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Coconut Massage Oil

The types of massage are very diverse: body, head, face, feet - everything can be massaged. Individual and intimate, wellness or relaxing, for children or adults - all of these types are united by one thing - the use of high-quality massage oil.

Coconut massage has gained unprecedented popularity in self-care. It is used in beauty salons and at home. Thanks to it, you moisturize your skin, forget about dryness. Get even tone, velvet and firm skin.

The benefits of massage

You can’t even imagine how useful coconut squeeze during massage. You will not only get rid of many problems, but also gain advantages that you will be proud of.

The secret of the drug lies in its composition - it contains a field of saturated fatty acids, which are simply indispensable for the body.

With this oil you can do any kind of massage. It melts at temperatures above 25C, that is, right in the hands. It has a pleasant and unobtrusive smell of coconut. Its remains are easily washed off and washed.

The main benefits of massage with coconut oil:

  • You will forget about peeling skin. Vitamin E perfectly nourishes the skin, softening and smoothing it. Coarsened areas, peeling will come to naught.
  • Not clogged pores. Unlike other products, refined coconut fruit oil does not clog pores.
  • Elasticity and turgor of the skin. Thanks to the antioxidants contained in the oil, you are not afraid of early wrinkles. This is an excellent tool to combat existing wrinkles, and the prevention of new ones.
  • Wonderful lymphatic drainage. It speeds up blood circulation, drives the lymph through the channels.
  • The sebaceous and sweat glands will work
  • The fight against cellulite and puffiness.
  • An excellent remedy for stretch marks and striae.
  • Comprehensive care, starting with hair and ending in feet.


Coconut squeeze refers to eco products. For its manufacture do not use dyes, flavors and thickeners.

Due to its characteristics, such an oil is not sensitive to oxidation. Shelf life is two years. At the same time, the product will not be lost or rancid, it will retain all its features.

For massage use refined or unrefined oil, which can be combined with other oils. The possibilities of coconut squeezing are unique, in virtuoso hands it turns into a panacea.


This product does not have a rich coconut odor. During cooking, part of the useful substances disappears from it. Although the oil is not comparable in utility to any other oil, it is noticeably inferior to its unrefined relative.


  • It has a less pronounced coconut odor.
  • Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.
  • More fluid than unrefined counterpart.


This oil is not refined. It retains not only the smell, but also the taste of the nut. Moreover, its composition remains unchanged.


  • Contains more nutrients than refined. Moreover, it contains the entire composition of vitamins.
  • It has a pronounced smell.
  • Not suitable for oily and problematic skin.

Remember that coconut squeezed massage is not recommended more than twice a week.

For body

For the body, you can use coconut oil based on your preferences. Unrefined exudes a more tangible smell, but it also benefits more. Refined practically has no smell, but has not such a strong composition.

You can conduct a massage yourself or by inviting a specialist. During the procedure, the properties of drying oils only increase, they easily penetrate the skin, nourishing it.

Benefits of Coconut Squeeze Massage

  • Easy and quick to absorb. Does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin.
  • Activates defense mechanisms. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Effectively fights cellulite.
  • Soothes irritated skin.
  • Restores the natural balance of the skin.

For face

Numerous reviews confirm that facial massage with squeezed coconut has a beneficial effect on the skin. You can do this procedure yourself or by resorting to the help of a specialist.

The unique composition of the product helps to relieve inflammation, calm, normalize the water balance, restore at the cellular level.

The result is obvious:

  • The complexion is leveled.
  • Bags under the eyes will disappear.
  • Wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed.
  • Protection against UF radiation.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

You can use pure oil to remove makeup. Suitable product for all skin types.

For kids

For baby massage, it is best to use a refined squeeze. She is hypoallergenic and suitable for any baby.

For children, it is better to dilute the oil base with water or baby cream.

How to enhance the effect

Professional massage therapists, in order to enhance the effect of the product, recommend the following before the procedure:

  • Go to the sauna or bath.
  • Scrub your body before massage. Opened and cleaned pores will absorb nutrients with more force.
  • Heat oil a little before use.

How to apply

  • During massage, the drying oil is simply poured onto the hand or body and distributed with massage movements throughout the body. Particular attention can be paid to problem areas.
  • For partial treatment of the skin, it is simply applied to a cotton pad and wiped with the right place.

And now a practicing massage therapist will talk about the features of coconut oil for massage.

Watch the video: Let me give you a Coconut Oil Massage Baby (January 2020).


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