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Powder Vivienne Sabo

There is hardly a woman who has never used powder. This tool in modern life is designed to solve many problems: matting the skin, hiding its imperfections, protecting against ultraviolet exposure. Vivienne Sabo powder successfully copes with all these tasks.

About Brand

The history of the brand is shrouded in a halo of romanticism and some mystery.

At the beginning of the last century, a girl named Vivienne Szabo lived in Paris. She studied chemistry at the university, and spent her free time in the laboratory, where, together with her fiancé, Louis, she made up formulas for cosmetics and carefully wrote them down in a notebook. She and Louis dreamed of starting a business.

But the war began, and Louis went to the front. In parting, he gave her a pot of violets - her favorite flowers. Louis didn’t come back. And a few days before receiving notice of his death, the violets wilted.

This touching story is known from the diary of a girl. How was the fate of Vivien, it is not known - the diary on this ended.

Over the years, Vivienne’s notebook with formulas of cosmetics fell into the hands of people who understand formulas and cosmetics. The dream of young romantics came true - cosmetics were made according to their formulas. They are produced today. Formulas are being improved, the product range is expanding, and the brand got its name in honor of the girl - its creators were touched by an exciting story. Product packaging often shows the violets Vivienne loved so much.

The brand enjoys well-deserved popularity in many countries, as it combines excellent quality and affordable prices. Products are hypoallergenic, they are made from high quality raw materials using modern technology. Useful substances for the skin are often introduced into the composition of the products, which is not always found in decorative cosmetics.

The products of a modern brand are everything you need for modern makeup. The color palette of decorative cosmetics is very wide, any woman can choose the shades that suit her. Powder is also noteworthy - its range is very wide.

Features and benefits of cosmetics

Buying powder, many women opt for the Vivienne Sabo cosmetic product due to several advantages. And the fact that powder is not very expensive is not the most important of them.

This cosmetic product is available in various forms: compact, crumbly, in balls. Any lady has the opportunity to choose the one that is convenient for her.

Vivienne Sabo powder has a soft and delicate texture and is easy to use. Using Vivienne Sabo cosmetics, you do not have to update your makeup frequently throughout the day.

Among the existing palette of shades, it is easy to choose the one that suits your natural skin tone and adjusts to it, giving a beautiful healthy complexion. The product is able to not only hide skin imperfections and matte it for a long time, but also moisturize and protect it from ultraviolet exposure.

Universal powder Suitable for any type of skin, perfectly completes makeup.

With Highlighter You can perform fashion trend in makeup - face sculpting.

A feature of Vivienne Sabo cosmetics is the presence of products with special properties, which distinguishes it from many other brands.

Of course, women with oily skin often use powder, and many brands produce a special product.

However, oily skin often has a tendency to rashes and inflammation. Brand Vivienne Sabo this takes into account and produces a product that not only dries up inflammation, but also has a healing effect.

And for dehydrated skin is available moisturizing powder.


When choosing powder, one of the tasks is to choose the right shade. With Vivienne Sabo, this is possible.

The palette of shades contains several tones, ranging from very light beige to honey-sand. But even the latter will not turn out to be too dark - Vivienne Sabo cosmetics is designed for women with European skin type. It is typical that dark tones will give a tint to the tan without making the face too yellowish or reddish.

Powder in green packaging, designed for problem skin, has 3 tones. They are marked A1, A2, A3. Interestingly, when testing on a finger, all tones look very bright. However, when applied to the face, this effect goes away, the powder acquires a natural color. Therefore, women with very fair skin should not choose A3, although he will not make his face yellow.

A slightly wider palette of moisturizing powder (it is in a black box) - 4 tones. When testing, you can easily choose the desired shade.

It is also packed in black boxes matting powder. Since it is designed to complete makeup and matting, it is available in one tone. A lady with any skin tone can safely use it.

Powder in balls has two shades. Women with fair skin can use a darker one instead of a highlighter to get a light, natural blush.


The powder of the brand has an original composition. The manufacturer takes care of women and their beauty, and as part of the powder you will find talcum powder, reflective particles, natural oils, minerals and vitamins, as well as special additives.

Reflective particles are introduced into friable, with which a smooth coating is achieved. Oily silicone ingredients and mineral oil protect the skin and make it silky. And talcum powder provides dullness.

Interesting in its composition Ideal Sublime. It has an antibacterial effect, as it contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Based on these products, products for the care of problem skin are made.

You can learn more about powder from the video.

Another ingredient that you rarely find in powder is zinc oxide. Thanks to him, Ideal Sublime has a healing effect. Zinc oxide is a substance used to disinfect and dry inflammations. Regular use of Ideal Sublime can improve the condition of problem skin.

Each type of powder includes a fragrance, due to which a delicate delicate aroma is acquired.

Product Overview

The range of powders is quite extensive. There are universal products and products with special properties. They can be both compact and crumbly.

Ideal sublime

This product stands out among the compact. For women with oily skin, it is a real find, since not all brands produce a specialized product for problem skin. It has a persistent matting effect. And put on top of the appropriate foundation for makeup is able to maintain a beautiful face all day.

Nevertheless, if you want to correct makeup, you will do it without any difficulty: a convenient beautiful box has a mirror, a sponge is included in the package.

Product properties are fully consistent with the declared name: "Perfect cleansing." The ingredients in its composition act against skin flaws. In addition to the fact that the powder masks them perfectly, it actively fights redness and irritation and has a pronounced antibacterial effect, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

This medicinal product should not be used daily if the inflammation is gone.

The presence of three shades allows you to choose the right one and provide a velvety skin surface.

Nuage universal compact

This compact powder is a universal tool for completing makeup, as it is ideal for any skin tone. It has an ultra-thin texture, contains reflective pigments. It is invisible on the skin, as it is almost transparent. Nuage Universal Compact provides lasting makeup throughout the day, giving the skin a smooth matte look.

Nuage Matting Powder available in friable form. With this transparency, you get porcelain matte skin. the product has an extremely fine delicate texture and lays with a transparent veil on the face, remarkably aligning its color, matting it and fixing makeup. This effect is very stable, and the powder is economical to use.

If your skin is normal or dry, it is better to apply powder with a brush. And if you have oily skin that needs a more dense coating to eliminate oily sheen, it is better to use a sponge.

Bon marche

Bon Marche makeup powder is a very practical option. Suitable for all skin types, has a moisturizing effect. It contains vitamins and healthy ingredients.

It perfectly reduces minor bumps, hides redness and peeling, permanently fixes makeup. Aligning the color and adding velvety, it looks natural in any light.

Powder is available in several shades, they do not give yellowness to the face and perfectly adapt to your natural color and create a healthy look.

Some inconvenience is the lack of a mirror. Nevertheless, this silky facial product with a delicate violet aroma will give an impeccable makeup.

Hydratante Joli Moyen

Ladies with dry skin usually complain that it is difficult for them to choose a matting agent that would not dry the skin. With Hydratante Joli Moyen, their problem is easily solved. Although Hydratante Joli Moyen is designed for all skin types, it is ideal for those whose skin is prone to dryness.

It is no secret that in the pursuit of excellence, some owners of oily skin, especially young girls, intensively care for it and sometimes come to the opposite result and get dry skin. Hydratante Joli Moyen and for them will be the way out.

The fact is that this powder not only perfectly mattifies due to the talcum powder in its composition, but also actively moisturizes. Special ingredients and oils present contribute to this. Vitamins and other useful elements look after your face, help maintain skin in good condition.

The product has a light delicate texture, weighs lightly on the skin and provides a natural healthy look. The right shade will hide small flaws of the skin, redness and peeling, the skin will become silky and pleasant to the touch.

With Hydratante Joli Moyen moisturizing powder, you feel comfortable for the whole day, and the pleasant aroma of violets gives you extra pleasure.

Poudre melange

Poudre Melange consists of balls of different tones. The tones are mixed on the brush, and the powder lies on the face with a thin even layer, giving it a beautiful shade. This product is able to even out complexion and make pores visually smaller, which is great for oily skin.

Balls of different colors play a different role. Light ones are intended for a beautiful healthy look of your skin. they contain reflective particles responsible for an even tone. Bronze and dark balls mat and give a slight flicker.

Poudre melange help make the face more expressive. In combination with a bronzer and highlighter, she is an ideal tool for evening makeup.

Powder in balls is very economical, you have enough for a long time.


About Vivienne Sabo powder you can find a lot of reviews. The reviews are mostly positive.

Negative reviews were in those cases when the wrong shade was chosen.

Women like that they get a great product at a budget price. Some people say. That they bought this or that type of product spontaneously because of the low price, and were satisfied with the quality.

Ladies note a delicate delicate texture, beautiful tones of powder that do not give excessive yellowness. They consider it a plus that the brand launches the product in various forms, and in the morning you can use loose powder at home, and put a compact one in your cosmetic bag. And they add that with Vivienne Sabo you don’t have to update your makeup often.

According to reviews, all products fit well on the skin and are distributed on it.

Women note that the products have a high matting ability, well hide skin imperfections, significantly reduce pores.

According to the fair sex, all the declared qualities are true.

Ladies especially like moisturizing and antibacterial powder. After a period of use, the skin condition improves. Ladies with problem skin note that inflammation goes away, there are less rashes.

Ladies consider a beautiful complement to the packaging design and delicate aroma of the product.

Women say they will be purchasing the Vivienne Sabo product for a long time to come.

Watch the video: КОСМЕТИКА VIVIENNE SABO. СТРЁМ ИЛИ НОРМ? с Natalina MUA (January 2020).


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