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Tinting hair mask

Masks with the effect of toning allow you to increase the time between hair coloring and give them a healthy look. Also, the use of such tools allows you to safely experiment and try new shades.


Hue masks do not penetrate into the hair, but only envelop it. For this reason, there is a rapid leaching of the shade. However, when you consider that the procedure is absolutely harmless, you should not be afraid of its repetition. On the contrary, the tint mask is powerful carer. The components that make up its composition seal the scales of the hair, giving it smoothness.

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Not so long ago, a tint mask from an Italian manufacturer appeared on the market Collistar - "Magica CC". The abbreviation of the last two letters stands for "care plus coloring".

The use of the mask solves two problems at once - the care that the hair needs and its coloring, or rather, toning, the result of which is an even shining color.

The tool can be applied to both pigmented and natural hair. On unpainted hair you will get a new color nuance. On pigmented ones, you can update the existing color and “smear” the difference between natural and colored hair.

Thus, the use of the mask increases the time between dyes, thereby maintaining the health of the hair and saving your money.

Such a mask can be used immediately after chemical exposure - curling, highlighting, staining. Coloring substances do not penetrate deep into the cortex, making the tinting process absolutely safe, but also, of course, less persistent.

Among the active ingredients that make up the product, we can distinguish cashmere keratinwhose purpose is to strengthen and restore hair, wheat proteins and vitamin b5designed to moisturize them, vitamin e, which is necessary to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the external environment, and Moringa oleifera extractpossessing protective properties.

Ukrainian company Acme created a tint toolMountain ash with lamination effect". The product is available in fourteen shades. The product solves the following problems: toning, intensive care and the effect of lamination.

Coloring is possible tone to tone. The product contains natural oils that provide hair nutrition and give it shine. A mountain ash extract provides hydration to the hair and scalp.

Russian company Estel released a new - tint mask "Newtone", which provides protection and preservation of color. Another important fact is the presence in the tool of UV filters that protect hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Natural ingredients that make up the product, such as beeswax, lactic acid, vitamin e - nourish, strengthen, restore the structure of hair.

In the next video, you can get acquainted with the features of this mask.

Company Revlon offers a tinting agent, in which there are fruit acidsmoisturizing and nourishing hair.

Hue mask Tefia from an Italian manufacturer contains butter monoiwhich moisturizes the hair, restores its structure and protects. The product contains a high concentration of pigments, which allows you to get a bright saturated color.

Under the influence of the mask, the scales close and form a smooth surface, which enhances the shine of the hair. Various shades of the product can be mixed together to obtain an individual shade. The product has a soft creamy texture.

"Color mask"is a product designed to tint strands in bright colors or to accentuate individual strands. It contains a large number of coloring pigments that affect the hair mechanically, without the help of hydrogen.

The Finnish cosmetics manufacturer also offers the hue mask Cutrin. The tool is presented in five shades. It should be noted that when using this product, hair not only acquires an even fashionable shade, receives intensive care, but also protection from ultraviolet radiation and thermal devices.

How to use at home

The manufacturer always encloses clear instructions for using tinted products. In most cases, tinted masks should be applied to washed and towel-dried hair. Hands should be protected with gloves to prevent staining of the skin and nails. After application, it is necessary to comb the strands with a comb so that the color is evenly distributed.

The exposure time depends on the desired degree of color intensity. When washing off, do not use shampoo.


The most diverse palette of colors offered by companies Estel and "Ecme". The first offers eleven colors, one of which neutral and is intended for mixing with other shades to obtain pastel blond. Also have blonde blond brownish golden light blond copper-red, blond purple-red, light brown brown-purple, light brown brown-red, light brown red-violet, light brown copper intense, light brown violet-ash, light brown golden violet, light brown golden-copper.

Company "Ecme"offers fourteen shades of mask: light brown, wet sand, caramel, vanilla sky, ashy platinum, ashy blond, light brown, cappuccino, dark chestnut, chocolate brown, black, amethyst, copper titanium, wild cherry.

As you can see, the companies presented ready-made products that do not require mixing, although this option is also possible according to your desire.

Remedy for Collistar presented in six colors: black, chocolate chestnut, golden brown, red paprika, honey blond, vanilla blond. The disadvantage is that not everyone can choose a shade to their liking. Tefia includes colors: copper platinum, red, gold, purple, chocolate. Using this palette, you can independently create a unique shade. However, for this it is necessary to have knowledge in the field of colorization.

The palette "Color mask"is 11 shades: blue sky, cherry bomb, extra purple, bright greens, hot pink, lavender, lemon peel, pink pastel, purple rain, royal blue, turquoise. The tool is suitable for creating unique avant-garde images.


Reviews about the tint tool Collistar "Magica CC" generally positive. Consumers note that the color falls evenly, the hair after its use is obedient and silky.

Among the shortcomings, users noted a quick washout of color.

Hue for hair "Mountain ash with lamination effect"deserves a large number of positive reviews due to its rich palette and beautiful shades.

However, some consumers claim that the color does not match what is stated on the label, while others do not notice the effect of lamination.

About MeansNewtone"Consumers leave only positive feedback. They believe that the product copes with all the functions declared by the manufacturer. After using it, the hair is soft and smooth, and the color is saturated and does not wash out so quickly. It is convenient that the product is available in containers with different volumes. Among disadvantages, some consumers give a relatively high price.

Tint Mask Reviews Tefia mostly positive, but few of them, as many consumers hesitate to purchase this product due to the fact that it must be mixed in different proportions to obtain the desired shade, and this significantly increases the cost of the procedure and is only possible for a person with special knowledge.

Color mask pleases lovers of experiments and avant-garde images. After applying the product, the hair is docile and shiny. Among the shortcomings can be highlighted the fact that not every user can find a suitable tone.

Means Cutrin like consumers as a care. After use, many consumers concluded that the tinting effect of this product is low and not lasting.

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