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The benefits of coconut oil for the face

The magical powers of coconut oil in skin and hair care have been known to beauties all over the world since ancient times. It is used by girls and women for different purposes, because with its help it is possible to give mature skin youth and solve youthful problems.

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What is it and what properties does it have

Coconut oil is obtained by squeezing the pulp of the fruit. In its pure form, the product obtained in this way is a light yellow thick mass with a rich aroma. At low temperatures, the oily mixture hardens and feels like wax.

Coconut oil for the face can be used for various purposes, from giving the skin youth and solving problems associated with its dryness.

This product is most useful just for dry and flaky skin. It perfectly nourishes the epidermis with useful trace elements and makes it soft and more well-groomed externally. The oily base is absorbed into the skin and creates a protective film that is not visible to the eye, which allows it to remain healthy and well-groomed for a long time.

Also, coconut oil is often chosen for skin care of women aged. The skin over time, as you know, loses elasticity and small wrinkles appear on it.

These problems are completely solved - it is enough to regularly lubricate the face with an oily mixture or make nourishing masks on its basis, and the skin will again tone up.

But if you have skin that is problematic and prone to rashes, then it is better to refuse to use this remedy. Or use it only on dry and flaky areas. The fact is that, despite all its positive properties, this product will make oily skin even fatter, which will only harm you.

Features of choice

When choosing coconut oil, you need to consider some of its features so that it brings you maximum benefit. There are two types of this product: refined and unrefined oil. The first option is obtained by heat treatment. Alas, in the process of refining, most of the useful properties of the product are lost. Such a tool can be recognized by the absence of a rich aroma.

Refined oil has an absolutely neutral smell. It can be used not only in cosmetology, but also for cooking. Such a tool is stored for a long time and is inexpensive. Therefore, it is popular.

It can be used for face care both in pure form and as part of various homemade cosmetic products. If you do not add any additional components, the result will be only superficial.

Unrefined oil is more healthy. Such a tool is more natural, because it is not subjected to chemical treatment. Here, the sweetish smell of coconut is more noticeable, and the mixture itself is fatter to the touch.

It is obtained by cold pressing, which allows you to save all the useful properties of the product. It brings the skin much more benefits, and makes it healthier, and not just more beautiful in appearance. But such a product does not last long. He should stand in a cool room for no more than one year.

Distinguishing these two types of coconut oil from each other is not so difficult. Refined transparent with a slight whitish tint. It is odorless. At normal room temperature, the product has a waxy consistency, and when warm it becomes liquid and slightly viscous.

You will recognize unrefined oil as soon as you open the jar. You will be pleased with its rich sweet smell. It is less dense, and at a warm temperature it melts and becomes completely transparent. But even before opening the jar, you can try to find out which product is in front of you. To do this, read the information on the label. When reading the composition, remember also that it should not contain any extra components, especially chemical ones.

Application features

The beneficial properties of coconut oil for the face are maximally disclosed only if you use it correctly.

Refined product is best used in combination with other oils or vitamins. But clean can just be smeared on the face. Unrefined and without any additives works well.

How to apply coconut oil for face, body and hair you will learn from the video:

For Tan

Coconut oil can replace your expensive means of protection from scorching sunlight. When going outside, use an oily mixture instead of a cream or spray, and your skin will be protected from the sun. In this case, you can get a beautiful and even tan. And if you lubricate the skin with this product after several hours spent in the sun, it will immediately calm down and cool, and the resulting tan will stay with you for a long time.

As an additive

Coconut oil is also often used as an additive to other cosmetic products. This is done in order to enrich the composition, and make the care product more effective.

In addition, some people may experience a negative reaction to pure coconut oil. And in this case it will be useful to combine it with tonics, creams or lotions.

You can also try applying a mixture of several oils to your face. In this combination, each component complements the other and thus enhances its action. Most often, elements need to be mixed in equal proportions. To prepare a healthy composition, coconut oil can be mixed with olive, vegetable or castor.

To mix it well with other oily liquids, it must first be melted in a water bath. In the liquid state, substances better reveal all their beneficial properties. Such a mixture can be applied to the entire surface of the face or only to its problem areas. You can do this with a cotton pad or stick.

In pure form

Oil without additives can be used on the skin in several ways. The easiest is to simply lubricate the epidermis at night. During sleep, our skin regenerates faster and absorbs nutrients better. Therefore, in the morning, the result will be noticeable to both you and others.

Another way to use this tool is as a basis for makeup. If your skin is peeling, then when applying a tonal base, it will only be emphasized.

To prevent this from happening, lubricate your face with coconut oil, and all cosmetics will lay on it evenly. In addition, if you use the product as a primer, cream and powder will stay on your face longer.

Liquid oil is also used to remove makeup. It perfectly cleanses the face from cosmetics, and from impurities that accumulate on the face in a day. For makeup removal, you will need a small amount of the product, applied to a clean cotton pad. Wipe their eyes and face to achieve the desired result.

As a scrub

If you supplement the coconut base with coffee grounds, sugar or coarse salt, it can also be used as a scrub. The finished product is perfect for removing dead particles from dry skin, because, during cleansing, it will also nourish the epidermis, moisturizing it.

For moisturizing

With the help of an oily mixture or a mask based on it, you can moisturize both the entire face and its individual zones. So, it works great on the eyelids and the area around the eyes. This part of the face is the most sensitive, so care must be taken with utmost care. Lubricate the skin around the eyes and eyelids with coconut oil, and you will notice how dry skin becomes more well-groomed, wrinkles are smoothed, and eyelashes are strengthened.

Hardened Coconut Oil is a great replacement for any lip balm. It nourishes the skin, heals cracks and moisturizes the lips. A large number of fatty acids and useful elements contained in this product make it much more useful than any chemical-based makeup products. It is extremely simple to apply - apply on the lips with a thin layer and leave to soak.

Also, an oily base can be applied to the entire face. This is best done after taking a hot bath or washing, when the skin is wet and steamed.

As you can see, the benefits of this tool for the face are completely obvious. It helps to solve many problems and makes the skin more healthy, well-groomed and attractive. Buy high-quality oil from a good manufacturer so as not to harm yourself, and use it at least in its pure form, at least as an additive to other cosmetics or personal care products.

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