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Gel Polish Arnelle

An integral part of the image of any modern girl is a quality manicure. Thanks to modern methods of applying gel polishes, beautiful nails 24/7 - this is a completely familiar situation. Every day, more and more new products appear on the market for nail cosmetics, which are designed to make life easier for the master of nail service. One of the most innovative and innovative has become the Arnelle brand, which is winning the hearts of girls with crazy speed.

Created by an experienced craftsman

The creator of the Arnelle trademark is a young but very talented girl, Svetlana Surikova. Even at the dawn of the popularization of gel polishes, she created her own "School of beautiful nails" and to this day she successfully leads it. Svetlana is a very experienced world-famous nail service master, as well as a world-class teacher. Creating her products, she strives to make the process of applying manicure as convenient, simple and high-quality as possible, therefore, innovative developments are often used in production.

In addition to gel polishes, this brand produces a huge variety of decor, tools, auxiliary components to create a chic manicure.

The palette of gel varnishes and varnishes for decoration and modeling is constantly updated with fashionable novelties in accordance with new trends. It is worth noting that all varnishes of this company have enhanced polymerization properties, which allows them to dry faster in the rays of the ultraviolet llama and to maintain their original appearance longer during wear.

Thanks to innovative solutions, products from Arnelle have a high antifungal and antimicrobial effect - this reduces the risk of infection or the development of infection to almost zero.



The palette of gel varnishes from the Arnelle trademark is presented in more than 190 shades. In it you can find both natural shades and bright colors for a rich coating. In addition, complex chameleon varnishes are also presented here, which are similar to the wings of the May beetle and shimmer with literally all the colors of the rainbow.

Finish with decor

In addition to the usual transparent glossy or matte finishes, Arnelle produces a unique transparent cat-eye finish. This product is unique in that it can be used to create a magical shiny overflow on absolutely any varnish. A magnet is included with every bottle of this product. In the cat's eye collection of tops, you can find a fairly wide palette of overflows: pink, blue, green, red and many other shades of dust are mixed with the main gold or silver dusting.

Art gels

This collection was created for girls and masters with good imagination. It has rearranged unique gels for working with the unique Metal Chasing technique developed by Svetlana Surikova herself. In addition, here you can find super-dense paint to draw a smile of a jacket or other thin lines. With its help, you can easily create a unique openwork pattern with monograms or apply a pattern in the form of the finest lace.

Stained paste

Stained glass dyes are needed to create the perfect jacket. The peculiarity of this cosmetic product is that it does not hide the natural color of the nail plate, but only gives it a deeper shade. Using this type of foundation for French manicure, you can get the most natural result.


In addition to varnishes, among the products of this brand there are also a variety of pigments, stickers with the effect of casting, rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing, foil and much more, which will help create a unique and inimitable style. Innovative solutions of the developers of this brand have led to the fact that a bright, original, beautiful decor has become available not only to high-level masters, but also to girls who do manicure on their own.

Gels for creating volumetric lace - in the video.

Price policy

Arnelle's pricing policy is aimed at working with professional nail service masters, so the cost of this cosmetics is quite high. For one varnish the average person will have to pay from 500 to 800 rubles, and for a set base + varnish + top - about 2000 thousand rubles. However, given the high quality of the product, its safety and high efficiency - this investment will be quite reasonable. In addition, you can add one or more types of decor to the standard set, which will help to diversify styles and designs, without making much effort.


Since this is a fairly young brand, there are still relatively few reviews about the quality of the goods, but they are often quite optimistic. The main indicator of the quality of varnishes can safely be called its pleasant texture. It does not float, does not spread, is evenly distributed on the nail plate and creates a perfectly smooth, almost mirror-like surface on the nail plate.

Despite the small volumes of bottles, Arnelle cosmetics are very economical. Thanks to the innovative developments of Svetlana Surikova, working with the products of the Arnelle brand is not at all difficult, after some training it can be done also by an unprofessional. With such cosmetics it’s not difficult to always be on top, to look attractive, as if only after the salon.


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