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A comb is the most common item that we use when caring for our hair. We use, but do not always think about - did we make that choice by acquiring just such a model? But it turns out that this is very important for the state in which our hair will be.

There are a great many combs, some are recommended to be used during hair styling, others - when dyeing, and still others can be combed with daily care.

What is needed for

Massage the scalp with a comb and comb the strands, each should have its own. Female beauty is 100% dependent on the condition of her curls. If they look healthy and beautifully laid out, then the woman will also look beautiful. And for this, we need not only cosmetics designed for hair care, but also a properly selected comb.

A hairbrush is an item we need daily, and if you choose it correctly, then there will be no problems with hair.


Some girls can do with one comb model, while others will need a whole set of these accessories. When choosing a comb, you should always pay attention to its electrical conductivity, that is, you should choose an antistatic comb. It should be borne in mind that the antistatic comb is not suitable for those people who suffer from any skin disease on their heads.

Among other types of combs, for easy combing, a comb with synthetic teeth having different lengths is intended. It is usually soft, so that the hair is combed, and not “fight”. It is better to choose a hairbrush without a handle - such a model is considered safer for strands.

The “Tangle teaser” model is a modern type of comb, ideal for combing wavy, curly and naughty hair, as well as those whose structure is too thin.


People used such models in antiquity. There are many types of ridges, and each of them is designed for a specific purpose.

Even the simplest hairstyle will look more elegant if it is decorated with a comb.

It is convenient to comb wet curls with a comb with rare but large teeth. Thus, they can be neatly untangled and not damaged.

A model of a comb with wide teeth will not get tangled in the hair, and therefore is suitable for combing long curly or wavy curls.

For curly curls, a narrow comb is also suitable, having quite long and medium-thick teeth.

If the comb has thick teeth, it will be convenient for them to comb short hair, make a smooth hairstyle, comb hair in separate strands. Such a comb is also used to comb out lice, even the smallest nits can be combed out with its help.

The comb with multi-colored cloves has such an attractive and unusual look that the mood will rise even if the street is gloomy and cloudy. Such teeth have a special, bent shape, and this is done so that tangled hair was easy to comb. With any type of hair, such a comb will cope with "excellent".

It is convenient to purchase such jewelry in online stores, especially since there is sorting available to speed up the search process: by name, by price, by popularity, by novelty, etc.


Perhaps massage combs are the most common model that most people use. It is very convenient to use them, and they can be purchased by people with any type of hair. In the case when the teeth of the base of the massage brush (in another way - a shovel) are not of natural origin, then they should end with small balls so that the scalp would remain intact.

In addition, if the comb brush is large, the sebum will be evenly distributed over the hair, which, due to this, will not become too dirty. However, it should be borne in mind that thick and strong curls need stiff brushes, while thin curls need softer ones.

For styling

The styling process involves a certain type of combs. Moreover, they can be different in appearance and have different purposes.

The stretching function when laying is one of the options. In this case, a hairdryer is used - the strands are pulled off by a comb, and at the same time, they are dried by a hairdryer.

There is a rounding brush.

Thus, rather large curls are created or the curly hair is leveled. The whole process is as follows: a strand is wound onto a brush and treated with a hairdryer. The curls are soft, and if you hold the brush on one side of the strand, and the hair dryer on the other and gradually stretch the comb along the curl, then it will even out.

The two-sided model is used in styling, as the creator of the volume of the hairstyle. A hairdryer is also an excellent assistant here. There are models with teeth only on one side, and there are - on both. The teeth on the sides are different in length, so that strands of different lengths can be stacked.

Special hairdressers

A professional hairdresser will be able to create a chic hairstyle only if he has in his arsenal a number of specially designed accessories, here are just a few of them:

  1. Shearing comb with a blade, which is used when working with thin hair. This attribute is very similar to a razor inserted between plastic plates having small teeth. At a professional hairdresser, an accessory can be in several forms and have teeth of different densities.
  2. A special comb nozzle for polishing strands. For alignment, they are trimmed with a machine having a nozzle. So the problems of split ends and naughty curls disappear. It turns out smooth groomed curls. A hot haircut with scissors will give an effect only for a short time, and a polisher, if you properly care for your hair, will help your hair be straight much longer. As a rule, polishing is done once every six months - this is exactly the time that the smoothing effect is preserved.
  3. For cases where only the lower part of the hair is dyed, an ombre comb is perfect. The paint is first applied to it, and then with a comb on the hair.
  4. Hairdressers use a comb "fork", to make styling without using a hairdryer. It will help untangle the hair, comb it and give one direction or another to the strands.
  5. Hair is milled using certain items. To do this, there are special scissors with a metal comb on one side, on the teeth of which there are small recesses, due to which the hairs are cut off. In addition, for the same purpose, each hairdresser has a special thinning comb.

Fancy models

In the world of combs, as well as in any other field of cosmetics, new items appear from time to time. Today, real miraculous combs have appeared on sale, you can’t say otherwise, and they are both handmade and mass produced by manufacturers - now the comb can not only comb your hair, but also strengthen it, make it more shiny and beautiful. And there are models that can cope even with knots and not damage almost a single hair. Here are just some examples:

Braun satin hair 7

It looks like an ordinary massage comb, but it works from two finger batteries and it seems that it has incredible intelligence. It sounds, at least, strange, but it is, the comb is really smart. The magic technology of Iontec helps her in this, thanks to which you can smooth out the naughty curls and put them without problems.

This accessory is able to carefully, you can even say with tenderness to comb your curls without "pulling" them, which is especially important for owners of fluffy and curly hair. Antistatic effect eliminates the electrification of your hairstyle in the future.

A tourmaline comb is another novelty in the manufacture of which an energy-efficient multifunctional high-tech nanopowder has been used. It radiates healing so-called “life waves” for people. The microcirculation of the body improves, the process of its restoration at the cellular level is stimulated.

An ultraviolet comb is an analogue to an ultraviolet lamp used to treat psoriasis. Such an attribute is the most advanced and effective way to cure this disease on the scalp while at home. Thanks to the new development, ultraviolet rays immediately fall on the skin, and not on the hairline.

Fashionable magnetic comb. The accessory is compact and convenient, carefully treats the health and beauty of your curls, increases the tone of life and contributes to your excellent mood throughout the day.

Reviews of doctors regarding laser combs are unanimous and suggest that this is really a new unique development that can help with hair loss and make it thicker and stronger.

There is such a brilliant invention as a comb, where ordinary plastic teeth alternate with microfiber. With this comb, you will not only dry your hair quickly, but also style it.

A popular company from Slovakia set about creating a collection of luxurious combs made of precious metals, which can be used as usual combs. Now, in pursuit of an impeccable look of hair, you can not get not only expensive shampoos or balms. Thanks to the developers of Tomas Veres, the most expensive comb from the Pantheon collection has also appeared on sale.

This gold model is made in the form of a comb having 32 teeth. The comb is 12 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. The comb is packaged in an ostrich leather case from Italian masters, and all this pleasure costs 9,566 US dollars or 9,000 euros.


But combs are usually not made of gold, most often other materials are used for this:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics;
  • bone.

When we choose a hair brush, the main aspect is the quality of its bristles. The most expensive and at the same time the highest quality products include natural pork bristles. The natural composition will never damage the curls and does not injure the scalp. The bristles will cope with untangling hair and will not electrify them. But the price of such a product will be much higher than for the plastic counterpart.

About tree

Natural material is the best from which combs can be made. A wooden accessory will provide your hair with excellent care. No cosmetics will react with the tree, so a comb made of beech or birch is perfect to apply this or that composition to your hair and not worry about an unexpected reaction.

A comb made from birch can activate nutritious ingredients and will help in the fight against dandruff, but a comb made from beech will be more durable.

The oak comb is an antistatic, juniper has an antistatic effect, and a sandalwood comb will calm and normalize sleep. But only natural wood possesses all these qualities, and if it is varnished, then there will be no benefit.

About plastic

When buying a comb with a plastic bristle, check it: you need to hold it with bristles on the back of your hand, if there are no scratches, then you can make a purchase. A plastic product is a quick-cleaning thing, and this is understandable, because this material is considered the most hygienic. Such an accessory is always lightness, comfort and simplicity.

It is convenient to use such a comb on the road, on vacation - there will be no harm from short-term use. But plastic is not suitable as a daily care due to the fact that the hair from it is electrified.

About carbon

Carbon combs are an interesting novelty that pleased professional brands. The composition of this material is carbon fiber carbon fiber and ceramic spraying. This is a fairly strong coating, so the subject of hair care will last quite a long time, that is, the surface of the teeth will not be covered with microcracks that can damage the structure of the hair. Carbon coating does not electrify curls.

About silicone

This is another novelty of our day. The so-called silicone combs are actually an alloy of silicone and plastic. These are cream products, as a rule, colors that do not electrify hair, which is also confirmed by the inscription “antistatic” engraved on them.

About Nylon

A nylon comb is suitable for any type of hair - both thin short, and thick curly. It is even better than natural bristles, combing hair so softly and delicately. Recommended when curls are loose or damaged.

About ebony

Hard rubber has an amazing property of making curls shining and removes a static charge from their surface. In addition, due to the gentle action, with a rubber comb, hair can be combed when washing, when the skin surface of the head and the curls themselves become the most vulnerable.

About metal

It is very convenient to make a comb with a metal product with frequent teeth, as well as divide the hair into strands. The rounded teeth will help untangle the hair, and the metal will remove the static charge, but such an accessory is not suitable for daily use. This is due to the fact that you can’t call such care delicate - the hair is torn and the scalp is scratched.

Rubber and rubber combs can also be used to tidy hair immediately after washing. Although on the recommendation of hairdressers, wet hair, in principle, should not be combed. The exception is only curly hair, which is easier to comb gently with wet, because when dry, this is usually problematic, especially if the curls are long.

Bone combs (this can be, for example, an animal horn) will be an excellent alternative to wooden products.

Selection Tips

When buying a hairbrush, pay attention to these useful recommendations. In the ranking of the best materials - silicone and rubber products. Such material will not slip out of your hand while working with a hairdryer.

A base for teeth or bristles is also an important component. If the base is rubber, you need to check whether it is firmly fixed and not torn along the edges.

A model with a rubber base will not slide well on curls, and with a plastic one it beats with current, so dense textiles will be the best option.

Whatever material the comb is made of, it must have the correct shape, that is, there should be no sharp edges. They are usually rounded off, polished or polished. The best collection in this sense is sawn-off models, and it doesn’t matter whether they are made of plastic or other material, the main thing is that there is no seam on the teeth.

Such a connecting line with poorly machined teeth can cause damage to the hair structure and microscopic injuries of the scalp.

For massage, choose a plastic brush, for smoothing hair - natural bristles, the comb is best rubber or rubber, and it is better to completely abandon metal products.

To care for wavy hair, choose rare teeth so that the curls do not tangles and as a result, you could comb without any special losses.

You should not particularly save on such an accessory as a comb, because you will use it daily, so always choose a high-quality product that will delicately comb your curls and not electrify them.

How to comb

The ways in which curls can be combed depend on their length.If you have an average length, choose the pose of the head turned upside down when you are sitting or standing with your head hanging down and combing your hair starting from the back of the head. Gradually, advancing to the tips, thus combing the whole head.

This method provides the scalp with blood flow and strengthening of the hair follicles. This procedure is recommended for those who have noticeably hair falling out.

Short locks are combed the easiest way - from the roots to the ends, from time to time, smoothing the hair with a palm.

The most difficult thing is for girls with long curls, because there is no way to avoid the fact that they will get confused from time to time. In this case, it is recommended to lower your head down and, having gathered all your hair in your hand, squeeze it in the middle. First of all, you should comb the ends of the hair using rare teeth for this, and then a massage brush.

Then the hair should be released and begin to perform the same manipulations, only now with the upper part of the head. With caution, you need to choose this position for combing those women who suffer from high blood pressure.

Care Rules

Ebonite comb, which in everyday life can be found quite often, it is recommended to wash in warm soapy water, but not hot. From high temperature, ebonite can soften, acquire a dull gray shade and lose its shape - that is, the accessory will simply become worthless.

If you have a new hair brush and a new comb, then the brush will become much more dirty than the comb because it has thick bristles. Therefore, the brush is washed much more often than a comb - every two to three days. First, a soap solution is made, and then ammonia is added to it based on 1 liter of 2 tbsp. spoons. The comb can be washed with a brush designed for hands. But first it needs to be cleaned of the remaining hair.

Storage of a hairbrush on a dressing table is a good option, but a compact shelf by the mirror is also suitable, on which you can also place other cosmetic accessories with a hairbrush.

Disposable hairbrushes (for example, in a hotel) are not recommended to be stored for a long time, they are simply thrown away after two to three days of use. But this is not your new home comb, for which you regularly and correctly look after, and it serves you faithfully, gliding easily on curls, do not rush to throw it out, because it copes with its obligations. As for the scallop made of natural material, it needs to be changed every six months or a year.

You can find out how to choose a comb from the next video.

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