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Cosmetic face oils

To date, in cosmetology, oils for personal care are very popular. Lists of active oils include both vegetable and essential oils. This article will discuss what kind of cosmetic oils should be used to care for your face, and how to choose them correctly, based on the individual characteristics of the body.

Types and properties

In general, all cosmetic oils are popular due to their natural origin. They are made without the use of any chemical additives, so you can be sure that the selected product will not harm you.

Manufacturers get this organic product by squeezing almost all available parts of the plant: flowers, seeds, nuts, leaves, skins and even grains. Plants that are common with us, and those that can only be found in exotic countries with a warm climate, are used.

Of the common and, accordingly, inexpensive oils, one can note the squeezing of roses, rose hips, chamomiles, celandine or rosemary. Despite the fact that they are quite cheap, their benefits are quite obvious.

These oily products work well, first of all, because their composition resembles the fat secreted by the skin. Therefore, the epidermis responds well to such natural supplements. Masks based on such elements are perfectly absorbed. However, they do not cause allergies, therefore they are suitable even for sensitive skin.

But nevertheless, oils should be selected individually, trying to make them suitable for the problems of your skin or to be a universal solution for any problems. Let's look at several popular options for such natural cosmetics for face skin in order to understand what is best to choose.


For naturally dry skin or for the epidermis, which begins to peel off over time, it is best to choose castor oil. It perfectly softens the surface of the face and makes it smoother. And with regular use, castor oil even allows you to get rid of the first facial wrinkles.

This oil is perfect for very sensitive skin. But many people do not like this remedy because of its unpleasant smell. You can solve this problem by mixing castor oil with various additives.

Learn more about castor oil for the face from the video.

Sea buckthorn

Another interesting personal care product is sea buckthorn oil. It helps fight inflammation and even relieves acne and small pimples.

Both teenagers and mature women can use it. After all, it gives the face an even light color and removes minor damage from the skin. But with sea buckthorn masks, you should be extremely careful - adhere to the dosages indicated in the recipes so as not to harm your skin.

You will learn about face masks with sea buckthorn oil and their benefits from the video.


Of natural vegetable oils, olive is very popular. It can be found in almost any supermarket. It perfectly nourishes the skin, therefore it is often used for skin care.

An alternative to such a remedy is wheat germ oil. It is a little more rare, but at the same time very useful.


This multifunctional oil helps moisturize the skin and make it healthier both externally and internally. Two types of oils are suitable for the skin: stone fruit oil and squeezed fruit.


Close to the previous and coconut oil. It protects the skin from the influence of the external environment and nourishes it from the inside with useful trace elements. This oil is recommended for use on dry skin, as well as at times when the skin is subjected to maximum stress - in the heat, or vice versa, during severe frosts.

Learn more about recipes and how to use coconut oil for your face from the video.


Almond oil is suitable for nourishing skin that lacks vitamins, or that fades over time. This tool is perfect for caring for the delicate and sensitive area around the eyes. Using it on a regular basis, you will give your appearance freshness and liveliness.

Learn more about almond oil for the face from the video.


A universal remedy such as avocado oil is suitable for the care of all skin types. It saves dry or aging skin, and also accelerates the regeneration process. That is why it can be used on the inflamed epidermis, where there are some small pimples or wounds.

You will learn more about the properties of avacado oil and its use to improve facial skin from the video.


Fragrant and gentle peach oil will make your skin velvety and soft. An additional bonus is that this tool gives you the opportunity to tighten your face. Thus, you will look good and well-groomed at any age.

You will learn about the benefits of peach oil for the face and how to use it from the video.


Apricot kernel oil is similar to peach in its properties. It is the same fragrant and nourishes the skin in those days when the body lacks vitamins.

You will learn more about the beneficial properties of apricot oil and its uses from the video.


Finally, jojoba is also worth mentioning. This product is quite oily and viscous, so it is better to use it on the face not in its pure form, but as an additive to some kind of mask. In this composition, the product is suitable even for very sensitive and problematic skin. Shea butter has the same properties.

You will see more details about the beneficial properties of jojoba oil, as well as methods of applying facial oil and masa recipes in the video.

How to choose the right

You need to choose a care product from all the variety presented, taking into account the characteristics of your body.

So, for dry or aging skin, products with an oily base are better suited. They nourish the epidermis and make it smoother and more well-groomed. These include olive, castor and coconut oils. For combined facial skin, they can be used on areas that peel as much as possible - in the area around the eyes, on the cheeks or at the nasolabial fold.

If you are the owner of very oily skin by nature, it is better to avoid such oily formulations. Choose light oils - apricot, almond, peach. They gently relieve you of rosacea, age spots and acne. However, such funds do not harm sensitive skin.

How to use

Cosmetic facial oils can be used in many ways. They perfectly nourish the skin and have a moisturizing effect.

On dry skin, such an oily mixture can be used instead of cream. It must be used in the evenings so that it can nourish the surface of the epidermis at a time when your body is resting and recovering.

This moisturizer can also be used instead of sunscreens. The use of such a composition in the summer will save you from scorching sunlight and will allow you to get a beautiful even tan. In the summer, such a tool will provide an opportunity to calmly walk in the sun and feel uncomfortable. To do this, oil should be applied to the face at each exit.

Oily mixtures also have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Choose products that give a tightening effect or eliminate wrinkles. Such oils can be used in pure form and by making masks based on them.


Oil-based face masks are considered a real panacea. The combination of several components makes the mixture more effective. Let's look at a few quality recipes that work well on different types of skin.

With castor

A mask based on castor oil is suitable for moisturizing and cleansing the epidermis. Heat a teaspoon of castor oil, mix it with warm oatmeal cooked in milk. You need only one tablespoon of oatmeal. Add the finished mixture with a teaspoon of melted butter and the same amount of liquid honey. A thick mask is applied to the face for fifteen minutes.

With sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil will help revitalize tired and aging skin. Mix it with the yolk of one egg and apply in several layers. Each of them must be applied when the previous one is already dry. The mask is washed off after it is completely dry

With coconut

For facelift, a mask based on coconut oil is best suited. On a tablespoon of this product you need to add a spoonful of rice flour and green tea. The mask should be thick enough not to drain from the face. You need to hold it for twenty minutes.

With almond

Almond oil will help you save your skin from dryness. It must be diluted in warm water so that a creamy mixture is obtained. Apply the mask for ten minutes on your face, and then rinse off with warm water.

With peach

To give the skin softness, use a mixture of peach puree, butter and cream. This composition is obtained as nutritious as possible. To make it work, it’s enough to hold the mask for fifteen minutes.

Oil-based face masks are a great way to keep your skin toned. Use them regularly and you will solve problems that are relevant to you.

Rating of the best

Despite the fact that the choice of a product is an individual matter, there are still oils that are recognized as the "best" by both ordinary consumers and cosmetologists.


The cheapest means on this list is camphor squeeze. It is obtained by processing camphor laurel. This tool is quite potent, so it is used to "radically" solve many problems. Camphor acts quite strongly, so you should not use it every day in large quantities. In this case, you may get burns on the epidermis.

Beauticians recommend camphor oil for whitening the skin, getting rid of small scars and scars on the skin. Also, the oily camphor mixture allows you to narrow the pores.


Another cheap personal care product is oil, which is obtained by squeezing flax seeds. Using this tool is much safer. It is known as a means of combating wounds, inflammation, rosacea or other skin diseases. The only contraindication to its use is individual intolerance.


Famous in cooking, olive oil is an excellent natural remedy for the care of your skin. Its main advantage is that it has a lot of vitamin E, which means that after using this product your skin will look healthier even in those times when the body lacks vitamins.

Olive oil is often used as a base for masks or scrubs. It goes well with other nutrients.


For dry dermis one of the best remedies is vizhimka of rose hips. It removes age spots, heals minor injuries and protects the skin from overdrying and exposure to sunlight. This tool is perfect for dry skin, and, accordingly, is not recommended for use by girls with oily or combined face surface.

Reviews of cosmetologists

Despite the fact that cosmetologists most often oppose all kinds of home cosmetics, they approve of facial oils. These skin care products really do solve a lot of skin problems.

Cosmetic and essential supplements are a great way to make your face healthier, better and cleaner. Choose the right compounds for you, following the advice of experts, and make sure of this in practice.

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