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Combs for long hair

It's no secret that long and beautiful hair is the pride of any girl. Many women dream of such curls. But in the process of growing and care, many nuances must be taken into account. For example, the right choice of shampoo and balm, the use of healing and nourishing masks, proper nutrition, a positive attitude, etc.

But in addition to the above, it is also important to choose the right comb, in accordance with the characteristics and type of hair of a particular girl. This item is often forgotten, considering it insignificant. But in vain. After all, there is a large selection of combs made from different materials and for different purposes. That brush, which is suitable for one girl, another can be harmful, breaking and weakening the already thin and weak hair.

What is it worth paying attention to when choosing a comb? We will discuss these and other questions below.

The nuances of choice

When choosing a brush, you should analyze such features of the hair as the structure (thin, thick, stiff, soft, naughty, etc.), length. And also decide on the purpose of using this tool (massage, styling, etc.).

For styling

For hair styling, as a rule, the so-called skeletal comb. It is made so that it is ideal for drying with a hairdryer. This is achieved due to the fact that she has large and at the same time rare teeth. And the holes in its base are made so that they create excellent air circulation and thus protect against burns.

But if you need not only to make your hair voluminous, but also to round the ends, then this is best for this round brush, or otherwise, brushing. In addition, it will not only make the ends of the hair rounded, but also create a basal volume that will be no worse than when using a skeletal comb. But she will not help to make curls, but only very much confuse hair.

After the hair is set properly, a special product (gel, varnish) should be applied to the hairdo to fix the result. Then comb with a brush with rare teeth. And your styling will look no worse than Hollywood.

In addition, such a comb is perfect for caring for curly and wavy hair. At least, owners of this type of hair are recommended to start combing themselves for them. And you can continue this procedure with a comb with more frequent teeth.

For split ends

Choosing a comb for split ends is quite simple. It is important that the material must be made of wood. Ideally, for easy and safe combing, you can purchase two brushes, one made of wood, the other made of plastic, and alternate them. This is especially true for thick hair. If they are sparse, then it is entirely possible to use only a wooden accessory.


The best comb to stimulate growth is a massage comb. From the name it is clear that it is intended for soft head massage. Due to the good stimulation of the scalp, the hair roots receive more nutrients, which contributes to their strengthening and growth. The base of such a brush is usually made of rubber. And precisely this leads to the fact that the teeth sink to the optimum depth while stimulating the scalp.

Massage brush is suitable for any type of hair. It not only gives an excellent massage effect, but also perfectly combes long hair.

Such brushes usually make an oval or rectangular shape. The material of this accessory can be different: ceramics, wood, plastic. The teeth can be made from natural material, such as horsehair, wild boar pile, etc. But most often from plastic, wood and nylon. At the tips of the teeth you can see small balls. This is necessary to protect hair and skin from injury.


An accessory made of a material such as wood is the best option. Since such brushes are suitable for absolutely all girls with different types of hair. For very thick hair, this comb is ideal - a comb.

For its manufacture, wood of different species is used: cherry, juniper, oak, birch, pine, apple tree and many others. Such combs are not only very useful for hair, but also affect the general condition of a person and have a healing effect, relieve headaches, stress, depression, etc. But in order for the accessory not to lose its strong healing effect, it is not recommended to cover it with varnish or paint. Therefore, it is better, of course, to choose a material without any special coating. But you also need to understand that the wood deteriorates quickly enough, cracks may appear on it, it can darken. In this case, it is better to throw such a comb and get a new one.


Modern combs are very often made from an alloy of silicone and plastic. They glide very well, perfectly comb each hair. And, of course, especially preferred for long and thick curls. In addition, such combs are not electrified, wash well and are quite durable. In addition, it is silicone brushes that are ideal for hair subject to perming or dyeing, since this material does not create any chemical reaction.


The main purpose of this accessory is to help create a hairstyle through the use of a hairdryer. Using a ceramic comb, it is quite simple to create curls or, conversely, to straighten curls. There are also ceramic brushes, which in addition to the styling function, also have a massage effect. They have special bristles that very delicately and gently affect the hair and scalp.


Having studied the reviews of the owners of long curls, we can conclude that what is suitable for one, for the other, can be a real punishment. After all, the choice of combs should be approached individually. Just choosing the right hair accessory can sometimes be crucial. And even expensive cosmetics will not then return their former health and strength to curls if they are combed with the wrong tool, constantly damaging, confusing, turning them into real warlocks. And it is a comb that can significantly help in growing and maintaining the beauty of your natural wealth. Especially if you do everything in a comprehensive manner, taking into account many other points and nuances that may arise in this not simple, but pleasant business.

More about varieties of combs for long hair in the next video.

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