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Pencil Cuticle Oil

The cuticle is a thin skin film that frames the nail plate and protects it from the effects of external mechanical factors, the penetration of microbes and all kinds of infections.

Cuticle care is an important part of nail care, which allows you to have well-groomed hands and fingers. Cuticle oil in a pencil is a convenient way to care for your skin and nails: it is convenient to take a pencil with you because of its compactness or use it at home. What additional benefits does this tool have?


Cuticle care oil pencil is a real salvation for business ladies and housewives:

  • The convenient form of the product allows you to apply the oil composition directly to the area around the nail and, if desired, on the nail itself to moisturize and nourish it.
  • The product does not spread on the nail and does not stain the fingers.
  • A rounded tip of a pencil or a dense brush allows not only to lubricate the cuticle, but also to shift it from the nail plate to give the hands a well-groomed appearance.
  • It is convenient to take cuticle oil in pencil with you and use it at work, while driving, in the ladies' room of a cafe or restaurant, in a fitness club, university and other public places.
  • Oil is absorbed quickly into the cuticle and does not allow to stain clothes.
  • The product of any brand is spent as economically as possible, has a special dispenser and recommendations for using the product.
  • Many of the pencils have replaceable brushes in the kit, which eliminates the introduction of infections and bacteria with timely replacement.
  • Regular use of the cosmetic product makes the skin around the nail soft and supple to care - gentle cutting or moving away from the nail plate.
  • A moistened cuticle looks well-groomed and noble, it does not strike the eye and does not spoil the general idea of ​​manicure.

How to use

Using a pencil with oil to moisturize the cuticle should be used only on a cleaned nail plate, dry. Using a dispenser (tube), squeeze a little funds on the brush and apply on the area around the nail, as if repeating its bend.

After application and distribution of the product, you can give time to soak in and begin to move the cuticle away with a hard cap or the brush itself. By the way, some pencils have soft bristles, others - harder, suitable for cuticle correction.

Daily use of the oil-based product will allow you to get well-groomed hands and nails, allow the latter to grow faster and be strengthened, not brittle.

You can see how to use cuticle oil in a pencil in the next video.

A classic oil-based skin care product in a small jar and a soft brush will help replace the oil in the pencil. It is no worse than a pencil analogue, but its use is less economical and difficult to use outside the home.

It is impossible to replace cuticle oil in a pencil in most cases; the most resourceful ladies inject essential or vegetable oil inside the pen with a thin needle. This method is costly, not budgetary, yet it is easier to purchase a new product: its cost is often low.


Well-known and not very cosmetic brands produce cuticle pencils - thick accessories with oil inside. By the way, oils differ among themselves, which creates a competition that is useful and pleasant for consumers.

  • The brand Lady rose Introduces a cuticle removal pencil and protective counterpart with tea tree essential oil. The first product was created to correct the cuticle and contains components to slow its growth and softening, as a result of which the skin ceases to grow at a frantic pace. The second product of the brand contains extract of tea tree, lavender and jojoba, which nourish the skin and saturate it with useful fatty acids. The complex of vegetable oils softens the cuticle and makes it moisturized, nourishes the nail plate, accelerating its growth.
  • Famous brand OPI produces several products: with an extract of cherry, Chinese oil, grapes, guava, apple and other plant elements. Product reviews are mostly positive; consumers note the low cost of the product and its quality "work" with regular use.
  • Oil will help to remove a cuticle from a nail plate Bohema with orange tree essential oil and an excellent fruity aroma. Besides it, the oil contains valuable jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E. It is interesting that the pencil has a small file on the lid - very convenient to carry with you.
  • Pencil Cuticle Oil Mavapen softens the cuticle and prevents its growth on the nail plate. It perfectly copes with the toughest skin and gradually turns it into a well-groomed skin texture.
  • Another famous product is oil. Runail in a form convenient for drawing. The compositions differ among themselves and give the nails hydration, protection, nutrition, enrich with vitamins or serve as a means to remove it. The aromas of the compositions are different: a mango extract with an incredibly moisturizing effect has become a real must-have.
  • Russian brand Domix presents pencils for moisturizing the cuticle and removing varnish from the finger area - a real bestseller among compatriots. The oil contains extracts of tea tree and mint.
  • Natural Nail Care Lidan contains extracts of peach and mango - natural moisturizers with a pleasant aroma. In addition, the oil contains vitamins A, C, E, B with useful fatty acids.


According to users, the tool in a cuticle pencil is a real salvation for owners of dry skin around the nails. It is convenient to take oil for work or leisure, its consumption is very economical, in addition, it does not spread on fingers and hands, does not stain clothes and does not leave greasy marks on the surface of furniture.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the oils have amazing emollient properties, additional components inside can stop the growth of the skin and at the same time accelerate the growth of the nail plate, strengthen it from the inside. You can buy such a tool in a pharmacy or cosmetic store, while each of them is given recommendations for use: some are better for removing the cuticle, others for softening, others nourish the nails and accelerate their growth, additionally moisturizing the skin and softening it for better removal .

Of course, every woman stands for a similar product, and which brand to choose depends on preferences and financial capabilities. For example, OPI and Runels are available means, Mavapen in bright packaging will become a more expensive analogue.

Watch the video: How To ReFill Your Cuticle Oil Pens - Simply Pure (January 2020).


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