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How to attach broths to gel polish

Gel polish is a common material used to create a beautiful and persistent manicure. Today, this tool is actively used by craftsmen working in the salon. Often, to create a manicure, a variety of drawings and accessories are used. One of the most original and attractive options are broths, the features of which need to be familiarized with more closely.

What it is

Today, the design of a beautiful and vibrant manicure is difficult to imagine without such components as broths. Accessories resembling small glass balls look great on nails. Basically, the size of the broths ranges from 1-4 mm. Small elements resemble sand in appearance and are often used in large quantities for nail design.

As for large broths, they are similar to ordinary rhinestones.

Such accessories are used in small quantities, most often play the role of the main element in the decor.

The main advantage of these options is the variety of shades. Unlike ordinary rhinestones and stones, the broths are easy to use, hold well on the nail. The cost of such accessories is small, so the master can purchase many options in different colors and volumes.

It is worth noting that the broths are used not only for manicure based on gel polish. Accessories are used to decorate natural nails. Most often, broths are used in beauty salons, where masters work with complex patterns.

Here are a few of the benefits of these accessories:

  1. working with broths is easy, therefore, they are often used by beginners to create a variety of patterns on the nails;
  2. to create a manicure with gel polish, you can use broths of different colors;
  3. accessories hold well on nails and are not afraid of mechanical influences.

Quite often, broths are used to create the so-called "caviar manicure".

This is due to the small shape of the balls. In appearance, they resemble caviar, due to which such a name appeared.

It is worth noting that the design that uses these jewelry is considered one of the simplest types. In order to create such a manicure, you do not need to be an artist.

How to apply

In order for the manicure to turn out to be high-quality and accurate, you need to learn how to properly apply broths on your nails. In this matter, simple tips from professional masters will help.

First, make sure that the gel polish used for manicure is of high quality and there will be no problems working with it. After that, decide on the design that you intend to do with the help of broths. If you want to use several shades at the same time, it is best to purchase a ready-made kit.

It is worth noting that the size of the balls used directly depends on the length of the nail.

Decide on the best option in advance so as not to spoil the design in the future. For short nails it is recommended to use small balls. They are easier to glue on the surface and the design is more accurate and beautiful.

In order to fix broths on nails, many masters use special adhesive compounds. The advantage of this choice is the persistence of manicure. The glue perfectly fixes the balls on the nails, and even under strong influence they do not fall off. But with the use of such tools, a manicure looks messy and blurry.

If the master first works with such accessories, you should be careful.

The fact is that during fastening, broths often scatter in all directions. To avoid such situations, paper must first be laid on the table. In the future, it will be easier to collect scattered balls.

All work must be done in stages, otherwise the rush will lead to poor-quality results. To begin with, the nails need to be carefully treated with various cosmetics, and only then apply broths.

To make it more convenient to work with balls in the future, it is recommended to lay them out on a work surface. You need to decide on the design and choose the shades and sizes of jewelry for nails.

Before starting work, you must make sure that the gel polish or adhesive is colorless. It often happens that after drying the base acquires a yellowish tint.

Manicure design

The choice of color and size of accessories depends on what design you want to create. The most popular is caviar manicure, which was mentioned above. To create it, you need balls of small sizes. If this is your first time working with these elements, you should give preference to the one-color option.

  • More colorful and original is a multi-colored placer. Balls can be placed randomly or laid out in a row. For the first option, the broth must first be mixed in a container. After that, the balls are fixed on the plate, placing them in random order. In order to lay out the broths in rows, it is worth using the dots.
  • The most popular type among young girls is manicure, in which the emphasis is on one finger. The technique is not particularly difficult, it is best to use small, single-color balls to create a design.
  • Experienced masters often work with French manicure. For the base and line, it is necessary to select broths of different colors that will look harmoniously with each other.
  • A more complex process is to create a pattern using jewelry. In this case, the master needs to have patience and a pattern scheme. Basically with the help of broths create various shapes and bows.
  • One of the most stylish designs is moon manicure. As for the French look, you need to pick up balls of different colors. The base is recommended to be covered in a dark tone. The hole is best filled with light balls.
  • Often, with the help of such decorations, they stretch the nails. In this case, the emphasis is on the number of granules, which gradually decrease, starting from the free edge and reaching the root.
  • Large broths are added to the finished drawing, which looks pretty neat and beautiful. Any design can be decorated with such balls. Even a couple of broths will make the manicure more interesting.
  • For special occasions, you can choose a three-dimensional design. In this case, you can play with shades of elements.
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Application Technique Step by Step

Working with balls to create a nail design is simple. The main thing is to adhere to the steps indicated in the technology. It is best for beginners to start with simple schemes and gradually switch to more complex options.

Nails need to be prepared for further manipulations. To do this, make a bath by adding essential oil and salt. Dip your hands in the solution for 10 minutes, then wipe it thoroughly with a towel.

Next, you need to remove the cuticle.

This should be done carefully, as there is a risk of damage to the skin. Nails need to be given the desired shape using a nail file. The plate is treated with a degreasing agent and all irregularities are removed.

A base coat is applied to the prepared nail. After waiting for the coating to dry, use a colored base. Do not make too thick a layer, as the manicure will be damaged. After the first layer has dried, the second is applied. The plate is treated with a fixative and the balls are immediately fixed.

The buns need to be pressed tightly. It’s best to gently push your finger so that they lock in place. Extra elements are removed with a special brush. If the composition is too voluminous, you need to adjust it with orange sticks.

The surface must be re-coated with a fixative.

Particular attention should be paid to the edges of the nail, since in this place the broths quickly fall off.

After completing each of the above steps, the layer must be dried in a lamp. Otherwise, the broth will fall off on the same day and the manicure will be ruined.

When using accessories, pay particular attention to their sizes. It often happens that in one box there are elements of different shapes, which indicates a poor quality product. In this case, you must first select the same balls. This is especially true when the broths are used to create patterns.

For this process, you also need to use special tools. When creating a pattern, all the elements must be laid out alternately and quickly so that the base does not have time to dry. All balls should correspond to each other not only in size, but also in color.

Video instruction for applying broth on the nails - in the next video.

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