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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hand Cream Dolce Milk

Choosing a hand protection product is no less complicated than choosing any other skin care cosmetics. Hands are the visiting card of a well-groomed woman, they should cause a desire to touch, attract admiring glances. The Russian brand Loren-Kosmetik, which produces Dolce Milk hand cream with a unique composition, stands out favorably from a large number of caring products.

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The power of milk and fruit

The name of the collection can literally be translated as "sweet milk." This is due to the fact that to create the Dolce Milk line, milk proteins are used as the main ingredient in combination with natural extracts of fruits and berries. Interacting with each other, natural components make the application of caring products incredibly effective:

  • The main component is milk proteins. Natural protein complexes and whey create a unique combination that positively affects the condition of the skin.
  • Shea butter is known for its healing properties. Actively moisturizes and nourishes the cells with a complex of beneficial vitamins.
  • Vitamin E responsible for the regenerative effect, this component is famous for its rejuvenating property, often used in the manufacture of expensive face and body masks.
  • Unique aroma It is created thanks to the natural extracts of various berries and fruits contained in the composition, such as figs, mangoes, wild berries, bananas. Products are famous for the lack of unpleasant chemical odorants.
  • As an additional component is used cosmetic wax which enhances the action of active components, creates an invisible protective barrier.

The line of care products is wide enough and ideal for any very picky girl.

A cream with an extract of banana, berries, and figs has sweet smells. One of the most popular products from the line - the cream "Milk and Mango" smells like real mangoes that seem to have just fallen from a tree. Those who like fresher smells will like the aromas of grapes or mint.


A small amount of the product is applied to clean skin. If scrubbing is carried out before application, the effect will be even greater. Thanks to its delicate texture, the instant absorption and nutrition process begins. After application, there is no sticky film, the skin instantly becomes softer, more tender. You can safely continue to do their own business, not being afraid to leave greasy marks on objects. You can use it all day, as soon as there is a need for additional nutrition and hydration.

Package design

All Dolce Milk products are designed in the same style. Multi-colored bottles and tubes look great on one shelf, creating a great mood. The design is quite concise - a plain background, bright letters. The soft tube is equipped with a shiny black lid, which is easy to tighten and reliably protect the cream from drying out. Miniature packaging makes the product convenient to use in any situation - you can throw it in your purse to use it when you need it.


Dolce Milk attracts a lot of attention from those who are looking for the perfect way to take care of themselves and their bodies, pay much attention to their beauty, positive reviews prevail over negative ones.

Owners of dry and sensitive skin note a positive effect on the condition and appearance of the hands, a decrease in dryness, a decrease in peeling and redness.

Many note that the tool is indispensable in cold weather, when the hands need special care. After application, the skin is as if covered with an invisible protective film, which does not allow frost to have a negative effect, prevents the appearance of cracks, dryness, redness.

Fans of natural ingredients note the lack of chemical fragrances in this tool.

With constant use, there is a significant improvement in the general condition of the skin of the hands. It becomes smoother and firmer, a pleasant velvety appears. Also, the Russian manufacturer ilk manages to keep the price of its products at a sufficiently low level, which infinitely pleases all lovers of this wonderful fragrant cream.

A large number of girls note the convenience of packaging and its attractive design, a convenient tube will look great in any cosmetic bag.

Watch the video: Faberlic, Oriflame, Splat, Dolce Milk, Yummmy-presents from подарокu от @cosmeblog (January 2020).


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