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Men's shampoo

Strong and healthy hair always attracts attention and creates a good impression of a person. Irreversible age-related changes in the body, poor-quality water, drugs, poor environmental conditions, stressful situations, bad habits, unhealthy nutrition - all this negatively affects not only the appearance of the hair, but also their internal health.

To ensure complete hair care and constant vitality, it is necessary to have a whole range of cosmetics, the leading place in which, of course, is shampoo.

It so happened that the representatives of the "beautiful half", unlike men, most responsibly select the optimal shampoo and know everything about them. The male half does not pay due attention to these cosmetics, which often causes hair problems to only get worse. This article will focus on shampoos intended for men, their differences and the optimal choice.

Features of funds for men

According to cosmetologists, the difference between male and female shampoos is simply enormous, as a result of which a conclusion is drawn about the inadmissibility of using one product by all family members. This is due to physiological characteristics: the sebaceous glands of men work more actively, which leads to excessive contamination of the scalp and hairline. To normalize the work of these glands and eliminate high fat content, cosmetology companies have developed a “special” men's shampoo, the varieties of which are currently presented in a very wide range.

Shampoos-gels, which are suitable not only for washing the head, but also the whole body, are especially popular with the "strong half".

When choosing the most optimal remedy, special attention should be paid to the composition of shampoos. Products containing silicone or sodium lauryl sulfate will not work for “strong representatives”, since they have more negative effects on the hair structure of male hair than there are positive aspects. But zinc is welcome, as it eliminates the oily sheen and normalizes the secretion of glands. Also, shampoo should deal with one of the main problems of the male sex - early hair loss, so the product should contain natural ingredients (onion extract, ginseng, etc.) that nourish the skin and prevent baldness.

Differences from women

Women's and men's shampoos carry a number of significant differences:

  • the acidity of the male skin is higher, therefore, the recommended shampoo for men should be at least marked pH 5.4, not female; pH 5.7;
  • men's products have a more perfumed composition and usually have a “typically masculine” aroma of menthol, lemon, mint, coffee or sea freshness;
  • women's shampoos are a cocktail from various nutrients and elements that favorably affect their hair and, mainly, moisturize them. In the means intended for men, such nutrients should be much less in order to maintain a longer volume and freshness, and they should mainly perform the function of degreasing the scalp and hair.


Today, the consumer market offers the widest range of men's shampoos, each variety of which is designed to deal with a specific problem. For an optimal shampoo, you need to objectively assess the condition of not only the hairline, but also the scalp.

From falling out

In case of premature hair loss, it is recommended to seek professional advice from a trichologist to obtain the optimal course of treatment for this problem. The most common causes of baldness are:

  • bad habitslike smoking and alcohol abuse, resulting in hair follicles not getting the right amount of oxygen;
  • testosterone boost (male hormone);
  • poor environmental conditions and not wearing hats at low air temperatures;
  • wrong choice of cosmetic hair care products.

Shampoo from hair loss should contain natural ingredients: extracts of medicinal plants, minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential oils, as natural components have regenerative properties, awaken hair follicles and activate hair growth, preventing their premature loss and fragility.


Dandruff is one of the most common diseases of the scalp, during which the normal development and regeneration of cells stops. On the epidermis, layers of dead skin cells are formed, which subsequently exfoliate.

The causes of dandruff:

  • fungal organismsthat infect the epidermis and block its normal functioning;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the presence of such chronic diseaseslike seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc .;
  • improper careAs a result, the sebaceous glands function incorrectly, clog the cells, which leads to their death.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary with the help of a specialist (dermatologist or trichologist) to determine the cause of dandruff and, starting from it, select the optimal shampoo.

Antifungal and bactericidal agents contain antibiotics such as ketoconazole, which kills the fungus, treats serious skin diseases and stops the spread of the disease.

Nourishing or tonic shampoo cleanses the skin and hair from impurities and fat, nourishes and restores the hair structure, which also eliminates dandruff. Such products often contain zinc, coal, tar or salicylic alcohol.


Sooner or later, due to natural hormonal changes in the body, gray hair forms in men, especially their small clusters can be observed in the temporal areas. At first, the hairs are few in number and do not cause much concern. But over time, they capture more and more areas of the scalp. Some call this gray hair "noble"and they don’t feel anxiety when it exists. Others, especially men under 40, acquire various means in order to hide this problem.

It is impossible to reverse this process and it cannot be washed off either. But cosmetologists have developed special tinted shampoos that help mask “silvered” hair.

They are divided into products that cover the color closest to natural, and shampoos that slightly tint problem areas.


Currently, a whole line of tinting cosmetics is being produced for men, which are softer than for women. But it’s not easy for men to choose the right shade, pursuing the task of adjusting the color of gray hair to natural. It should be remembered that coloring pigments can change the color too much, so you should choose a tool a tone lighter than your own natural hair color. Or you can turn to professionals in beauty salons.

The Kapous Life Color line of tinting agents, which offers a variety of shades from dark brown to light beige, can provide prompt assistance.

You need to use them like a regular shampoo, washing off immediately after soaping. Regular use will not eliminate gray hair, but will make them less noticeable.

"Just for Men Shampoo In HairColor" by Combe, a well-known cosmetics company, has the widest range of shades from light blond to charcoal black. This product is applied for 5 minutes. During this time, coloring pigments completely cover the gray hair with a natural shade and guarantee a shiny and healthy appearance of hair.

Redken’s popular “Color Camo” system with paint in 5 minutes will completely transform the look of your hair even with large areas of gray hair.

For aesthetics

This cosmetics is intended to eliminate the unpleasant yellowness of gray hair, which occurs due to natural oxidation. After using shampoo, such hair is gray, becomes silvery, ashen or platinum, but with a natural beautiful shine. When using, it is important to adhere to the time frames specified in the instructions for use. Otherwise, you can achieve the exact opposite result with an unnatural gray color.

Wella Famous Brand Launches Tint Shampoo "SP Just Men Silver", which not only cares and nourishes the entire hairline, but also gives the gray hair a natural glow.

Schwarzkopf Professional recently presented the shampoo "3D Men Gray Shampoo", which immediately gained the trust and great popularity of users, thanks to coloring pigments that neutralize unpleasant yellowness.

Also one of the most sought after is the Gray tint product of the L'Oréal Professionnel Homme line, which gives the hair a healthy shine and a noble ashy shade.

For daily care

For many years, trichologists and cosmetologists cannot agree on the same opinion: how harmful or useful it is to wash your hair every day. But they agree in one thing: it is worth exposing hair to only special means daily.

The modern consumer market presents a wide range of men's shampoos for daily care, depending on the type of hair. Each product is optimally suitable only for a specific type of hair: dry, oily, stiff, naughty or mixed. They have a soft caring composition, but optimally cleanses the hair and scalp from fat and other contaminants.

Trendy and megapopular shampoos are two-in-one means, that is, at the same time combining the properties of shampoo and shower gel, which allows you to take water procedures every day.


According to the results of numerous positive reviews of users of men's shampoos, some funds can be allocated:

  • Clear Vita ABE Ultimate Control Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Clear guarantees 100% dandruff treatment. Its composition with menthol and lemon extract not only effectively cleanses the hair, but also maintains a healthy and fresh look for a long time;
  • Shampoo Head & Shoulders "Maximum Fat Control" has a triple-action formula, thanks to which the product cleanses, vitamins, eliminates dry skin and dandruff, and protects against aggressive environmental factors;
  • men's shampoo with Schauma Activator caffeine Awakens hair follicles, cleanses hair and gives an indescribable aroma for a long time, which allows it to serve as a good antidepressant;
  • shower gel and Timotei shampoo "Energy charge / 2 in 1" It combines caring and tonic essential oils, giving an active charge of vigor for the whole day.

Rating of the best brands

According to the results of monitoring the popularity of products that care for male hair in professional salons, as well as the results of dermatological studies and quality control, a rating of the best brands was compiled. Honorable places were taken by products of such brands as Alerana, American Crew, Constant Delight, Adidas, Kerasys and Kapous.

Review of men's hair care from American crew look at the video below.


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