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Black mask BioAqua

Silk, beautiful and soft to the touch skin of the face - all women and girls who carefully monitor their appearance dream about it. A sudden rash, acne and other defects nullify all efforts, making the girl not very attractive, spoiling her appearance and mood.

To eliminate unpleasant nuances on the face, manufacturers of cosmetic products offer different products, but the duration of many of them disappoints, because they only cleanse the face for a while.

But do not despair ahead of time! A completely new product has appeared on the cosmetic market that can permanently eliminate all imperfections on the skin of the face - and this is a black mask Bioaqua.

A pleasant consistency of a substance in the base with activated bamboo charcoal is a great way to restore the grooming and attractiveness of a young girl, to return the success of a business lady!

Features and Benefits

You no longer need to visit expensive beauty salons, use the services of a VIP cosmetologist and spend huge sums on the purchase of cosmetics to get rid of facial problems. Black mask helps get rid of many shortcomings Bioaqua. After using this product, as the manufacturer guarantees, users will be younger for several years. Each cell of the epidermis will breathe at full strength, having received the missing amount of oxygen, the skin will restore its natural beauty, become smooth and velvety, its tone and natural color will even out.

The Bioaqua mask contains only natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the dermis of the face, saturating it with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. After using the mask, the skin gets a healthy look, becomes elastic. In addition, the positive aspects of applying the mask include:

  • quick disposal of acne, acne, enlarged pores;
  • elimination of oily sheen, making the skin dull;
  • saturation of the skin with the necessary substances;
  • the effect of rejuvenation as a result of regular use;
  • getting rid of the face from age spots;
  • the provision of wound healing action;
  • whitening effect;
  • excellent skin hydration;
  • facial contours become even and toned;
  • there is no need to visit beauty salons;
  • even sa cleanedmWithered deep eels;
  • affordable price.

Complex Bioaqua represented by three active agents: a black mask for acne, serum for opening pores, tonic for narrowing pores.


The Chinese manufacturer has perfectly selected the composition of the mask, so that it has an effective effect, gently and carefully caring for the skin of the face. As ingredients are used:

  • Gelatin. The natural component renews the cells of the face, performs the function of rejuvenation.
  • Bamboo charcoal. Penetrating deep into the skin, draws in toxins, impurities and fats. Strengthens the immunity of the dermis.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Improves skin, eliminates wrinkles and other visible imperfections on the face.
  • Vitamin E - It has an antioxidant effect, promotes cellular metabolism, rejuvenates and softens the skin.
  • Nicotinamide - protects, restores and regenerates epidermal cells, improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces age and expression wrinkles, inflammation.

Additional ingredients are: green tea, extracts from herbs and berries. These substances enrich the skin with trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, the black mask so favorably affects the structure of the skin of the face: it reduces the content of melanin in the cells, removes age spots, giving the face a natural color and radiance, restores the healthy appearance of the dermis, making it more tender and supple.

All substances that make up the Bioaqua mask are hypoallergenic, so everyone can use the cosmetic product with any type of skin.


There are no contraindications to the use of a black mask. It is necessary to postpone its use only if there are fresh cuts and wounds on the face, as well as if there is an individual intolerance to any of the ingredients used.

How to use

Any product intended for use on the face must first be tested on the inside of the wrist. Thus, you can make sure that no allergic reactions occur. The mask is applied only to cleansed, slightly damp skin. To enhance the effect before applying the mask, the manufacturer recommends steaming the face and treating it with serum.

Then you need to squeeze out a small amount of the mask and put it evenly on the skin (leave the area around the eyes untouched) so that there are no white gaps. The tool works for 25 minutes, during which time the mask dries completely.

After removing the film, the face needs to be wiped with a tonic included in the kit. To consolidate the result, you need to use the mask three times a week.


A large number of women chose a mask Bioaqua from China, because with its help, as many have noted, you can turn from an ugly duckling into a real beauty.

The mask works from black dots, according to users Bioaquaprofessionally. The expected result is visible after the first application. The skin brightens, becomes smooth, matte, looks healthier and well-groomed. Acne and even fine wrinkles disappear, and after two weeks the face is completely cleared of imperfections.

Women note that at first it is quite difficult to choose the right amount of substance. If you take it with interest, the mask-film will dry for a very long time and vice versa - a small amount will dry quickly and the skin will have a tightening effect. It is difficult for some ladies to remove the film, but having adapted, all unpleasant moments are eliminated. The main thing for most is the result. And judging by the reviews, he really is. Traces of fatigue and withering of the skin disappear, it receives the necessary nutrition. And most importantly - all on a natural basis.

Happy customers call a mask film a budget effective tool without side effects.

But meanwhile, there is a share of negativity. A certain number of users called the smell of the drug rather strange and specific, and did not delight in the process of use. It was noted that the mask is removed along with the hairs, which causes pain. The instructions for use also cause indignation, in most cases there is no translation into Russian. They complain about a small amount of funds, although the price for such an amount, as many have noted, is very acceptable.

This video provides customer feedback on this product.

Watch the video: Black Mask Review (January 2020).


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