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Gold face mask

A golden face mask is not a must-have in every cosmetic bag. But, nevertheless, many people like this product. The mask made of gold makes you feel like an Egyptian queen, even if you make it at home. You can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this product from this article.


To begin, let's figure out who came up with the use of a gold product for skin. As you know, this metal has always been considered a sign of well-being. Gold jewelry, rings and chains have always given luxury to women and men.

But at the same time, gold has long been known as a metal that not only beautifully shines, but also has useful properties. It does not cause allergic reactions, not only if the chain or pendant comes in contact with the skin, but also if it is eaten or used as a face mask.

They began to use the product in food in Asian countries. Scientists have proven that particles of this metal, getting into the gastrointestinal tract, cleanse the body and simplify its functioning. And cosmetologists experimentally found that with external use, gold ions come into contact with the skin, penetrate into it and slow down aging. Collagen masks with bio-gold were based on this principle. They do not allow the skin to sag over time and contribute to the active regeneration of the epidermis.

Masks with collagen were popularized by Cleopatra. The secrets of this Egyptian queen are still admired by many modern girls. The golden mask helped Cleopatra to maintain a well-groomed appearance and youthful face.

Today, such masks can be done not only in the salon at the beautician, but also at home.

The cosmetic product is sold in the form of a thin golden foil. It contains a fairly small amount of gold, so the tool is available even to girls with modest means. True, the mask can be used only once, because after application it will have to be torn into small particles in order to completely remove it from the surface of the face.

A mask of this type works very simply. It is enough to apply it on the surface of the face. In contact with the upper layer of the epidermis, the mask releases gold ions. Due to this, blood circulation is enhanced and cells are more actively saturated with oxygen. Thus, the skin is rejuvenated, and pigment spots disappear on its surface.


A film of gold can be not only disposable. There is a more expensive option. This mask can be used several times in a row. Manufacturers claim that one product is enough for 60 applications. Such a film contains flakes of real gold. The magnetic mask is easier to remove from the skin and does not leave behind unpleasant sensations.

The reusable mask is equally active for the first time, and after several uses. It is believed that it is able to restore youth to even noticeably aged skin. With this product you can tighten your face, making the skin more beautiful and supple.

Gold masks are also divided into alginate and collagen.

The mask with collagen, in addition to gold, includes a whole complex of vitamins, aloe and hyaluronic acid. All these components together allow you to effectively tighten the skin and get rid of age spots that many girls appear on the face after thirty years.

Alginate mask looks like a simple powder with the addition of sparkles. This product must be dissolved independently and applied to the face. This tool helps not only tighten the skin, but also moisturize it, as well as get rid of traces of rosacea and post-acne.

Choose the option that suits you best according to its properties, and you will not be disappointed with the result.


To date, many brands produce gold masks. Eit may be domestic products, such as masks from Natura Siberica, and products from Thailand or Vietnam. Brands such as Gold Bio or Wokali.

Fans of the Asian principle of self-care most often buy Korean and Chinese masks.

This is fully justified, because it is on the Asian market that unusual and very high-quality products most often appear that meet the demands of demanding oriental beauties. Also, if you have the opportunity, buy yourself a Thai or Egyptian mask.

When buying, chase not only the brand, but follow the correct composition. It should include vitamin C and funds that help tighten the skin - collagen or hyaluronic acid, for example.

How to use

In order for you to notice the effect, it is important that the use of the mask is correct. The most popular option is a product that is sold in a dry state and must be dissolved.

The mask consists of two bags. One contains dry powder, and the other contains gel. They need to be mixed by pouring out of the packages into a suitable container. To obtain the desired consistency, the products can be mixed. As a result, you will get a thick mask that can already be applied to the face. You can do this using the same spatula with which you mixed the components.

Remember that the composition hardens quickly enough.

Therefore, it must be applied to the face with quick movements. You can cover the mixture with the whole face, including the sensitive area under the eyes or on the lips.

The golden mask should be kept on the face for twenty minutes, after which the entire layer should be carefully removed from the surface of the skin.

How to choose

The fact that there are several types of masks has already been said. Therefore, when choosing, you have to think about how to make the right choice and find a product that will work on your skin.

First of all, look at the composition. It must contain all the components necessary for efficient operation.

In this case, all the manufacturer's promises will be fulfilled, and the mask will really help you tighten the skin and strengthen it.

Also, make sure that the mask does not contain substances that can cause you to be allergic. In this case, the product will not only not help you, but it will also harm.

Do not buy the mask just because of advertising. Often, a fierce brand is just a dummy that hides nothing. So choose a product that you like.


You can make sure that the tool will work well by reading the reviews of those who have already tested its effect on themselves. In this case, you will see the real result and real feedback on the effectiveness or futility of the product.

In general, simple buyers and cosmetologists praise gold masks. Scientists carefully tested and tested this unusual rejuvenation technology and managed to create a product that really works on the skin.

The effect of the mask on the skin is really soft and gentle. Gold ions penetrate the epidermis layer and saturate the skin cells with oxygen. This method of accelerating the process of blood circulation makes the skin more toned and healthy in both young girls and mature women.

An additional advantage of this unusual product is the fact that it works as an antiseptic.

The tool allows you to destroy bacteria and microorganisms that can harm you.

In their reviews, customers are happy to share the positive changes that they noticed on their skin. After applying this luxurious mask, the skin is immediately tightened. This means not only that the epidermis becomes more toned, but also that the contours of the face are clearer.

You will also immediately notice that the skin is renewed and rejuvenated. Not only expression lines, but also quite noticeable wrinkles disappear. And new signs of aging will not appear so quickly. The fact is that because of the more active production of collagen and elastin, wrinkles do not appear on the surface of the epidermis a couple of weeks after using the golden mask.

You will learn more about the golden face mask from the next video.

The appearance of the skin is also improved due to the fact that age spots are lightened. In addition, puffiness disappears, which means that no matter how much time you allow yourself to relax, you will always look fresh. A rested appearance is also obtained due to the fact that the production of melanin in the body slows down and the skin tone becomes more even and light.

Pleasantly pleased that the effect after use, although temporary, but lasts long enough. The skin remains nourished and well-groomed for several days, or even weeks. It all depends on her initial condition and what lifestyle you lead.

Beauticians advise not to be limited to a single use of the mask.

You can buy several packages with this anti-aging agent at once, or simply choose a mask that can be applied to the face several times. After a course of so-called gold therapy, the skin will become smoother, velvety to the touch and, of course, noticeably younger.

In the modern world, skin care with the help of golden masks can be afforded not only by the queens and first ladies, but also by girls with ordinary income. So if you want to check on yourself what the skin looks like after such an elite care using bio-gold, you can choose a suitable mask and even take a full course of care for aging skin at home. After the first application, your face will look more toned, young and well-groomed.

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