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Baby cream Weleda

Care for the baby’s delicate skin begins from the first days of his life. Young and experienced mothers are unanimous in the opinion that cosmetics for children should be natural - the European company Weleda took care of this. The brand is famous for a series of skin and hair care products for children from birth, as the products contain mainly natural plant components that grow on our own territory in the heart of Germany.

Weleda Baby Cream is based on calendula extract and a series of vegetable oils, for which modern parents adore it so much, and the brand’s products vary in scope.

For body care, the classic Weleda cream based on calendula with a thick consistency is suitable, for the face choose a protective balm against the weather or a nutritious product, and for the swaddling area - choose a special cream protection against diaper rash.


Weleda baby cream was created to care for newborns and older children: the company's specialists are sure that the modern rhythm of life and the environment do not allow taking care of the child on its own, delicate skin needs more protection than ever. The product of an eco brand has features that make it suitable for caring mothers:

  • The natural composition of the cream - Its most important advantage: marigold extract, sesame oil, the absence of preservatives, flavors, silicones and other chemicals indicates safety for the baby and his mother;
  • Convenient tube packaging allow economical use of baby cream;
  • The rich texture of the product is well distributed over the surface of the dermis and is quickly absorbed and creates a protective film on the surface of the skin;
  • Weleda Cream Has a subtle pleasant smell with hints of calendula;
  • Weleda baby product is suitable for moisturizing and protecting any part of the baby’s face and body: cheeks and nose, pens, diaper area, legs;
  • "Calendula Baby" is ideal for use under the diaper, since it has nourishing, protective and soothing properties;
  • Baby creams with calendula are different: there is a special composition for use in the area of ​​swaddling, separate products for the face and body;
  • Each of them is suitable for use also for the sensitive dermis of a newborn or an adult child.
  • Creams differ in consistency: body cream has a dense texture compared to the same product for the face. "Calendula Baby" for the diaper area creates an additional film to protect delicate skin, and is not recommended for use on the face.

A cream with Weleda calendula is useful for every mother, because it is often universal in its properties, has a high-quality and carefully selected composition.

The components of the product practically do not cause allergies, however, before the first use on a sensitive dermis of a child, it is better to conduct a reaction test first: apply a little composition to the bend of the elbow - if after 5 minutes there is no irritation, the cream can be used on another part of the body.


Weleda baby cream with marigold extract is based on pure water and sesame oil, indispensable components for gentle hydration and care.

Sesame seed oil has nutritional properties - the baby’s delicate and thin skin feels uncomfortable under the diaper: it preters, dries, and sometimes becomes sloppy.

Moisturizing components are glycerin and calendula flower extract. This yellow plant grows on the own plantations of the cosmetic company Weleda, which does not use chemicals and toxic fertilizers, so flowers and other representatives of the fauna naturally reach their maturity and absorb all the best from nature.

Calendula has calming properties, which is especially necessary for baby skin. Weleda cream contains a little white clay in its composition: it dries up inflammation on children's skin and relieves swelling.

Skin care

Every mom should have a classic baby cream with Weleda calendula in the arsenal of a children's cosmetic bag. It is universal in its application and can be used on any part of the child’s body, including on the face of the child and the skin of newborns. It is recommended to use Weleda baby cream with calendula in the area of ​​swaddling, provided that the baby is not prone to inflammation and has normal skin.

Its texture is rather dense, but the product is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves nothing superfluous on its surface. The classic children's cream Weleda nourishes the epidermis well and moisturizes it, helps fight peeling, dry skin and inflammation.

Among its components there are antibacterial elements that stop the spread of microbes and heal the delicate and thin skin of the baby.

For face

The skin of the child’s face needs protection - modern pediatricians insist on this. The gentle dermis suffers at any time of the year: in winter from strong winds and frost, in summer - from the harmful effects of UV rays and a dry climate. Face cream with Weleda calendula moisturizes and soothes the baby’s skin, soothing and protecting it from external conditions.

Almond and sesame oils provide gentle nutrition to the epidermis, extract of solar calendula normalizes the processes in the skin, relieves irritation from its surface. The product is suitable for daily use at any time of the year, but it does not protect against ultraviolet radiation - it does not contain SPF protection factor. It is recommended to use it after sunburn to soothe the skin.

To protect children's skin, choose a balm with calendula extract, which will protect the epidermis from the formation of dryness and peeling. Children's protective balm against wind and cold has a light texture and reliably protects from harsh environmental conditions. Both face products fight the dryness of the baby’s epidermis and moisturize the skin well; they can also be used to care for and protect delicate hands, as these areas of the body especially need to be moisturized due to frequent washing.

Under the diaper

The cream is designed to protect the baby's skin in the area of ​​swaddling. It is in this place that the children's dermis is most affected, unaccustomed to such conditions. The composition of the product "Calendula Baby" for newborns contains an extract of calendula flowers, which have soothing properties and well moisturize the thin skin of a newborn and grown up babies.

Among the useful components of calendula extract, carotenoids and flavanoids are distinguished for gentle softening and protection of the epidermis, in addition, the cream forms an invisible film-protection against diaper rash.

The use of Calendula Baby diaper rash cream is as follows: it is recommended to first apply it on the hands and rub it, warm it between the palms, and only then apply it on the baby's skin. You can apply the composition on previously cleaned and dry skin of the child - this will allow the product to better absorb into the surface of the epidermis, and it is better to leave it a little on the skin - do not put on the diaper immediately. The use of Calendula Baby Cream is not limited to the fact that it is applied under a diaper. Use it after washing a baby or baby who does not use diapers during the day; the cream moisturizes and restores the skin well, which often become sensitive after wearing diapers.


Young mothers are satisfied with the classic baby cream for face and body Weleda. They note the natural composition: water, a complex of oils, several other moisturizing and drying ingredients, nothing more. In addition, the product is suitable for application to absolutely any part of the body, and the most unpretentious, but caring parents use this product to care for children's skin.

For the diaper area, parents often choose "Calendula Baby" - a baby protective cream for diaper rash, dryness and irritation. It contains the same extract of calendula, and young mothers note the quality work of the product: after the first use, the baby’s skin is less susceptible to inflammation and redness, diaper rash formed earlier almost immediately passes, giving way to healthy baby skin.

A winter favorite is a protective face balm against winds and frosts Weleda - nutritious, saturated, it will protect the baby’s thin skin from the negative effects of external conditions and will additionally moisturize thanks to the complex of oils in its composition.

Weleda Nourishing Face Cream is another leader for the cold season.

It has a denser rich consistency and seems oily, but does not leave unpleasant sensations on the skin after complete absorption.

Overview of Care Products From WELEDA for children - in the video below.

Watch the video: Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream 96% Organic. . CRUELTY FREE. REVIEW (January 2020).


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