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Hand cream-serum Black pearls

The Russian brand "Black Pearl" has been pleasing women with cosmetic skin care products for over 15 years, not inferior to leading foreign manufacturers of quality cosmetics. One of the company's most popular products is Black Pearl Hand Cream. What are the new products in this series and what effect they have on the skin, we learn below.

Features and Benefits

The components of the cream are aimed at delicate hand skin care. Thanks to natural ingredients, they have a gentle effect on the skin. A unique combination of the latest technology and natural ingredients allows you to get the maximum result in one to two weeks.

  • Serum Cream begins immediately after application. It acts at the cellular level, restoring the structure of the epidermis.
  • Protection, moisturizing and food is provided during the day.
  • Series Tools Suitable for day and night care.
  • The effect begins to manifest two minutes after applying the product.
  • With regular care the skin becomes supple, soft and moisturized.
  • Creams series provide protection of the skin from external aging factors, saturating it with oxygen.
  • Each remedy "Black Pearl" It has a unique composition with a vitamin complex.
  • Products sold in bottles and nice design, easy to use.
  • Every remedy is economical, and the processing procedure does not take more than three minutes.

Intensive Nutrition

The tool is designed for day care for hand skin from 18 years. It is intended for sensitive and prone to dry skin, does not cause allergic reactions, does not irritate the skin of the hands, transforming the epidermal cells after the first application.

Thanks to provitamin B5, which is part of the cream, the skin becomes soft, fine wrinkles are less pronounced, and sometimes smoothed.

Shea butter moisturizes skin cells, and chamomile minimizes irritation and redness, having an antiseptic effect.

This drug is perfect for those who work with potent chemicals, restoring the structure of the epidermal cells: they become "like new" in one week. It has a light texture, saturating the skin with nutrients.

Active Moisturizing

The tool is intended for ambulance, providing a quick result in minutes. It is designed for dry, moisture-free skin. In addition to hydration, the cream protects cells from moisture loss, creating a thin protective film that retains moisture in the skin.

The composition of the product includes almond oil, which eliminates dryness and a complex of moisturizing components, restoring the skin's moisture balance.

Panthenol in combination with silk proteins renews the epidermal cells. Ylang-ylang oil relieves irritation, eliminates peeling of sensitive and delicate skin, reduces signs of aging and restores water balance.

Thanks to vitamin E, which is part of the cream, protection against the negative effects of harmful environmental factors is created and the cells are updated. Vitamin B5 smoothes the skin, eliminating peeling and dryness and making it soft and beautiful.

"Double action"

This cosmetic product is intended to moisturize the skin of the hands, strengthen the cuticle and prevent brittle nails. In essence, this two products in one bottle, comprehensive care. It contains peach seed oil, soy protein and vitamins A, F, E. Thanks to this set of components, the skin acquires elasticity and hydration within a week, it becomes soft and looks younger.

Thanks to the vitamin complex, nails receive nutrients, become stronger, look beautiful and well-groomed.

The cream is suitable for any season. It has a light consistency and quick absorption. However, for completely dry skin it is better to choose a nourishing cream.

Who is suitable for

Hand creams "Black Pearls" are designed for gentle care and are shown:

  • with peeling, dryness;
  • in case of weathering in the cold;
  • for hydration and saturation with nutrients;
  • at the first signs of aging epidermal cells;
  • with sagging skin for elasticity;
  • to maintain natural tone;
  • with irritation, redness.

Mode of application

The cream is applied to clean skin, evenly distributed with gentle massaging movements from the wrist to the fingertips. You can apply the product after the street or at any convenient time during the day.

You can use it before going out. In this case, it is better to apply it half an hour before the release: this will save your hands from over-drying or weathering in the cold.

Before going to bed, you can use a little more means, applying it in a thick layer. If you want more hydration, you can put on unnecessary gloves on top, and after half an hour blot excess cream with a napkin. This method is relevant for strong weathering. It allows you to maintain good condition of the skin of the hands.

Comprehensive Care

In order to look young and beautiful, one must not forget about the skin of the face. Creams of a series for hands need to be applied together with a complex for face skin care. One of the company's most popular cosmetic products is the Self-Rejuvenation anti-aging series, which includes different products for every age, approved by dermatologists and cosmetologists.

This line of drugs allows you to improve the appearance of the skin, restore its healthy appearance, maintain its natural tone and give elasticity and smooth wrinkles in more mature age. The components of the funds act as an activator of collagen production, restoring the natural beauty and fit of the face at the cellular level.

These funds penetrate deep into the pores, saturating them with vitamins and minerals. The complex includes a series of creams: 26+, 36+, 46+, 56+. Products have a rejuvenating effect.

Do not forget about the skin of the eyelids. For them, the brand has developed a moisturizing concentrate cream serum. It includes Aqualift-Asset7, more effective than coenzyme Q10. Like hand creams, when applied, the feeling of tightness and dryness immediately decreases. After three weeks, wrinkles are smoothed out, their number is noticeably reduced. This product is also intended for facial skin care. It comes in a convenient bottle with a beautiful design and an economical dispenser.


The brand is well established among the consumer. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on the Internet. The domestic manufacturer receives a lot of positive comments indicating good quality, reasonable price and a rich selection of cosmetics.

The advantages of the company's creams include hypoallergenicity, dense texture and fast absorption. It is pleasing to fans of the brand that the products are suitable for any type of skin, the effect lasts almost the whole day, without a greasy film.

With regular care, it is noted that dryness, sagging and the first signs of aging disappear. The skin becomes elastic, toned and looks healthy. Creams of the series adapt to the individual needs of the cells, recognize and eliminate violations of natural processes, prolonging youth from the inside.

The video below is a review of Black Pearl Hand Cream.

Some reviews speak of a pungent odor, which not everyone likes. Others are satisfied with the unobtrusive odor of perfumes. The reviews confirm the professionalism of the developers of cosmetics, its good quality and compliance with the stated requirements.

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