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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Sophin Nail Polish

Modern women strive to look fashionable and attractive. Each beauty watches the grooming of her hands. After all, it is on them that they judge the success, confidence, grace of the lady. The highlight of any female onion will be a neat manicure. It must be made using professional, high-quality, reliable tools and materials. Sophin nail polish will cause you only positive emotions. Consider the main advantages of a cosmetic product.

Features and Benefits

Now in modern stores there are a large number of varnishes, with which you can create a beautiful manicure. The main thing is to buy the tool that will meet your needs, will be high-quality and durable, reliable and affordable. All these qualities are inherent in the Sophin brand. Consider the main advantages of the company:

  • High quality product. All products are made taking into account high requirements for environmental friendliness and safety. The composition does not include formaldehydes, toluene, camphor oil and other adverse elements. Only natural components are present in the varnish, which help strengthen the nail plate, give it elasticity.
  • A wide range of products will allow beauties to choose a suitable copy for themselves. The most diverse palette of shades will pleasantly surprise all fastidious fashionistas. More than 150 colors that have a special effect are available in the company's arsenal. Choose a bottle to your taste.
  • Practicality. With the help of an innovative formula, the coating lasts quite a while on the nails, and also quickly dries. This will be an additional advantage in the selection of goods. You can admire well-groomed handles for a long time, without fear that the varnish will crack or crack.
  • This coating will smoothly and completely paint the naileven if you are used to applying only one coat. A perfect and even surface is an additional advantage of the product.
  • An impressive amount. Each bottle has a rather large volume. It is 12 ml. This way you can save and take advantage of your favorite color.
  • Models have an increased concentration of pigments. This will allow the nails to retain color brightness and gloss longer even with prolonged wear.
  • A comfortable brush will provide an even and smooth finish. The special cap does not slip in the hand. It’s convenient for them to do design work. Ease and simplicity of application is another advantage of the product.
  • Availability. You can purchase products in any professional store. The affordable price will pleasantly surprise buyers. Of course, gel polish will cost more than a regular coating. At the same time, your manicure will last much longer, maintain its original appearance for a long time.
  • Great mood. When you use a high-quality professional tool in your work, you can be sure of the effectiveness of your actions. Your pens will become beautiful, well-groomed and will attract representatives of the opposite sex.

Sophin itself was founded in 2006. Literally right away, the company won the love and respect of all connoisseurs of quality manicure. The French brand became famous not only in its own country, but also among residents of the whole world. All varnishes fully meet all international requirements that apply to manufacturers of cosmetics. You can use the company's products both in the salon and at home.

Assortment and color palette

A distinctive feature of Sophin is not only high quality products, but also its wide range. In the arsenal of the company you can find both ordinary and gel varnishes, as well as special tools for removing cuticles, accessories for manicure, tools for nourishing and strengthening the nail plate, and much more. The company took care of your high-quality nail procedure.

Lucky produces the brand mainly quality luxury. Moreover, their price is acceptable. So many representatives of the fair sex, who have average wealth, believe. Each coating has special ceramic nanoparticles, which are responsible for strong adhesion, as well as the beauty of the entire manicure.

In the color palette you can find the color that you like. Consider the main collections of the brand.

"Uv Gellac Nail Polish"

This option is the most common among Russian fashionistas. Gel Polish has a classic color. The sets have a special medium-sized rounded brush. It is with the help of it that you can cover the nail in several strokes. With the help of varnish you can easily and naturally apply the coating, avoiding waves and stripes. Due to the medium density of the substance you will not have streaks.

If you re-apply nail polish, the color will become even more saturated. After the varnish dries, it is worth applying a special fixative of the same brand. It will help the nails to look perfect, and the coating to exist for a long time.

"Matte Allure Sophin"

This collection has a matte finish. The company offers six delicate shades. You will not find flashy and acidic flowers here. The gamma is presented from sky blue to pale pink. The varnishes of this series that are applied on a colorless base will look spectacular.

"Virtual Effects Collection Sophin"

There are only four primary colors in this collection. They are called glitter. Of course, a glitter coating is best used for special occasions, as well as for creative design. But for everyday manicure, especially office style, this color may not work. The composition of the varnishes includes golden mica, silver sparkles that will help you shine in the literal sense of the word.

However, this collection has a slight drawback. Since the composition includes a large number of sparkles, it will be quite difficult to remove. But this problem can also be easily solved with the help of patience, experience and the availability of professional gel polish removers.


Delicate spring shades prevail in this collection. They will help to express individuality to each lady. The features of this coating include the ability to varnish self-level on the nails. Even if you are doing a manicure yourself for the first time or carelessly in a hurry, apply varnish, the coating will spread on the nail, filling it perfectly.

These options suggest a two-layer application. Due to the fact that this is done on the base coat, you will not see hated bubbles. The collection has pearlescent, holographic, translucent shades, as well as the color "Chameleon".


This collection includes six shades with a matte finish. These include burgundy brown, light pink, purple, lilac, raspberry pink, black. The features of the funds include the presence of a shimmer. Collection varnishes have an elastic flat brush with a curved cut. When you apply nail polish, you will see the beauty with the effect of a satin canvas.

In this case, the coating will be difficult to remove due to the sparkles. However, this should not scare real fashionistas.


Women note that Sophin varnish is what a true fashionista needs, who values ​​practicality and beauty. The coating lasts quite a while on the nails. You can not worry that after contact with water the varnish will quickly begin to disappear. Feel free to complement your individual image with various shades.

Many girls like the variety of shades and textures of the nail product. You can choose a bright or shiny option for a party or create a French manicure using the classic range. You can pleasantly surprise your colleagues and acquaintances, attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Like women and the optimal combination of parameter price-quality. You can make a bargain at an affordable cost. Thus, there is no need to constantly go to beauty salons and leave all your savings there. Now at home you can independently take care of your pens.

The advantages of the ladies include the availability of funds. You can buy varnish in any professional store. In this case, you will pick up additional devices and accessories for the design and beauty of nails.

Fans of nail art note the simplicity, ease and convenience of applying varnish. You can paint the entire surface of the marigold in several movements. The varnish is evenly distributed, leaving no bubbles or streaks.

It is also attractive to customers that the products of this company are safe and environmentally friendly. It will not cause an allergic reaction. You can use any varnish of the company and think only about a stylish and fashionable design.

This cosmetic product is perfect for ladies of all ages. You can find the right shade and texture. Young people will stop their eyes on more gentle tones, older women will choose more saturated ones. The varnish of this company will be a great gift for any occasion. You can do it yourself manicure and delight loved ones.

Well-groomed and attractive pens are the key to a good mood. You will feel confident, attractive, and things will go uphill. Let your nails emphasize your character, express your personality.

We reviewed the features and benefits of Sophin Nail Polish. You can choose the option that you like. Do not forget to check the integrity of the packaging before buying. Be sure to shop only at professional stores. Then it will be possible to avoid fakes. Do not be afraid to experiment. With experience, you can masterfully create manicures for any style. Just be patient and you will see a positive result. Improve your skills with Sophin products.

Lucky Sophin, Macaroon Collection - in the video below.

Watch the video: Proste wzorki: Mozaika na paznokciach lakierami Sophin. Mosaic on nails with Sophin nail polishes (January 2020).


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