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Face mask made of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a natural storehouse of vitamins that benefits the whole body. At the same time, you need to pamper yourself not only with fruit desserts, but also with appropriate masks. Such skin care will help you look young and well-groomed longer regardless of the conditions in which you live. You will learn about what fruit and vegetable masks can be prepared using the gifts of nature, and what effect they will have from this article.

What products can be used

Almost all fruits, berries and vegetables that grow in different parts of the world can be used to make masks. But each product has its own beneficial properties, so they are used for different purposes.

The apples

Apple masks, like no other product, refresh the face and cleanse it. Due to the fact that this fruit is rich in various vitamins and minerals, girls with different skin types can use it. At the same time, each will receive an advantage for himself.

Apples are best used raw, as they give away all the vitamins and the skin becomes moisturized and well-groomed.

In this case, you can simply cut the apple into slices and apply them to the skin, or grate it, turning it into mashed potatoes. But there is another way to use this paradise fruit for home care procedures. A baked apple, mashed in mashed potatoes, will cleanse your skin as well as scrubs and tonics.


Sweet and juicy apricot is also able to moisturize your skin well and make its color more even and beautiful. From the apricot pulp, you can prepare many mixtures to keep the skin in good condition at home.


Banana masks are now very popular in Korea. But an analogue of such a cosmetic product can be prepared in your own kitchen. As part of this fruit, there is vitamin E necessary for our body, which allows us to make the face surface more youthful and smooth.


For a mature dermis, currants will also be useful. She will be your good assistant in the fight against dark spots.


Sweet cherries can also be added to the list of universal products for all skin types. If you have a dry epidermis, you can safely apply masks from sweet berries to your face. But for girls with oily skin, sour berry is better.


A sunny peach can soften your skin and remove signs of fatigue from your face.. After using the mask of this juicy fruit, you will immediately notice improvements - the skin will become velvety and as if radiant from the inside.

The properties of peach oil are also known to many manufacturers of cosmetics. This is evidenced by the presence of such effective agents as Silk Ribbon. Juicy Peach.


Strawberry helps you moisturize your skin and make your complexion look healthy. This berry has long been loved by many women, because strawberry masks work more effectively than many store counterparts.

A pineapple

For many girls, this fruit is known as a fat burner. But besides this property, he has others. So, it works great for skin rejuvenation. Beauticians confirm that pineapple masks can not only delay aging, but also remove superficial wrinkles from our face, making it more youthful and beautiful. But do not use concentrated pineapple juice, hoping for a more noticeable result.

The juice of this fruit is too saturated, so it must be diluted before use. This is especially true for girls with sensitive or prone to allergy skin.


Citrus juice is present in many masks. Especially in those that are designed to whiten the skin and remove age spots and acne from the face. Therefore, no one will be surprised by the fact that lemon juice whitens the skin well. In addition, it reduces the amount of sebum secreted by matting the skin. But, as in the case of pineapple juice, you need to be very careful not to harm yourself.

For skin care, both lemon juice and peel are used. From the grated crusts, a good foundation for the mask is obtained, and from those infused in water, an unusual, but effective tonic.


Another fruit from the citrus family that can be added to different masks is an orange. Orange juice and zest are rich in vitamins and essential oils. Therefore, masks with this component in the base are able to make your skin more fresh and velvety.


The same can be said about the grapefruit mask. Despite the bitter taste of this fruit, it works great on our skin, saturating it with vitamins.


Raspberry mask can provide freshness and good condition to the skin. For skin care, girls use real “fruit desserts”, combining sweet berries with dairy products. It is in this tandem that they work best.


Pear mask works well against acne and helps to cleanse the skin, making it more even and smooth. A pear face mask is suitable for teenage girls and mature women.

You can also talk for a long time about the benefits of vegetable masks. Juicy cabbage, carrot or cucumber masks have long earned the love of ordinary girls and cosmetologists.

Useful recipes

Fruit and vegetable masks are produced by many brands. These are Himalaya, and Organic Shop, and other brandswho are trying to create more natural makeup products.

But even you yourself can compete with them by preparing a product that is right for you in your kitchen. Let's look at some “delicious” care recipes that any girl can repeat.


As already mentioned, strawberry masks are one of the most favorite skin care products for many girls. For the preparation of the mask is best suited homemade berry, or at least bought on the market. So you will get more benefit from the use of berry mixture. Berries need to be picked ripe and juicy, but not rotten.

First you need to mash them in mashed potatoes with a fork. Three large berries will be enough for one mask. Gently add a teaspoon of honey into this mixture. This is a fragrant mash and must be applied to the face, leaving it for ten minutes.

Rinse it off preferably with cotton swabs dipped in milk. Walk on the skin with slow massage movements. After such a home procedure, you will immediately notice that your skin condition has improved.


Masks from ripe and juicy bananas perfectly help rejuvenate the skin. That is why they are most in demand among all fruit. To prepare one mask, you need only one juicy and ripe banana. As in the previous recipe, the fruit should be gently mashed with a fork.

Next, in this fruit puree you need to carefully enter the cream. If you have dry skin by nature, take oily, and if your skin is already highlighted with an ugly oily sheen - non-fat. In order to make the mask more convenient to apply to the skin, it must be thickened with starch or flour. The mixture is applied in layers, with each lying on top only after the previous one has completely dried.

You need to hold a banana mask on your face for about half an hour, so that vitamins penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis. Remnants of the product from the face must be carefully removed with moist cotton pads.

The procedure will be effective only if you conduct it regularly. One course takes 20 days when you need to do a mask every two days.

For a recipe for a whitening facial mask using strawberries and lemon, see the video below.


With fruits and vegetables, skin care is much easier. Almost everyone who has experienced the effects of vegetable and fruit masks agrees with this. But they also have a side effect. Even if you are not allergic to the product when you eat it, it may appear after applying the mask.

To check if the home cosmetic procedure will cause a negative reaction of the body, test it. Apply the prepared mask to the bend of the elbow and wait half an hour. If during this time the skin does not turn red there, then you can safely apply the mixture to the entire face.

Watch the video: 3 DIY Fruit & Vegetable Face Masks Beauty Break (January 2020).


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