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Shampoo Garnier

Everyone knows that in our time there are too many different factors that can damage your curls. They lack vitamins and other beneficial substances, so very often they become dull and lifeless. The Garnier brand has long been famous for its shampoos, which not only help your strands and nourish them, but are also very inexpensive.

Brand history

The year 2004 was marked for the company as a celebration of 100 years since its foundation. It all started in the city of Blois, where Alfred Garnier released his first innovative hair balm. A hundred years ago, this was a huge push forward, because people then washed their hair with ordinary soap.

In 1936, the company began to produce the first sun protection products, and ten years later they were actively engaged in the production of shampoos and lotions. In 1960, the first means for painting hair were created. The product with which it was possible to carry out these procedures at home was especially popular.

Five years after the acquisition of Garnier by French company L Oreal, progress has become even faster and more extensive. Innovative products such as dandruff lotion and sun protection oil have appeared. And in 1990, the launch of skin care products. The year 2010 was marked by another innovation - a deodorant for men.

Despite all these years, the company has remained simple and open and still cares about its customers. Therefore, they always try to use natural ingredients.

Composition feature

As mentioned above, for Garnier is very important to produce natural and natural shampoos. After all, first of all, they should not harm the hair. The manufacturer declares that the composition of the supplied products contains many fruits and other useful extracts. Let's see if this is so.

Garnier contains two main components: kerafil - a vegetable protein that works from the inside, restoring curls and gooseberry oil, eliminating split ends.

However, the manufacturer is silent about such components as laureth sulfate and lauryl sulfate, which are included in almost all means. These components usually help against oily hair and are not considered natural.

In general, you should not expect miracles and a completely natural composition from this shampoo, but be that as it may, it contains fruit extracts and many other useful components.

What hair problems does it solve?

Garnier products are designed to solve as many strand problems as possible. So that people using it do not seek to buy funds from other companies. There are several care options that address specific problems.

Greasy hair

This problem haunts many girls and boys, because when the curls quickly get dirty and hang in untidy strands - it looks messy and ugly. Shampoos can save you from such a disaster. Fructis "Vitamin Strength" and "Freshness". There are other problems - for example, the skin near the head is oily, and the tips are dry and in this case the line products are betterUltra doux"but besides it you should use balms that soften.

Dry hair

Such curls require constant nutrition, and if they do not get it, then they begin to look like straw. Shampoo can solve this problem. Fructis Triple Recovery", which cleanses and nourishes.

Brittle strands require the same care with balsam.


There are many remedies for her, but if your hair, in addition to this problem, is also struggling with fat, then Fructis two in one will definitely help you.

These are the main problems, but besides them, Garnier takes care of solving others. For example, such as:

  • Curls without volume;
  • Thin strands;
  • Hair loss;
  • Painted;
  • Dull;
  • Split ends;
  • Requiring recovery.

In addition, among the funds of this company there are shampoos for normal curls, as well as for children.

Product lines

Garnier is famous not only for a variety of products, but also for a variety of products, each line of which is created for a certain type of hair and needs.

First of all, of course, it’s worth saying about the means "Botanic Therapy"They were designed to give the strands proper care, and tried add as many natural ingredients as possible.

Such as castor oil and almond, royal jelly and so on. They do not contain parabens and other harmful additives, and therefore are well suited to use often.

About Products "Fructis"probably everyone knows. They are constantly developing new formulas to help hair. Among these funds there are shampoos that provide deep care for damaged curls, suitable for eliminating dandruff and dyed hair.

You will receive the most natural and cleanest care with products "Ultra doux". They do not contain parabens, but also they do not have silicone, which can be and makes curls beautifulbut with regular care is simply harmful. Each product has several ingredients that go with any shampoo. For example, green tea, which strengthens great, citron gives an incomparable brilliance, eucalyptus brings health to your curls, and nettles were previously used to make hair thick.

In addition, verbena is added there, giving hair elasticity and beauty.

As you know, children need slightly different care products. More gentle, soft, suitable for their hair and scalp. Garnier "Ultra Doux"developed several products specifically for your little ones. These products are different soft composition and do not pinch the eyes of children.

Moreover, they are hypoallergenic and do not tangled hair after washing.

"Botanic Therapy"

As mentioned earlier, this line contains many natural ingredients. Let's look at some of their shampoos:

  • "Castor oil and almonds" - This is a soft care for weak and prone to hair loss. At the heart of this tool is a special formula that does not contain dyes and parabens, as well as deeply cares for your hair and gives them a full recovery. At the heart of castor oil, which strengthens and intensifies the growth of curls and almonds, restores strands and gives them strength and shine.

This shampoo was created specifically for an intense life, when there is an urgent need to wash your hair regularly and often, without harming your hair.

  • Cranberry and Argan Oil - This product is designed specifically for painted or highlighted strands. Cranberries in the composition just preserves your color, and argan oil nourishes, preventing the curls from drying out. As a result, you get bright, beautiful and soft hair that is easy to comb and literally shine.

For fixing and a greater effect, it is recommended to use a rinse conditioner.

  • "Royal jelly and propolis" - cares for severely damaged hair with split ends. Royal jelly in the composition nourishes the hair along the entire length and reduces the number of split ends, while propolis is a natural remedy for hair restoration, giving it softness and beauty. With regular use, you will notice a reduced number of split ends, hair will become easier to comb and pour a healthy shine.

To make hair restoration more effective, manufacturers advise to use a mask in addition to shampoo.

  • "Legendary Olive" - This is a novelty created specifically for dry and damaged curls. Natural olive oil contains not only fatty acids, but also useful antioxidants, as well as vitamin E. Many years ago, our ancestors used this tool, to give your hair beauty and smoothness.

For the best effect, the manufacturer advises using a mask as well.

"Ultra Doux"

This line is known for double strength and effect on your hair. In addition, it does not contain harmful substances, such as parabens and silicone. We have selected for you the five best products from this category:

  • "The Life Force of Provence" - a tool suitable for normal curls that look dull and lifeless. Lavender and rose essential oils nourish and give strands a vibrant, natural shine. It is good to use this tool after applying a firming mask to the hair and rinse it off.
  • "Avocado and Shea" - for damaged hair that is split. Avocado oil softens the hair and makes it obedient, and shea nourishes the curls, while not making them heavier. In the end, you get full restoration, healthy shine of locks and beauty of hair.
  • "Green Tea and Grapefruit" - A new shampoo designed specifically for men. Green tea tones well, and grapefruit will refresh you every time. The formula of the shampoo is so gentle and gentle that it can be used every day. Eventually hair becomes strong, strong and energized for the whole day.
  • "5 herbs" - A universal product suitable for people with any type of hair. Thanks to the plant-rich composition, it nourishes and strengthens perfectly, and also gives the hair the necessary vitamins and minerals. Green tea strengthens the hair, eucalyptus gives healthy strength, lemon gives shine, verbena gives elasticity, and nettle thickens.
  • "Cocoa and Coconut" - This is an excellent solution for dry and naughty curls. Cocoa butter is a valuable source of nutrition, and coconut smoothes and provides rich care. In addition, it is light in texture and makes the strands as airy and soft.


This line is known for the large presence of fruits in the composition and good hair restoration. We picked up the two most popular shampoos and reviewed:

  • "Thick and luxurious" - firming agent for hair. With it, your curls will become thicker and stronger. The manufacturer says that with regular use of hair, it becomes thirty percent more voluminous and acquires a healthy shine.
  • SOS Recovery - This product is specifically designed for cross-sectional and very damaged hair. Shampoo strengthens both the inside using kerafila, both from the outside, thanks to gooseberry oil, which perfectly restores.

The manufacturer promises a visible result after three applications - restoration, fewer split ends and strong hair.

For kids

"Apricot" is a baby shampoo tailored to your child’s needs. The apricot in the composition smells good and creates a mood, and the cotton flowers make your baby's curls softer.

The shampoo is hypoallergenic, does not pinch eyes and does not allow hair to tangles, but gives them a pleasant aroma of apricot.


There are many pleasant reviews about baby shampoo. Several mothers, having tried many other brands, recognized the apricot remedy as the best for children's hair. They say it does not dry out the skin, the hair after it is soft and smells nice. However, many, however, were asked by the composition and how safe it is for the child.

Product "Recovery" caused quite a negative reaction. Many buyers say that he not only does not fulfill his stated promises, but also causes itching of the scalp, dandruff, and also does not restore hair. Of the advantages, users indicated the smell and low price.

About many Garnier shampoos, customers had about the same impression. Most straining composition, as it contains many chemical elements that can damage the hair. They also write that shampoos of this brand dry the skin and cause dandruff, and in some people the hair has become even worse than before using this remedy.

The main complaint is that the manufacturer does not fulfill its promises at all.

However, there are exceptions. Positive reviews were about shampoos: "Cranberries and Argan Oil "," Castor Oil and Almonds "," Cocoa and Coconut "and" The Power of 5 Plants ". If you look at the rulers by reviews, the most users liked "Botanic Therapy"which really helps.

The following video is an overview of Garnier Ultra Doux Strength 5 Plants shampoo for all hair types.

Watch the video: Garnier fructis shampoo Review in Hindi,sunder ghane baal (January 2020).


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