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Shampoo & Hair Balm

Appearance is very important for any person. Indeed, in the first place it is judged by it. That is why it is important to carefully monitor the condition of the hair. The problem is that with shampoos and balms every year it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice. In this article we will try to help you.

What is shampoo for?

Long gone are the days when it was believed that you could wash your hair with anything, even soap. Thanks to research in the field of hair health, it becomes clear that every woman needs an individual shampoo that gently cares for curls and makes them strong and healthy.

It is also worth considering that this tool is not suitable for you if:

  • Your head begins to itch after application;
  • Hair quickly becomes dirty and unkempt.

There is another factor - when you use the same shampoo for too long, the curls get used to it and begin to look worse. Therefore, the tool must be changed at least once every few months.

Ingredients in the composition

The components in your shampoo can be a huge variety. The closest attention should be paid to surfactants - detergents that are the basis of shampoo. It is from them that the state of your curls will depend.

Let's start with the most harmful. After seeing these substances in the composition, it is better to put the shampoo back on the shelf and select another:

  • Sodium sulfate;
  • Annonium Sulfate;
  • TEM sulfates.

These substances contain many aggressive chemical components and destroy skin protein, spoil the scalp and hair. A striking example of the use of such a tool is excessively fluffy hair after washing. If you continue to use shampoo with such ingredients, it may cost you thinning of the strands, their quick pollution and the appearance of split ends.

The best, safest and organic surfactants are Sodium Laurel, Disodium Lauret and Cocomidopropyl Betain. But to find products with such a composition in ordinary stores is simple - you need to look for them in specialized places with organic cosmetics.

It’s also very good if there is keratin in the composition, because it is a component identical to hair. It regenerates the structure, gives strength and beauty. Lecithin and protein are also natural and beneficial for your curls. It is also good if the composition contains oils of some plants, since they are completely natural and nourish the strands.

We select according to hair type

Any shampoo is selected in accordance with the type of curls. This is the main criterion and the most effective approach. To select these parameters, you must follow a few simple rules.

For oily hair. Often with this type of curls, a malfunction of the sebaceous glands is observed, especially if they quickly get dirty and look untidy the next day. With this condition, it is best to choose a remedy that dries the strands and scalp, but does not dry them out at all.

As for the composition - here it is worth choosing shampoos, which either are absent or are contained in small amounts of parabens, silicones and vegetable proteins. Also, do not use funds for dry or damaged hair, as they are designed to moisturize, and your oily strands do not need this in such quantities.

Citrus extracts and menthol are able to gently dry the skin. In addition, you need to choose a tool that you can wash your hair with often, even every day. In the presence of oily curls, it is better to rinse the shampoo more thoroughly.

For dry hair. This type of curl has the biggest problem - it’s brittle tips. Dry strands are well suited for colored or damaged hair, such shampoos moisturize and nourish well.

You should also pay attention to the composition, where the best ingredients are avocados, almonds, strawberries or peaches. In general, the more natural extracts there are, the better the nutrition of weakened and overdried strands. When washing such curls, you should pay more attention to the roots, and distribute the rest of the shampoo evenly along the entire length.

Colored strands. We selected this type separately, because it requires special care. Firstly, such hair needs comprehensive protection, namely, not only shampoo and balm, but also other means. Shampoos for damaged and dyed hair are suitable for such curls.

When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the composition contains oils of products such as castor oil and burdock, milk proteins and a huge amount of vitamins.

Normal curls. For them, the choice of funds is wider, but this does not mean that anything suits them. Be sure to pay attention to weighting elements in the composition, such as parabens or silicones. In addition, any shampoo with the usual firming and vitamin care is suitable for hair.

Balm Properties

The water we wash our hair with is far from ideal. For example, it contains alkali, which even with the best shampoo sometimes gives the effect of "electricity" on the hair and their difficult combing. Previously, women used vinegar to soften locks and easier to comb them, but now there is no such need and you can just pick up a tool in the store.

In addition to the basic functions, the balm is still able to strengthen, heal and make the hair structure better. It must restore the acid-base balance, protect curls from the harmful effects of the environment and from the use of additional styling products, such as a hairdryer or ironing.


There are a lot of balms, but all these funds can be divided into three types: conditioner, conditioner and mask.

Rinse Conditioner designed for most ordinary hair without pronounced problems. It is aimed at maintaining health, giving healthy shine and strength to your curls.

Conditioner balm gently restores from the inside. It is recommended for people with damaged or dull hair, as the product will give you the expected nutrition and a beautiful, healthy color.

Mask balm created for deep nutrition. It is worth doing this procedure no more often than a couple of times a week, so as not to overdo it. Typically, the mask is applied to the roots and skin themselves, and then remains on the head for some more time, so as to be absorbed.


The selection of balm is, again, in accordance with the type of hair. So, on oily hair, conditioner should be applied in a metered way and do not overdo it with it, because dandruff may otherwise appear.

Dry hair, on the contrary, needs plenty of nutrition. It is good if in the composition of the balm for them there are all kinds of oils that can give the curls a healthy and radiant look. Colored hair must be protected from the sun, so when choosing a similar product, pay attention to the packaging.

Cetrimony Chloride The composition is completely safe. It helps the hair not to become electrified and makes it easy to comb. Glyceryl stearate is another safe drug which preserves the consistency of a balsam thick.

Dimethicol softens strands and protects them, including from harmful substances in shampoo or balm. Suitable for any hair. Glycerin and panthenol are two other safe components. The first helps to retain moisture and prevent hair from overdrying, and the second protects and strengthens. Any composition in which there are a lot of vitamins and natural extracts is also good.

In addition to components useful for strands, there are also those with which it is not recommended to buy products with. For example:

  • Parabens - processed and cheap preservatives;
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate - It is known for its excellent foaming, but with prolonged use it can cause hair loss and thinning;
  • Mineral oils - cover hair with a dense film, preventing oxygen from penetrating inside.

How to use

First, of course, shampoo is applied to the hair. Wash your hair properly is not so difficult if you accustom yourself to simple actions. So, before washing, you need to comb your hair, make a short head massage and only then go to the bathroom.

For comfort and greater efficiency, you should wash your hair with warm water. Shampoo needs to be treated at the roots, rubbed with massage movements - the remnants themselves will be distributed along the entire length, degreasing curls.

The amount of shampoo that you apply to your hair is also very important. It is not necessary to consider that the more the better. This is not true. For long hair, for example, approximately two teaspoons of shampoo should be applied to the head, and for short hair - one.

Another mistake that many people often make is to apply shampoo on the head and only after that wash it. The detergent should first be soaped in the hands and only then rinse your hair with it.

Washing your hair is not recommended more than two times, as the sulfates in the composition can damage your hair.

The application sequence is extremely simple - after you have washed the shampoo off your hair, it is time for a balm. It is distributed along the entire length of wet hair, but it is better to pay special attention to the tips. After application, it is worth waiting a few minutes to allow the product to soak, and the active substances to start working. The last, final stage is to rinse with warm water.

If you have thin hair, balm can make it heavier. Therefore, it is often not recommended to use it in this case.

Review of the best brands

Here we will do a short review of the brands that have caught our attention.

Manufacturer Matrix produces professional hair cosmetics. They can distinguish three main lines. The first - with multi-colored bottles and catchy names, guards the protection of damaged and dyed hair. Each set includes shampoo and balm.

The second consists of products with certain additives. Shampoo and conditioner with keratin, with hydropower and many others. The third and final series - with the addition of oils. There is also shampoo and balm that nourish.

Kapous - Another brand of professional cosmetics. This manufacturer has a huge variety of products, including balms and shampoos, for completely different problems. For example, restoring hair shampoo with hyaluronic acid or shampoo for curls with ylang-ylang essential oil.

In addition, they also have a men's line, from which I want to highlight shampoo "Gentlemen 3 in 1".

Next comes brand "clean line". They also have a huge selection of shampoos and conditioners, but there are a few that I would especially like to note.

First of course shampoo "Nettle", included in the line of separation of funds by type of hair. Specifically, this shampoo is created for all types of hair, but they also have products for oily, dry, dyed and for thin and weakened curls. All shampoos with the corresponding name are supplied with balms.

  • Shampoos and balms Indigo They differ from all the others in one important detail - they all have the so-called "aqua balance", which helps to saturate your curls with additional moisture and keep it from the inside. In addition, they also have a huge selection of products, ranging from fortified to restoring and nourishing.
  • Wella cosmetics designed specifically for dyed hair, helping them to keep color as long as possible, strengthening and preventing overdrying. In a huge variety of products you can find shampoos specifically for blondes and moisturizers.
  • Constant delight - These are professional shampoos and balms. They can distinguish a series for hair restoration, to preserve color, for men and perms.
  • At Dove There is a separate line for damaged hair, which includes balm and shampoo. In addition, the manufacturer has a ruler for volume, for dry curls and for hair loss.
  • Pantene pro-v creates funds with the intention of deeply nourishing your hair. They always have keratin in their composition, which helps curls. It helps to restore and give volume to the strands, making them from lifeless and dull bright and voluminous.
  • Syoss full of all kinds of funds for strands. Most often, balms and shampoos are created for narrow problems in order to help them as best as possible. For example, remedies for dandruff, for oily hair and for dyed.
  • Planeta organica surprising variety of choices. They have not just natural shampoos that help protect the strands, but also thick shampoo creams, as well as balsam creams.
  • Garnier "Fructis" - Another familiar product to everyone. The manufacturer promises an abundance of natural ingredients in the composition and good care for your curls.
  • Estel - professional cosmetics for strands. They have a huge selection of shampoos and balms that provide deep care.


According to customer reviews, the best tandem shampoo balm is Indigo. He copes with all kinds of hair, restores damaged hair and, in general, takes care of the health of curls much better. Almost following him Kapous, which removed the dryness of curls once and for all. However, for some buyers, it caused itching of the scalp.

In the last places Garnier "Fructis" and Planeta Organica. Both brands have the same complaints - the composition is completely unnatural, there is no effect, and someone even says that their curls have become worse.

You can learn how to choose shampoo and hair balm from the next video.

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