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Hair Balm Spray

In recent years, balms in the form of sprays have confidently become leaders in the cosmetics industry. Now they are released by Garnier, L'Oréal Avon, Schwarzkopf, Faberlic, Tony Moly and other well-known brands. The range of their application is wider than just balms and rinsing agents, and it is much easier to use them.

What is it needed for

In manufacturers' annotations, you can read that sprays are recommended for:

  • warnings falling out;
  • strengthening roots with increased loss;
  • power supply along the entire length;
  • stimulation new hair growth;
  • protect from negative external factors;
  • giving moisture and grooming;
  • relief styling.

For more information about why hair balm spray is still needed, you can find out from the video below.

The composition of the balm sprays includes both natural and chemical components. The latter are represented by nutritional complexes of vitamins D-panthenol (provitamin B5), A, E, PP and various trace elements. The restorative properties of sprays are achieved due to vasodilating components (pinacidil, aminexil minoxidil). According to consumer reviews, spray balms have a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma, and the effect depends on which conditioner you use.

How to choose

There is a wide range of hair sprays on the cosmetics market. Understanding this abundance is quite difficult. You yourself well know the condition of your hair, so you need to decide what exactly you want: to prevent loss, restore lost hair, or, perhaps, give the hair shine and softness to the hair. In accordance with the purpose of the spray balms are divided into the following types:

  • for active recovery;
  • for reinforced growth;
  • for nutrition;
  • for modelingI hairstyles and create volume.

For example, in the annotation to Raspberry and Hibiscus by Avon it is reported that with this conditioner you can make your hair shiny, get a feeling of renewal and freshness. Customer reviews are mostly positive.

Gliss Kur Balm Spray it is better to use to facilitate styling, to obtain the effect of fluffiness, easier combing and give silkiness and soft shine.

Absolute Power by Avon contains apricot extract and shea butter, spray should be used for dry hair. "Growth Vitamins" are recommended to restore a weakened structure and strengthen hair follicles.

Prices and method of application

The price of balms-sprays start from 150 rubles. When choosing, pay attention to the content of natural ingredients. If they follow at the end of the list of ingredients, this means that their share in the balm is insufficient. A low content of components of natural origin does not mean at all that your hair will not receive the full amount of the promised "vitality", but it is desirable that the natural components be present in the product in sufficient quantities.

The method of applying the balm-spray is quite simple. After shaking the bottle, spray the lotion onto dry or wet hair from a distance of 20-25 cm. Sprays for restoration are applied to the follicles of previously washed hair. At the same time, manufacturers recommend not washing off the applied balm for 36 hours, so that the active ingredients have time to soak into the roots.

Such conditioners are used to protect against active solar radiation, drying out, and other negative environmental factors, to facilitate styling, easy to comb and give a beautiful, well-groomed look. They are recommended for all age categories. Cosmetic companies are developing common lines and separate for men and women.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to customer reviews, the benefits of balm sprays are as follows:

  • Volumetric BottleThe air conditioner is enough for a long time;
  • Do not cause addiction;
  • Hairstyle "not clogged" and not heavier;
  • Pleasant aromafeeling of "friability" of hair;
  • Do not wash off the paintmake the color more intense;
  • After application you can use a hairdryer and ironing;
  • Accessible to all Buyers price.

Among the shortcomings were noted such as the risk of easily losing the lid from the dispenser, a small proportion of ingredients of natural origin in the product. According to some buyers, spray balms do not give the promised effect of nutrition and recovery.

Manufacturers also emphasize that you need to use such sprays with recommended courses strictly according to the instructions. Certain types of spray balms can initially cause increased loss, this is due to the process of getting rid of old hair in the follicles, so that new ones can grow in their place.

Sprays for recovery and growth should be used only in those places where you intend to restore hairy vegetation.

The choice of spray balm is yours. The main thing to remember is that illegibility when buying a conditioner balm can cause deterioration of hair condition, dandruff and even increase loss.

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