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Gel nail polish extension

Manicure is an important component of any female image. Many women visit beauty salons for this procedure. There they have to choose the type of coating - classic extensions or gel polish. That is why it is important to know the advantages of these types of manicure and the difference between them in order to make the right choice.

Gel polish on gel nails

Gel polish on extended nails is a fashionable type of extension. Nail plates are covered with gel, which is relatively stable and can stay on nails for up to a month. The gel structure and the extended nail itself look very similar to a real nail, in addition, this element is safe and makes it possible to get a wonderful manicure. This procedure is quite simple and takes relatively little time. In addition, this build-up is completely painless.

Gel is an excellent choice for those women whose nails are not very beautiful in shape, and are also very brittle and weak. He is able to strengthen the nail plate. In addition, if you systematically carry out gel extension procedures, the nails will grow very quickly to the required length. It is very important to note that gel-extended nails can be worn for 10-12 months, performing monthly corrections, and this procedure will not adversely affect real nails.

After a year, it is better to give the nails a little rest for two to three months and recover, and then you can return to the gel building.

The great advantage of gel polish is that it has a very even and dense structure, which is able to fill microscopic cracks on the nail plate, which contributes to its smoothing and smoothing. It is important to note that lightness manifests itself not only during the extension procedure, but also during the removal procedure of such a manicure, and getting rid of gel-grown nails will not harm your real nails.

The gel is able to pass air and water, so it has a positive effect on metabolic processes. In addition, the gel is a very practical material for manicure, because it is not affected by home detergents and other substances, that is, your manicure will not suffer during the cleaning process. This is a polymer that does not cause allergies and is completely safe, so it can be used by almost all women.

Most women prefer gel extensions, because in this way they can forget about the troubles with manicure, they don’t have to cover their nails with varnishes and in any way take care of them, they only need to make corrections about once a month. At the same time, in the process of building, you can choose the design and color of gel polish that is most suitable for your taste, and regularly change it during correction.

Nevertheless, experts indicate that this procedure has several negative features. So, in some cases, when building on any nail, cracks or chips may appear, they cannot be eliminated, so you will have to make the extension of such a nail with gel again. In addition, the nail plates under the gel become more sensitive and are sensitive to temperature changes. The gel in its texture is not too strong, so such nails can bend, which subsequently can lead to brittleness of natural nails under them.

Masters also indicate that this procedure burdens women with additional care for nails and fingers, since it is necessary to nourish and heal them. But then you can save your time on standard manicure, giving preference to building gel polish.

It is only necessary to choose a master who knows his job, so that he qualitatively carries out the extension procedure, and also periodically care for the nails independently.

Gel polish or extension - which is better

Most women often have a choice to grow nails or give preference to a gel coating; they want to know what is more harmful, durable and more practical and how it differs from one another. To answer these questions, you need to study both of these types of manicure.

Building, according to many masters, is a more reliable procedure. In addition, this type of manicure allows you to get long nails even for those whose nail plate is very short by nature. The extension perfectly smooths any relief and helps to hide nails that are unprepossessing from nature. With this method of manicure, you can easily get the required length and shape of the nails.

Thus, you can get any nails you want. In addition, the extension allows you to choose absolutely any nail design, because you can increase the nail plate and expand the field for creativity. Often women with small nails can’t make a french for themselves or draw beautiful patterns; when building, they have this opportunity, and the french can be of any length. Also, you can make any drawings at home, as well as paint extension nails with any ordinary varnish.

Masters also notes that beads and strasses are much better attached to the extended nails.

Experts also note that the extension is a very reliable and persistent procedure, the manicure does not lose its previous appearance until the subsequent correction, such a coating does not crack, and the nail itself is very difficult to break. Extension is a procedure that can be performed less frequently than gel coating, since such nails can last up to a month. That is why building is an excellent choice for those women who seek to get long nails.

As for gel polish, it also has its advantages. Such nails look more natural and are almost indistinguishable from real nails, from natural manicure. The gel coating is more universal and perfect for women of any age, it allows you to smooth out the relief of the nail plate quite a bit and practically does not harm the nails. This coating is more gentle and breathable. By applying gel polish to the nails, you can not update it for about two to three weeks. Nails that have been extended with gel polish will not need to be filed. This coating is removed using special means, and the removal procedure is more pleasant and simple.

Coating the nail plates with gel polish is a great option for those who do not want to extend their nails, but want to provide a persistent manicure to save time. Regular varnish peels off very quickly even after exposure to ordinary water or other factors. Gel polish, on the contrary, is much more resistant compared to regular nail polish and has excellent firming properties. It is able to prevent the flaking and brittleness of your nails.

Gel polish is an excellent choice for those for whom the length of the nails in the manicure is not the main thing. This is due to the fact that manicure with gel polish, as a rule, implies only a coating, and not an extension. That is why this option allows you to maintain the natural look and length of your nails. This option looks more feminine and natural.

Gel coating and building are two completely different procedures. The choice between them will depend on the individual preferences of each woman, as well as on which one you want to receive a manicure. Having made a choice, you can safely contact the master to build up or coat the nail plates with gel.


Manufacturers of gel varnishes for building offer to purchase a wide variety of kits and materials for such a procedure. Now a very popular tool for building nails is a gel called Shaper. It is a professional tool and has a unique structure. This innovative gel makes it possible not only to smooth the nail, but also to increase its length. It is perfect for any type of nail. The gel coating from the Shaper brand is a flexible material, but at the same time is highly durable.

Shaper gel polish is great for building, nails with it look very natural. The nail plate does not become thicker and heavier visually. Such a coating can increase the length of the nail plate by several millimeters. In addition, it is easy to remove with a special liquid; it does not require sawing.

Such a tool should be worn in three layers, the first is the base. The second is a color gel polish, which is necessary to create an interesting bright nail design. The third layer is the finish, it is necessary to consolidate your manicure. In addition, the last final layer can be used not only to fix the coating, but also as an independent separate tool to prevent external factors from affecting the nails, as well as to make them less brittle.

This varnish must be polymerized in a special lamp for one to two minutes. It is very simple and convenient to use, such a manicure can be easily done at home.

See the following video for more details on how to build using SHAPER gel polish.

At home

The extension technology is quite simple, for this you only need to know how to gradually build up the nails with gel. You do not have to attend special lessons for this. It is enough to study step by step instructions.

Very popular is the extension on the tips. Such is a manicure with the help of artificial plates, which must be glued with a special tool to the surface of the nail, and then coated with gel. The shape of the tips can be chosen depending on the preferences and shape of your marigold. Moreover, the more flexible these plates are, the better such a manicure will be.

Extension using tips allows you to save time, in addition, with their help you can easily increase the length of the nails. These plates are perfect for nail extensions with gel polish.

Tips are a great choice for those women whose nails are very brittle and weak, and are more suitable for the fair sex, whose nails are wide by nature. The peculiarity of the extension on the tips is that in this way you can get only the shape of the nails, which will gradually taper to the tip. That is why with their help you can make only some varieties of manicure.

In order to build up nails at home with gel polish, you need to get the following manicure devices. You need to buy an ultraviolet lamp for drying nails, a buff - a device for polishing the nail plate, the necessary files, primer, molds or tips, a degreasing agent, glue, if you use tips, as well as gel polish and topcoat.

For those who conduct the gel gel polish extension procedure at home for the first time, experts have provided a set of necessary tools for beginners. That is, all these devices can be bought as a whole set.

The build-up procedure includes the following steps:

  • To begin with, fingers and nails need to be treated with a disinfectant, it is best that it is applied by spraying. Excess droplets must be removed with a cotton swab.
  • Then you should degrease the nail plate. With a special nail file, it is necessary to remove the shiny part of the nail, it is necessary to move in one direction, while you can not press on the plate. After that, you need to use a buff, and then degrease the surface of the nail with a specialized tool that is designed for this. You also need to remove the cuticle and the extra layer of skin around the nail.
  • After that, you can proceed directly to the gel-varnish extension procedure. Under the free edge of the nail, it is necessary to substitute a special form and thus fix it. After this, cover the nail plate with a special base and place the nail in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes for polymerization.
  • Then you need to apply the next coat and give the nails the necessary length and shape. Then you also need to place your finger in a special lamp for 2 minutes. At the end of the polymerization, a disposable mold must be detached from the nail and the sticky layer removed with a special tool.
  • Next, you need to process the entire surface of the nail and its edges with a nail file to give it a shape. After this, it is again necessary to carry out a degreasing procedure.
  • The next and final stage is the application of two alternating layers of gel polish of the chosen color on the nail surface, each of these layers should be dried in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Then you need to cover the nail with a finish. The last layer should also be polymerized in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes, the final step will again be the degreasing procedure.

Thus, your manicure in the form of building gel polish at home will be completed.


The biggest plus of gel nail extension is that in this case you can give free rein to your imagination. The design of the manicure will depend only on your taste and wishes. The most popular is French manicure, because it looks very feminine. In addition, the French is an unchanging classic, so it is always in fashion. Such a manicure can be varied with an interesting ornament or pattern on one or two fingers of each hand.

You can depict beautiful flowers, butterflies or a more playful pattern in the form of berries, fruits and other patterns.

Equally popular gel nail design called "Ombre". This is a type of manicure in which one color smoothly transforms into another, this is the so-called gradient. In this case, you can combine a variety of shades, and similar tones of the same color scheme. So, the color of the nail plate can gradually lighten to the base, or, conversely, to the tip. Such a manicure can be decorated with beautiful rhinestones or a pattern.

Rhinestones are a very popular element of any manicure with gel polish. They are applied at the end of the extension procedure. Most often they are placed closer to the tips of the nails or along their base. Straziks look very beautiful and shimmer in the sun, capturing the views of others. In order for this decor element to hold well, it must be coated on top with a transparent fixing gel varnish. Such extended nails will look very feminine and sophisticated.

Among women who prefer gel polish extensions, it is very popular moon nail design. It involves a crescent-shaped pattern along the cuticle, which is usually done in a contrasting color to the rest of the nail plate. This part of the nail can be highlighted in white or a bright shade. Such a crescent can also be beautifully outlined with strasses or sparkles.

Lunar gel design looks very original and gentle.


Gel manicure correction has its secrets. This procedure significantly saves the time that could have been spent on a new building procedure. In addition, this process does not involve a special gel remover, which, as you know, has harmful properties. An important advantage of the correction is that with its help you can easily grow a natural nail plate to the desired length.

Correction is an easier procedure than building. It also includes several stages:

  1. First you need to conduct a standard manicure, removing the cuticle and sawing the nails to give them shape.
  2. Then with the help of the buff you need to remove the shiny coating of varnish and all the bumps.
  3. After that, you need to degrease the nail plate and apply a primer.
  4. The next step is to apply a base coat over the entire surface of the plate to hide the overgrown edge along the base.
  5. After this, you need to proceed to the polymerization procedure in an ultraviolet lamp. Then you need to remove the dispersion layer with a special napkin.
  6. You can apply a color coating to the nail plates, paying particular attention to the overgrown edge. This procedure must be repeated twice.
  7. Apply the finish, polymerize the coating and remove the dispersion layer again.

Video master class with a full correction procedure, see below.


Judging by the reviews, most women prefer building up gel polish. They write that this method is safer and less harmful to the nail plates. In addition, building up with gel polish is a fairly simple procedure, so many women spend it on their own at home. They indicate that gel polish is a very persistent and reliable tool, in addition, it allows the nails to breathe, makes them stronger.

Many women like the fact that it lasts on the nails for an average of two to three weeks, so they do not have to regularly update the nail polish. Also, most women indicate that the extension of gel polish allows you to grow nails and make them visually more beautiful and neat.

Watch the video: NATURAL Looking Nail Extensions. Mshare Builder Gel in a Bottle (January 2020).


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