail polish costs about 200 Russian rubles. More top positions and trendy products are much more expensive. So, for example, the cost of gel polishes of this brand is approximately two times higher in comparison with budget preparations of other manufacturers.
  2. Relatively low resistance.
  3. Inconvenient brush format, which requires dexterity and addiction.

Despite the disadvantages described above, Sally Hansen cosmetics are characterized by a number of positive qualities:

  1. A huge palette of colors. Today, not every company can offer such a diverse and wide selection of colors. The American brand offers customers a variety of colors, ranging from discreet classics and ending with stylish fashionable shades.
  2. Rich vitamin complex. Nail and hand care products contain a full range of nutrients and useful elements that reliably protect, strengthen, moisturize and restore the nail plate and skin of the hands. It is important that in the composition of cosmetics there are no ingredients that negatively affect and destroy the structure of nails.
  3. Constant updating of products, development and manufacture of new drugs.

Brand Assortment

The American brand Sally Hansen produces various preparations that strengthen the nails, soften the cuticle, and moisturize the skin of the hands. The range of products is incredibly diverse and rich. At production enterprises, a full range of nail and hand skin care products is developed, tested and improved:

  • cuticle softener;
  • preparations for daily hand skin care, including various mineral complexes, vitamins and minerals (there is a separate series for sensitive skin type);
  • means for strengthening and restoration of the nail plate, preventing brittleness and fragility;
  • drugs contributing to the rapid growth of nails;
  • a rich palette of nail polishes, which include substances to strengthen and treat the nail plate;
  • base and fixer for the perfect manicure or pedicure.

Popular Series

Sally Hansen products are in high demand today among both youth and mature women. The most beloved series include:

  • Triple Shine or Color Therapy.

A series of varnishes for those who are not afraid to amaze and surprise, for those who seek to stand out from the crowd. Extravagance, brightness and color saturation - these criteria can be used to characterize this line.

  • "Xtreme Wear".

Ultra-strong and durable series. It features a large-format brush, which allows you to make a neat manicure in a matter of minutes. The varnish lasts a long period of time. If you believe the manufacturer’s statements, then a beautiful color for nails is provided for 10-12 days.

  • "Diamond Strength".

A unique protective coating for nails, which creates a kind of matte effect, giving the manicure a special charm. This tool prevents various external influences on the nail plate, thereby preventing the occurrence of chips, delamination and cracks.

  • "Mega Shine."

In addition to the fixing effect, this tool provides a pleasant and soft shimmer of varnish.

  • "Miracle Gel".

The collection, consisting of 39 different shades, is characterized by high coating resistance. For approximately 12 days, the nails are guaranteed the perfect manicure. Products from this series are analogues of gel polishes that are used in beauty salons.

  • "Salon Manicure".

In fact, this is a collection of salon manicure at home. The palette contains 42 original shades.


Like any other cosmetics, Sally Hansen varnishes have both positive and negative reviews. This is quite natural. Someone came up with the funds of this brand, and someone, having used it once, did not experience much satisfaction or joy and forever refused the products of this brand.

Having carefully studied a number of reviews, it can be noted that, after all, there are many times more positive comments than negative ones. In most cases, girls complain about the high cost of varnishes. When compared with similar products of other famous brands, then hand cosmetics, produced under the logo of an American company Sally hansen, relatively inexpensive.

However, comparing this brand with other budget brands, it seems that buying a regular bottle of varnish Sally Hansen overpay a certain amount of money.

Also, not all girls like the fact that these varnishes are best complemented by their native base and fixative. Of course, they can be used in tandem with the funds of other manufacturers, but, as you know, one brand’s products complement each other better, improving the result and increasing the efficiency and durability of the nail plate coating. There are complaints about the shape of the brush, which has a slice of a non-standard format and an unusual width. Not every girl manages to apply varnish evenly on her nails the first time, there may be bubbles or streaks. And those users who have already gotten used to and, so to speak, filled their hands, on the contrary, in their reviews say that the unusual shape of the brush contributes to a more even coverage of the nails, while the consumption of varnish is insignificant in comparison with other companies.

The richness of the color palette is one of the most talked about points.. The manufacturing company produces varnishes in different color variations, with different sizes and amounts of glitter, matte and glossy, classic and trendy, pastel and neon, with a metallic tint and calm delicate shades. Such a variety makes it possible to choose a varnish for manicure for any outfit or event. Also, many positive reviews are associated with the resistance of colors. Despite the long terms stated by the manufacturer (depending on the line, the durability of the varnish can vary from 7 to 14 days), the girls say that, on average, a manicure lasts well for 3-5 days. At the same time, it is important to properly care for the pens, carry out various household processes with gloves, and avoid contact with chemistry.

There are also comments about certain colors of brand nail polishes Sally Hansen So, for example, in the series "Xtreme Wear" tint "Pink Point", Issued at number 340, did not like many women. This tone cannot be applied evenly, while coating the nails, the varnish spreads or lays in ugly stripes that cannot be hidden even with a fixative.

Nail polishes Sally hansen - The best option for home use. This is a good alternative to salon manicure. A series produced by the American brand "Gel Miracle" in quality and durability is not inferior to gel varnishes of other famous brands.

Only for drying the means of this line does not require the use of ultraviolet or LED lamps, the benefits and dangers of which are much debated.

This video provides feedback on the gel polish "Miracle Gel":

Watch the video: Slash My Stash. Nail Polish Destash Pt. 7. Sally Hansen Pt. 1 (January 2020).


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