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Coffee face scrub

All women of the world, of any age and nationality dream of preserving their natural beauty and youth as long as possible. Someone was more fortunate (genetics, living conditions, etc.), someone less (not everyone has enough finances to use the services of a cosmetologist). But what to do for those who simply do not have the opportunity to contact specialists? Everything is very simple. The best care is natural products. The most interesting thing is that most of them are found in every housewife in the kitchen. For example, coffee, from which you can make a scrub and treat yourself to its wonderful properties.

The properties

The composition of grains includes not only caffeine, as we used to think, but also a huge number of useful elements and acids for both the organism as a whole and the epidermis:

  1. Fruit and organic acids, they play an important role in the "alkalization of the body." After oxidation, they saturate the body with carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20).
  2. Fats provide a long evaporation of moisture.
  3. Alkaloids, complex organic compounds saturated with a large amount of nitrogen, which allows the surface to "shine."
  4. Iron. The female body has less iron than the male. This is due to a large loss of blood during menstruation, pregnancy and the period of feeding the baby. It is the lack of iron in the body that gives a pale and dull complexion, with which most women are forced to fight.
  5. Potassium and magnesium, the main natural fighters against aging. Eating enough minerals will give elasticity, which means wrinkles will appear much later.
  6. Caffeine. It is about him that we recall at the word coffee. It is useful in that it perfectly tones, improves circulation, and also breaks down fat and helps get rid of puffiness.

Procedure Efficiency

Ground grains are an excellent solution for peeling at home. They gently remove the coarsened part of the epithelium, relieve internal pollution and toxins.

Constant peeling from ground coffee beans will save in the cold season from gray skin, give a natural glow.

In cosmetology, this product is recognized as the most "anti-aging", provided that it will be made only from a natural product, without various additives. A soluble or other substitute is not suitable, it will not only not benefit the body, but will also add a destructive effect.

It is worth noting that in addition to assisting in aesthetics, it will reduce the risk of the formation of cancer cells, protect against excessive exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation and make the skin soft and velvety. Due to the natural dye, it will acquire a healthy look.

Indications and contraindications

There is no product equally useful to everyone. Coffee beans are no exception. Before trying the scrub using grains, carefully study not only the indications, but also the contraindications of this method.

Exclude coffee scrub if:

  1. You have intolerance to this product and are allergic to it in any form. If you have not noticed this reaction behind your body, calmly make a scrub. If in doubt or are afraid of negative side effects, apply a scrub to the wrist area, rinse with running water after 2-3 minutes. Wait 10 minutes. No redness? So, an allergic reaction does not threaten you.
  2. If you have a skin disease, it’s best to consult a dermatologist than take a chance. Beauty is beauty, but health is more important.
  3. There is a type in which any scrubs are not recommended. Too thin and delicate layer will be badly damaged. In this case, consult a beautician.

If you follow all the instructions for contraindications, as well as consult with specialists, it will not bring you any harm.

Use a coffee scrub if:

  1. Your skin has lost elasticity. It is worth remembering that scrubs and masks are not a surgical operation. The effect will certainly be, but to see significant changes, once will not be enough. Include it in your skin care diet, but don't overdo it. Excessive use of scrub can also adversely affect health and appearance.
  2. It will be an excellent means for rejuvenation for mature skin and wrinkles. Antioxidants will become your best friends.
  3. To return a healthy shade and appearance after winter, use it no more than twice a week. An organism that has lost vitamins in the cold will be grateful to you and the result will not be long in coming. The skin will acquire a matte shade and a flickering look.

Application rules

If you follow these instructions when making homemade coffee scrub, the effect will be several times stronger.

The first and most important point is the right coffee. Please note the following:

  • Coffee must be roasted
  • Green or some other coffee will not work, only black.
  • Pay attention to the grinding of grains. The smaller the grinding, the more gentle the scrub will cleanse the skin. Coarse grinding, on the contrary, can injure.
  • Coffee should only be natural, additives will provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Coffee grounds will do just fine. After using this drink, easily make a scrub from the remains. Keep in mind that coffee should be sugar-free, and the coffee itself must be cool.

Do not forget that applying any mask or scrub is done only on previously cleansed skin!

Coffee will be an excellent assistant not only for the skin of the face, but also for the skin of the neck, hands, neckline and any coarsened parts of the body.

When applying, do not rub the mass with all your might, the movements should be smooth and circular.

Rinse with water at room temperature. It is best to use drinking water rather than running water, as it contains a lot of bleach. This will additionally dry the skin and certainly will not bring any benefits.

Take on arms that a great effect will be after taking a bath. You can also pre-steam the skin over steam.

Use one recipe several times, do not rush to try everything all at once.

How to make at home: do-it-yourself recipes

Making a scrub at home is easy. The main thing is to choose the one that best suits your skin.

Sensitive skin girls can choose the following recipes:

Coffee + sour cream

Proportion 1⁄2. Merim tablespoons. Homemade sour cream is ideal, not a store sour cream, which is mainly made from powder. In this case, there will be little benefit from it.

Coffee + Almond Oil

Proportion of 2 tablespoons per 100 grams of oil. You can also add brown sugar, if it is not in the house, it's okay, the scrub will also have excellent properties. The main thing is not to replace it with ordinary white sugar.

Based on sleeping coffee

It can be made not only from ground beans, but also on the basis of sleeping coffee. It has a milder effect and also stains the skin less. The main thing is not to add sugar to the drink.


Proportion of honey 1⁄2 tablespoons, stir with ground leaves of mint and sugar. It is worth excluding this option if you have diabetes, numerous asterisks or dilated vessels.

Recipes for oily skin girls

Coffee + Yogurt

Proportion 1⁄2. Merim also tablespoons. As with sour cream, you need to remember that yogurt should be as natural as possible. No additives in the form of fruits, cereals and food colors.

Coffee + Honey

Proportion 1 tablespoon of coffee per 1 teaspoon of preheated honey. Be careful, there is often an allergy to honey.

Coffee + kefir

The result is a liquidish mass of unsightly appearance, but the effect will be breathtaking.

Girls with combination and normal skin are suitable:

Coffee + Shower Gel

Proportion 1/2. Shower gel should be transparent, also without the effect of scrub. Otherwise, it will damage the skin.

Coffee + Oatmeal

Proportion 1/3. Oatmeal is previously grind.

If desired, you can also mix with sour cream or non-fat yogurt.

Coffee + Honey + Olive Oil

Proportion 1/1/2 tablespoons. There is nothing more wonderful than a combination of the beneficial elements of coffee, honey and olive oil. This scrub can be done on all parts of the body. Your skin will not only shine, but also receive the necessary vitamins in full.

Coffee + Salt

Proportion 1/1. Most useful is the use of sea salt in the recipe, which has enough potassium, iodine, iron, copper, selenium and will complement the beneficial properties of coffee.

Coffee cake

The proportion is 1 tablespoon, for 1 tea oil (coconut or shea). As a result, the dead particles will be removed, and the oil will give it a radiance.

Girls with problem skin will be useful:

Coffee + honey + cinnamon + brown sugar

Proportion 1/1. Here is such a sweet recipe. We heat and mix all the ingredients so that a thick mass is obtained. If necessary, add a couple of drops of mineral water. It will relieve acne, blackheads and problem areas. Also, this recipe can be used as a mask.

With the right recipe, your skin will shine, stay young and elastic longer.


As for these recipes, after testing for the first time, girls instantly feel the effect on themselves. Both at home and in the beauty parlor. Most pay attention to the fact that components are nowhere simpler. Some return to the salon for this procedure, and some decide not to overpay and continue to monitor their skin at home.

Most of those who neglected face care, begin to monitor themselves. Those who do not recommend these procedures for some reason do not regret coffee scrubs with regret.

Nowadays, it is customary to trust more purchased skin care products. But what could be better than natural foods enriched with natural vitamins and minerals? Do not neglect recipes from foods that we eat. Not for nothing that our mothers and grandmothers used natural cosmetics and always remained ruddy. Because even the most expensive cream or scrub with chemistry will not replace the natural product that Mother Nature gave us.

Watch the video: DIY Coffee FACE Scrub - Gorgeous Skin (January 2020).


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