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Which body oil is better

Hard water, poor-quality care products, stress, poor diet lead to dryness, dehydration and clogging of pores in the skin of the body. Nature itself successfully solves this situation, offering natural body oil that can solve many problems and transform a person externally and internally.

Benefits of using

The replacement of cosmetics for skin care with natural oils has its advantages. Firstly, it is an opportunity to stop applying various thickeners, preservatives and stabilizers to the skin, sometimes negatively affecting the general condition of the epidermis. As part of a natural oil product, you can see only useful fatty acids and a lot of vitamins that our tired skin needs so much.

In addition, various formulations can deal with problems such as:

  • lack of moisture;
  • sagging and loss of elasticity;
  • micronutrient deficiency;
  • cellulite;
  • negative emotions.

The last point is worthy of attention, because it is unlikely that you can get vigor for the whole day, relaxation, restful sleep and a charge of positive emotions from any ready-made cream or lotion. Aromatherapy with oils is unique and miraculous.


There are a huge number of nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries and tree species from which medicinal oil mixtures are extracted by cold and hot pressing. Each of the species has its own function, and also goes well with other oils and doubles the beneficial effect.


Base oils are obtained from those parts of plants where the most fat is. In most cases, these are seeds, seeds and nuts. The best body oil is considered to be a cold pressed product.

The advantages of the basic species are ease of use. An absolute number of them can be applied in pure form without diluting or mixing with anything. It can be dense in consistency and liquid, however, in both cases their consumption is small, and the shelf life under the right conditions reaches several years. Using base oils is not only beneficial, but also beneficial.

Continuing the theme of savings, it is worth noting that some of the basics have a really low cost. So, the popular one is olive base. It is aimed at rejuvenating the skin, its nutrition and anti-cellulite effect. Another common and even more budget kind is unrefined sunflower oil. It must be mixed with other ingredients without fail.

Among the bases there are also more exotic and fragrant species, for example, base of coconut or cocoa. These species are used in pure form only for very dry and keratinized skin on the knees, elbows and heels. When combined with other basic components, they are suitable for caring for the entire skin of the body.

An easy base is jojoba, avocado and peach. They do not clog pores and are quickly absorbed into the skin, without requiring additional actions in the form of blotting the skin with a paper towel.

On the benefits of base oils for the body, using coconut as an example, see the next video.


When deciding to undertake cosmetic procedures, it is worth thinking about buying ether. Base oils with their help are saturated with a large number of vitamins and can several times improve the effect of the application. However, essential oil cannot exist in home cosmetology without a base, because its concentration is so strong that it can lead to burns, irritations and irreversible changes in the skin.

Interestingly, several different esters can be extracted from one plant, such as from an orange tree. Their properties and smell will differ significantly and carry various beneficial properties for the body. We list the best esters for weight loss, the fight against cellulite and stretch marks:

  • cypress;
  • fennel;
  • rosemary;
  • citrus;
  • geranium.

With the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells, patchouli and orange esters effectively cope. The best sedative after shaving and hair removal can be considered esters of patchouli, cedar wood, bergamot and rosewood.

A girl blogger shares a video - a recipe for a mixture of body oils, using essential oils.


Often the skin needs proper and rich hydration. The loss of natural moisture can be affected by the cold season or sunbathing. In this case, the use of jojoba oil, avocado, cocoa. It will cope well with the moisturizing function and vitamin E, which is found in large quantities in wheat germ oil. Coconut It is also effective in overdrying the skin, and is considered one of the effective and pleasant means for the skin after sunbathing.

An easy way to moisturize is to use the almond base. It can be a lifesaver for all owners of dry skin, saving time, because it is absorbed instantly and is not able to leave greasy marks on clothes.

Among esters, sandalwood and rose are considered the best moisturizers. The latter effectively saturates the skin from the outside, because it contains a large number of vitamins B and C. Sandalwood also helps to retain moisture, protecting it from drying out.


One of the most nutritious and healing agents can be considered apricot kernel oil. Its amazing effect lies in the composition rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as in the presence of potassium, magnesium salts, polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is not recommended to be used in its pure form; the maximum dose for the total mixture should not exceed 15 percent.

A good choice for body nutrition is avocado oil. You can use it in its pure form. Lecithin, protein, vitamins and fatty acids are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, making the process of self-care as simple as possible.

Dry and normal skin will help saturate with important vitamins and minerals. raspberry seed oil. Oily skin, which also requires special care and nourishment, will be glad for the lung. hazelnut oil.


Body oil can be natural and purchased at the store. Both those and others have their pros and cons. For example, if some natural one-component products can be stored for several years, then the mixtures of components have a rather short shelf life. And this means that from time to time you will have to prepare a new composition of the healing mixture.

Speaking about the pros, creating homemade oil, you can be sure of the composition and percentage of the ratio of ether and base. In addition, in most cases, the purchase of the necessary components will be more profitable than buying a jar of salon skin care products.


Not every girl is ready to spend time searching and combining ingredients to create a miracle remedy. Here, ready-made jars and bottles come to the rescue. In their composition, of course, more than various substances. Glycerin, binders, water and perfume are present in the finished version in addition to healthy esters and base oils. Their correct proportions are not able to harm the skin, which means it is recommended to use them as an alternative to creams and lotions.


A child’s body needs oils almost from birth. They are ready to save the delicate skin of the crumbs from diaper rash and irritation, make the massage procedure painless and easy.

Among natural oils, coconut and liquid paraffin are often used. The latter is included in most of the finished products, however, for many this is not very good news, because it was created through the processing of oil. As evidenced by numerous reviews, the top best companies include such manufacturers of baby oils as Johnsons baby, Our Mother, Bubchen.

How to choose

In order for the oil choice to be correct, a skin type should be soberly and accurately evaluated. Especially reverent should be treated oily skin, because there are not so many suitable oils in this case.

If the type of active ingredient is selected, it is time to go in search of the perfect jar with a healing remedy.

To choose the oil, it is important to remember a few rules:

  • purchase of fresh oil, despite a long shelf life;
  • purchase from trusted suppliers;
  • assessment of the correct storage in the store;
  • good oil cannot be cheap;
  • when buying a finished product, you should check the composition for naturalness and harmlessness.

How to use

The application of body oils can take place during the therapeutic and relaxing massage procedures, after visiting the shower or sauna, as well as during body wraps. Each action has some features in the application of a healing agent.

So, after a shower, the oil is preheated in the hands and applied to moist skin with soft massaging movements. Small portions of the product are thoroughly rubbed, and the excess is removed with a well-absorbing towel, for example, from terry.

When using oil for massage and body wraps, it is best to mix it with suitable esters. The effect of the procedure will be more noticeable and stronger. Excess and greasy film will help clean the paper towel.

Watch the video: Best oils for skin care. Dr Dray (January 2020).


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