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Cream expert Black Pearl

Most women, with signs of aging and withering, frantically seek the elixir of health and beauty. A significant part of them finds it in expert cream "Black Pearl".


Cosmetics "Black Pearl"is a domestic product, namely the concern"Viburnum"even a person famous far from cosmetology. Two perfumery and cosmetic factories became his" parents "-"freedom"and"New Dawn"which had considerable popularity during the Soviet Union. Needless to say, but the brand itself"Black Pearl"exists on the market for more than 10 years, thanks to the use of natural components and the introduction of the latest technologies.

Despite the growing demand for Western products, brand products are still a priority for most Russians of different ages. Here lies the main feature "Black Pearl", because the lines of makeup products are aimed at a specific age, skin type and even the time of year. That's Novelty "Expert Cream" can help with changes at different age stages.

The features of an expert cream include:

  • possibility of use from 26 years;
  • division into 4 age groups;
  • line of care products not only for facial skin, but also for the area around the eyes;
  • the presence in the composition of natural oils, for example, almonds and avocados;
  • enrichment of each product with vitamins and beneficial acids;
  • affordable cost in comparison with foreign analogues;
  • stylish design.

Harm and Benefit

Varieties of creams-experts of the company "Black Pearl" are divided into age groups, depending on which means change the composition. Some components are pleasing with naturalness, while others raise doubts as to whether a manufacturer offers us a good product or not.

An expert remedy refers to itself as "the first adaptive rejuvenation." The cream works on every part of the face, neck and décolleté in different ways, giving different areas proper nutrition and hydration.

Cellular rejuvenation in the 26+ series is due to such beneficial components as shea butter, shea butter, peach and grape seed. Of course, this is an unconditional benefit for the epidermis. Sun protection is achieved thanks to the plankton extract, which is not quite enough for an aggressive sun. So, to be without additional protection on hot days is harmful to the skin.

Active rejuvenation in the 36+ series also includes healthy oils, such as jojoba. Its beneficial properties are good for the skin, provided there are no allergic reactions. Cell renewal is achieved through fibranel or medicinal verbena extract. Numerous silicones can cause harm, which with insufficient daily cleansing of the skin clog pores.

Anti-aging rejuvenation from an expert cream is achieved by a large number of ingredients. So, lifting in a series of 46+ and 56+ is possible due to the presence in the composition of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The usefulness of these ingredients has been proven, however, and the harm of the peptides and proteins in their composition for sensitive skin has been argued by experts.


The presence of useful components in the composition is the key to pleasant emotions and the overall impression of the cream. A detailed study will help to see if enough active ingredients are in the cream of a domestic manufacturer.

The first place in the list of components is water, then - Dimethicone or liquid silicone, which has a softening and moisturizing effect. Dimethicone evenly distributes active substances on the surface, and therefore its presence in the composition is justified and useful. Another obscure name is Ethyhexyl stearate. However, it is not worth it to be frightened, because it means a substance from essential and vegetable oils necessary for the softness of the composition.

Among the oils in the composition stand out jojoba oil, peach, shea butter, avocado and other goodies pleasant to the skin. Each of them is aimed at skin regeneration, deep penetration into the layers of the epidermis and skin soothing. The bio-antioxidant in the composition is also an oil squeezed from grape seed.

There is also glycerin in the cream, which is a combination of water and fat. According to manufacturers, glycerin enhances the effect of the cream, allows you to retain moisture. However, opinions about this are controversial, and some experts do not recommend it for use on dry skin.

Hyaluronico 7, Fibranel, Multigialuron and Pro peptidesincluded as an antioxidant are medicinal verbena extract. It has excellent anti-aging properties, and most importantly, is natural and natural. The theme of extracts continues Plankton extractextracted from marine plants. Its value in the cream is to protect against harmful UV rays.

At the end of the composition there are polysaccharides and xanthan copper extracted from sweet wheat. These components are a kind of moisturizing concentrate for the skin.

A series of expert creams could not do without a preservative, because in its absence it is difficult to prevent bacterial decomposition in the composition. In line used gentle Methylparaben.

In addition, it is worth noting and funds with hyaluronic acid. It helps to retain collagen in the skin, and is extremely important for aging skin. In addition, hyaluron soothes the epidermis and relieves inflammation, preventing the skin from drying out. Despite its many advantages, hyaluron can easily cause allergies to sensitive skin, because the material for production is animal raw materials and bacteria.


Adaptive cream expert can be divided into two large groups:

  • for face;
  • for eyelids.

Each of the products can be used in the "day and night" mode, which is incredibly convenient, simple and clear.

However, first things first. The anti-aging cream for the face, neck and decollete in the 26 +, 36 +, 46 + and 56+ series has a decent frame in the form of a bottle with a pump. The adapter helps make the application process more hygienic. Bacteria from the hands do not pass into the product, as it would be in ordinary jars.

Eyelids are also pleased with the convenience of packaging. A plastic roller with a metal ball allows you to gently and gently distribute the product in the area around the eyes, while providing a gentle massage. The expert of youth for the eyelids in a specific age segment is the same in composition as a face cream. The difference lies in the consistency. The facial product has a light but dense structure, the anti-aging elixir for the eyelids resembles a gel and is practically weightless in a particularly sensitive area.

How to choose

A series of care products is perfect for any type of skin, however, even in the most versatile product, there are some nuances.

So, for oily and combination skin, an expert cream will be an excellent night remedy. For daytime application, a lighter product will be the best option.

Skin prone to dryness, on the contrary, will appreciate the idea of ​​using face and eyelid cream in a day-night mode. Oils will actively saturate the skin with all the necessary trace elements without creating a film on the face, as it could be in the case with the epidermis, prone to greasy.

Having determined the type, it is important not to forget about age recommendations. Numerical values ​​are somewhat arbitrary. So, if after 20 years the first wrinkles appeared, 26+ cream will help to level them, without harming the skin. Do not rush to start using creams for a more advanced age. The key composition here is thought out to the smallest detail and coincides with the features of the age phases. With a good effect, cream 46+ can be used for 55 years, having started using the 56+ series only in 60 years.

How to use

As stated earlier, Facial can be used in the morning and at night. Beauticians recommend performing procedures 1 hour before going out or an hour before preparing for bed. During this time, the cream will have time to absorb, and the skin will be saturated evenly and correctly.

It is worth saying that for a complete saturation with vitamins, a small amount of the drug is enough. The epidermis in this case receives more oxygen than in the situation with the applied thick layer of cream.

Applying cream also requires certain rules. First of all, the skin should be cleaned and toned, dried with a towel. The method of applying the expert cream is simple. It is enough to squeeze a little cream from the dispenser on the back of the palm and distribute it over the skin with massage movements from the bottom up. The only exception is the nose bridge, where movements must go from the center down.

Eye cream is also easy to use. The metal roller, passing at the upper eyelid from the inner edge to the outer and at the lower from the outer to the inner, gently distributes the product. For complete and faster absorption, you can supplement the procedure by lightly driving the cream with ring fingers.

Use an expert cream regularly. A pronounced cumulative effect will allow to eliminate wrinkles with each application and make the skin truly radiant and healthy.


Cream expert "Black Pearl" attracts ladies of various ages. Beautiful packaging, attractive price and amazing promises made many women try this tool. Reviews about him, it is worth saying, are mostly positive.

Satisfied girls talk about beautiful design and golden packaging. Compact and attractive bottle fits organically on dressing tables. The dispenser and roller for face and eyelids make all procedures as hygienic as possible. And the metal roller is considered an amazing idea, pleasantly cooling the eyelids and relieving puffiness.

The opinion of experts in home cosmetology about the composition of products is also quite positive. Natural oils are pleasing to the eye and inspire hope for the natural natural strength of each component. Upset, however, numerous silicones and parabens, although they are completely harmless.

Users mark the wordplay of the manufacturer. A simple but effective verbena extract is called a variety of fashionable names, misleading the savvy buyer about using innovative ingredients in the composition. In reality, everything turns out to be simple.

Owners of the product love their cream, although they do not see in it anything intellectual and able to adapt to each specific area on the face. Simple composition, pleasant texture, delicate aroma, stylish packaging and affordable price - that's what the domestic expert cream from "Black Pearl".

"Black Pearl" - a moisturizing face cream expert program for 26 years, more about this in the next video.

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