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Natura Siberica Cream

Negative environmental and natural factors, stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep as a result of a frantic pace of life do not currently have a very good effect on the condition of the skin. In order for our skin to radiate youth and internal health longer, it is necessary to provide it with full care and protection. In this case, the question always becomes which of the best cosmetics to purchase so as not to be disappointed in their action.

This is especially true for cosmetics such as cream, which is represented on the cosmetic market with the widest assortment. This article will talk about creams Russian brand Natura Siberica, gaining more and more trust and popularity every year among domestic consumers and among residents of the CIS and Europe.


The Russian brand Natura Siberica produces certified organic cosmetics, the quality of which is confirmed by numerous international certificates (BDIH, ECOCERT). The products are based on natural extracts and extracts of Siberian plants, collected by hand, which are famous for their antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

In our own laboratories, formulas are developed that are promoted to mass production only after proven effectiveness.

Overview of moisturizing and nourishing face creams Natura Siberica.

Also, scientists, pharmacists and cosmetologists began the construction of an organic farm (the first in Russia) to grow rare plants and herbs and periodically conduct research expeditions throughout Siberia to find new ingredients that can provide internal health and a flawless appearance to skin and hair.

Natura Siberica cosmetics are valued for their natural composition, quality and affordable cost, not only among consumers in Russia, but also in Europe, China, Japan and many other countries. A wide range of creams designed to solve various problems in certain areas of the body are especially in demand.


Creams Natura Siberica consist only of organic components. All the plants included in the composition are adapted to severe Siberian climatic conditions, therefore they have a unique cocktail of useful trace elements, acids and vitamins. Each representative of the flora, which is part of the products of this company, has a certain effect on the skin.

  • Cladonia snow grows only in an environment with clean mountain air; perfectly rejuvenates the skin of the face, activates the intercellular metabolic process, gives internal radiance and a perfect look.
  • Aralia Manchurian tones, tightens, gives elasticity and creates a natural barrier against negative natural factors, including low temperatures, which are characteristic of our country. Creams with extracts of this plant are recommended for aging skin with the first signs of aging.
  • Rhodiola rosea activates local immunity, fights inflammation, redness and irritation. Sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions is recommended.
  • Sea buckthorn It has long been famous for its wound healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Sea buckthorn extract moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and heals the skin, giving it a healthy radiance and vitality.
  • Siberian Altai removes toxins, activates metabolic processes and helps to prolong the youth of the skin.

In addition to these plants, the products contain natural oils and extracts of many other useful herbs that have been recommended in skin care on the positive side.

The composition also includes various additional components, which help provide comprehensive care for various skin types:

  • Black caviar extract famous for its nutritional properties, it is especially effective for aging skin: it penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis, moisturizes them, normalizes the natural production of collagen, reduces visible wrinkles and blocks the appearance of new ones.
  • Various multivitamin complexes, which have a comprehensive effect on the condition of the skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid creates a lifting effect, makes the dermis supple and resilient, enhances the action of active components.
  • Allantoin - hypoallergenic component of a multidisciplinary effect: acting as a scrub, exfoliates dead cells, removes toxins, heals minor burns and microtraumas, moisturizes, softens, relieves inflammation and fights skin diseases.
  • Plant Collagen actively struggles with age-related changes, increasing the firmness and elasticity of the dermis.
  • SPF factor creates a natural barrier from the destructive effect of sunlight on the skin.
  • Peptides - A combination of amino acids that activate regenerative processes to combat age-related changes.


A wide range of creams can be divided by type of action into categories:

  • products for the skin around the eyes organize comprehensive care for the most delicate and sensitive skin, eliminating dark circles, swelling and bags under the eyes;
  • to narrow the pores, normalize the work of the sebaceous glandseliminating excessive oily skin;
  • anti-aging and anti-aging products designed to combat age-related changes, normalize metabolic and regenerative processes;
  • creams are used to protect and moisturizecreating an external protective barrier and saturating the layers of the epidermis with necessary moisture;
  • for protection and recovery - in addition to performing protective properties, the means normalize the functional "duties" of the cells;
  • for protection and nutrition provide with nutrients, protecting from harmful effects from outside;
  • for care and moisturizing - moisturize the deepest layers of the epidermis;
  • caring and restoring effective for problem skin: help get rid of various inflammations, soothe and normalize the basic processes of the skin;
  • for nutrition and hydration indispensable for dry skin type, to which these funds provide the necessary comprehensive nutrition and hydration;
  • for nutrition and recovery not only saturate with nutrients, but also contribute to the restoration of damaged or weakened skin.

Consider the most popular Natura Siberica creams:

  1. "Bear power." The cream is specially designed for men and is intended for intensive fight against age wrinkles. Extracts of ginseng and St. John's wort rejuvenate, tone and reduce even deep wrinkles. Wild bees honey saturates with useful substances, intensively moisturizes, evens out complexion and tone. Bear berry detoxifies and creates a natural protective barrier. The tool not only rejuvenates the skin of the face, but also gives confidence and vitality.
  2. Cream-lifting "Anti-age" - anti-aging agent with collagen, which helps aging skin (after 40 years) to fight wrinkles and restore elasticity and tone. Vitamin A restores cellular balance, and sun protection factor makes the cream indispensable in the spring and summer months.
  3. Hot cream-lipolytic "Kuldur baths" instant action contains brown northern algae, volcanic lily, ginseng and the thermal waters of the Kuldur hot springs of the Far East, famous for their beneficial properties. The product warms the skin, activating blood circulation and splitting the fat layer, which provides guaranteed instant weight loss and a beautiful silhouette.
  4. Cleansing face wash "Natura Kamchatka" consists of an extract of jasmine, mallow and water lily. Designed for dry and problematic skin type. Helps relieve irritation, redness and dryness. It penetrates deep into the pores, cleansing them of impurities and makeup, promotes active hydration and smoothing complexion, neck and décolleté.


According to the results of monitoring numerous positive feedback from users and beauty bloggers about the Natura Siberica creams palette, we can conclude that these products have gained trust due to their quality, proven effectiveness, natural organic components and fairly budget cost - cosmetics of an advanced domestic company are quite stable on the market among world brands in the field of cosmetology.

Facial Skin Care by Natura Siberica.

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