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Cocoa Butter: Properties and Applications in Cosmetology

The use of cocoa butter is not limited to the walls of a confectionery; herbal product has established itself in modern cosmetology and home skin care. The rich composition of the cocoa fruit extract contains beneficial fatty acids and a group of vitamins that increase the elasticity of the epidermis and have a tonic effect on the blood vessels.

There is a refined and unrefined product based on fatty acids; additional processing of the oil gives rise to a refined composition - less valuable in nutritional properties, but safer to use on sensitive and thin skin. Unrefined product is mainly found on sale and is in great demand among modern beauties.

Composition and useful properties

For the production of a valuable nutrient, cocoa beans are used - aromatic and incredibly rich in composition; A thick consistency of the product is achieved by cold pressing them. The finished cocoa extract is saturated with fatty acids, which have one or another effect on the largest organ of our body - the skin:

  • Oleic acid As part of the cocoa bean extract, it helps retain moisture inside each cell, that is, it acts as an excellent natural moisturizer. It is used to treat problematic and prone to rashes of oily skin, so brown extract will be useful for caring for this type of epidermis. In addition, oleic acids restore the outer shell of the epidermis, smooth it and give a pleasant glow without oily sheen.
  • Palmitic acid as a part of squeezing from cocoa fruits has the property to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis; it is not found in all vegetable oils, and especially a lot of it is in the cocoa extract. Omega-7 activates the regeneration process, restores elasticity and resilience, provides strength and a smooth surface of the epidermis. The beneficial acid decreases with age in the skin of a woman, so it is important to replenish her supply of cosmetic products from outside.
  • Stearic acid in the composition of the plant extract acts as an auxiliary element and moisturizes the skin, allows the remaining components of the cocoa butter of the fruit to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  • Polyphenols act as components of youth: they consist of several thousand elements and are a natural protector of plant fruits and have the same effect on our skin. They are excellent anti-aging supplements and natural antioxidants, in addition, substances stimulate metabolic processes in the skin and regenerate integuments, protect the skin from adverse effects such as bacteria and microbes that cause inflammation and irritation.

Features of use

Cocoa butter has found widespread use; in cosmetology, the finished product is used to treat the skin and eliminate small external defects on it, for nutrition and basic care of the epidermis. Let's see what benefits the product has in care:

  • Cocoa extract is used for general skin care: it nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis of any type from problem youthful to age, prone to the formation of deep wrinkles.
  • A cosmetic product is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy sheen on its surface with a small amount; In any case, after applying the composition to the skin, you need to remove the excess - blot your face with a dry cloth or towel.
  • A herbal remedy is indicated for the age-related type of epidermis: the oil nourishes and saturates with useful palmitic acid, which is synthesized by our skin, but over time its production slows down and there is a need for this component. Fragrant oil will help maintain youth and elasticity of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Cocoa butter is used in home care for problem skin, as it has an antiseptic effect and fights bacteria that cause unpleasant inflammations.
  • Regular use of the product will normalize the production of sebum and prevent clogging of pores.
  • Applying the composition in the summer will protect the skin from UV radiation.
  • The use of funds for problem skin or one that has a post-acne, will make pinkish marks less visible due to its property to lighten the skin and even out its tone.
  • Herbal extract is used as a separate product - washable or indelible, as part of homemade cosmetic masks and even ready-made store products - just add a little melted butter inside a jar of cream, shampoo or body lotion.
  • Cocoa bean oil is used to treat burns in medicine, respectively, well restores the structure of the epidermis.
  • Flavored cocoa extract is used to get rid of scars and stretch marks, prevents the appearance of new ones with regular use on the body.
  • The benefits and harms of the finished composition are determined individually; Before using a pure product, test for an allergic reaction, and then check its effectiveness on other parts of the body and especially the face.

The properties and application of cocoa extract in cosmetology is practically unlimited, which allows you to fully trust the product and use it in the regular care of the epidermis: every day or several times a week as part of cosmetic masks or as a pure product.

More on the benefits of cocoa butter in the next video.

Recommendations for use

Cosmetic cocoa butter is easy to use at home as a separate tool - an indelible emulsion, or as part of other finished or DIY products. The use of natural cocoa butter in the composition of the home mask will provide high-quality and complete care for the face, and additional components of the composition will determine the direction of work of the home cosmetic product.

  • It is recommended to apply oil or a composition with its use to previously cleansed skin: this will ensure the full-fledged functioning of the cosmetic product and will not cause irritation on the skin and will not lead to clogging of pores.
  • Preliminary, it is recommended to melt the oil in a water bath to obtain a liquid texture: it is more convenient to apply and it is the liquid consistency that has the best penetrating properties.
  • Pure vegetable oil can be used as an indelible night mask: apply it on a previously cleansed face and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes, then pat your face with a dry cloth.
  • A rinse off mask may contain pure cocoa extract or include additional ingredients to expand the possibilities of homemade composition.
  • Do not limit yourself to just using a greasy composition: melt a little oil and add it to hair shampoo, body or face cream - a little trick will increase the spectrum of action of store products.

The effectiveness of the use of the product is determined individually due to the characteristics of our body. You can replace it with any other herbal remedy enriched with a complex of fatty acids and vitamins.

Homemade Mask Recipes

In preserving youth and elasticity of the skin, aromatic cocoa butter as part of a rinse-off composition for weekly use will be a true helper:

  • Mix the melted cocoa butter, coconut and olive extract with each other, preheating them in a water bath. Dilute the composition with mineral water for a pleasant consistency and apply to the skin with a cotton pad. Leave the mask for half an hour and remove after warm water, without using soap, if the procedure is performed in the evening before bedtime.
  • To maintain the elasticity of the epidermis, take as a basis an extract of cocoa fruits and finely chopped parsley. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and leave the mask in a bowl, let it brew for about 15 minutes.

For problematic skin, the use of a mask based on cocoa butter is also indicated:

  • Combine melted cocoa butter, cucumber pulp (with juice), aloe extract and a few drops of any essential oil with an anti-inflammatory effect.

For any skin type

Use brown aromatic oil as a base and add fatty components to it: essential components or pure plant analogues. For example, extract of tea tree, propolis, lemon have anti-inflammatory properties and excellently disinfects the surface of the epidermis. Floral oils moisturize the skin well, and the fatty acids in the extract of olive, almond, coconut, shea and other oils perfectly nourish dry and dehydrated skin.

For lips and eyelids

The use of cocoa butter is not limited to the surface of the epidermis on the face: the product copes well with peeling on the lips and skin of the eyelids. Apply a clean product to nourish thin skin of the eyelids or sensitive - of the lips and leave for a while to soak and blot with a napkin after.

By the way, a lip scrub can be made on the basis of a fat extract: melt a little oil in a water bath and add sugar (white or brown), salt or any other small abrasive element there. Apply the product on cleansed lips and massage for 20-30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water.

For body

Cocoa butter can be used to care for the body: its individual coarsened areas or as a whole. Use a clean product melted in a water bath to apply on clean skin and pay special attention to dry areas - legs, arms, cuticles and nails.

The use of cosmetic oil is possible as a basis for scrub: ground coffee, sugar, sea salt are suitable as an abrasive for home remedies.

And now the video is a mask recipe using cocoa butter.


Cocoa butter is spoken well as a universal remedy for home care for face, body and hair. Consumers note the wonderful aroma of herbal remedy and its solid texture. After opening a jar of valuable oil, women recommend storing it in the refrigerator, which will allow it to retain its nutritional properties for longer.

Unrefined oil has useful elements in the composition and is used to care for mature skin; women note the preservation of skin elasticity and its hydration after a couple of weeks of regular use of the composition. They note that an affordable product launches a brand. Spivak - fragrant and low cost, working efficiently and having a host of other advantages.

Home masks allow you to economically spend the product and apply it at night, when there is time to care for your own skin. Representatives of the fair sex use night masks for the face, skin of the eyelids and lips, apply the composition to the hands, nails and cuticles, legs and even elbows, because the fragrance is famous for its emollient effect.

Watch the video: Skin Care : How Do I Use Pure Shea Butter? (January 2020).


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